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Thread: Marijuana Addiction Recovery Diary


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    Exclamation Marijuana Addiction Recovery Diary

    I am starting this thread in hopes of possibly helping out a few people who are maybe struggling through their days recovering from marijuana withdrawal and addiction. I would like this thread to offer a place for people to just vent about their day/week/whole recovery. Whether they are looking for a response to help comfort them, or to just get it off their chest. I feel like too many people out there are struggling and don't feel they can handle the side effects of quitting. At times, these symptoms can be absolutely terrifying and demoralizing but I feel after talking to someone or even just talking to yourself; writing in this thread, we can help ourselves and each other. Whether you post in here once a week to talk about how everything is going, once a day, when you really wanna resist the urge to toke, what have you. Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone is on your side. I really hope this thread can be of use to even one person.

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    Hi Peter908,

    I hope you got my response to your message, I hope you don’t mind but I added the keywords ”marijuana addiction” to the title of this thread as it will help it to get listed in the search engines better and I know you are keen to help people as much as possible, I sometimes add the odd keyword just to the titles of threads if it’s apropiate bascially for this purpose.

    Anyway once again welcome to the rehab group and congratulations on your progress so far, and once again may I commend you for your desire to help and support others, I am sure it will be appreciated. I look foward to reading more of your posts.

    Take care and all the best,
    Cannabis Rehab Admin (formerly known as BFB)

    Drug Rehabilitated for 8 years.

    If this site has helped you please share it with others.

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    Thanks for the Information.


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