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Thread: Managed to quit weed, How long does paranoia & anxiety last?


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    Default Managed to quit weed, How long does paranoia & anxiety last?

    This could be a much longer story, but I'll keep it short and you can ask extra questions if needed.

    After being single for 5 years I met a new girl in mid Nobember 2011.
    I had been smoking weed almost everyday for 10 years, (but on and off for 20 years total).
    I also smoked cigarettes.

    I managed to quit the cigarettes and the weed by mid January this year (2012).
    By mid February my new partner & I were starting to have issue's in the relationship, which we eventually figured out was due to me feeling some anxiety and paranoia.
    For instance - when we first got into bed to sleep, she would have her back to me. This would bother me and wind me up.
    We now live together and things are still the same - She'll get in from work and not come over to kiss me. Which is fine and shouldn't bother me. After all, she doesn't HAVE to kiss me when she get in from work, but it starts my mind thinking why she didn't.

    I know this sounds a little obsessive and needy, which I hate and is why I am writing on here. I'm not an obsessive guy.

    We have discussed this and I've been really honest with her, I don't want to push her away.
    I have a doctors appointment in a few days and will see if there is anyone I can talk to.
    It's like I can't switch my brain off and stop it from thinking about things, worrying and looking into things to deeply.
    Do you know any techniques to help? Cos all of this just makes me think "maybe I should end the relationship and save her the hassle and just go back to smoking"

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    Meditations help calm the obsessive thoughts...


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