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Thread: Marijuana addiction poem


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    Default Marijuana addiction poem

    I would like to share a poem i wrote to my EX partner of 20yrs who had a chronic addiction to Marijuana:-

    It doesnt seem fair
    That Im to share you with another
    Though she has been in your life a lot longer than I.
    Such an overbearing force in your life
    Consumed by desire
    Paranoia of discovery
    Delusions of grandeur
    Fear of her absence
    Fear of her presence
    Rage at the thought of her not being available
    Overwhelming passion and addiction
    Penetration of every emotion
    Withdrawal is a nightmare
    She's drawn you into a very lonely life
    And only you can choose whether to follow Mari-J-Uana.
    by KH

    People are not alone in their suffering there are more than enough people affected by this directly and indirectly...Stay strong and always let your conscience be your guide.

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    Nice poem, I am sure many of us can identify.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best,
    Cannabis Rehab Admin (formerly known as BFB)

    Drug Rehabilitated for 8 years.

    If this site has helped you please share it with others.

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    thanks for sharing.

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