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Thread: Dr. Who/Star Trek/Torchwood


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    Default Dr. Who/Star Trek/Torchwood

    I watched a lot of Star Trek when I was younger but not enough to qualify as a 'Trekkie'. Tribbles were my favorite. They didn't really travel through time that often but I wanted to include them anyways-the same with Torchwood. Which show is your favorite and why?


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    Star Trek was one of my favorites. When it originally aired in the 1960's the thought of air travel was in full swing especially after the landing on the moon. It opened up so many possibilities. Tribbles are terrific! One thing that is funny about "beaming down" is that they no longer had to go to the transporter room (Sorry Scottie) to be able to be beamed to the surface, but when you watched how they were transported it stayed the same. Lines horizontal or vertical, but it started in the middle and worked its way outward. Star Trek the original series was so creative. Anyone that could hold a salt cannister over you, and get medical readings will always be magic in my book! Thank you Dr. McCoy! Has anyone ever seen the British series The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? That was a great show also.

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    It is not hard to see why Star Trek has so many followers. Looking back, and listening to the stories about the series, it is so hard to believe now how they worked on such a small budget to produce the show, and were originally turned down many times by networks all thinking the show would be a flop. Guess hindsight is everything!

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