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Thread: Marijuana changes your lifestyle personality


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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    You yourself can be the best judge of how your drug use is affecting you as long as you are been honest with yourself about it, unfortunately many people who use drugs aren’t which is a problem that often goes with the territory. I myself deluded myself for a pretty long time before the effect was so severe that I really had no choice but to accept it, sometimes it’s just a matter of time before you realise the reality of the situation, I just wish I had done so sooner as it would have prevented a shit load of crap, but hey it takes us all different amount of times to get there.

    Like ajh151h my situation was pretty intense, it may not be quite the same for you or you might not be at that point yet, perhaps you never will. All our situations especially with a drug like marijuana can be extremely different, some get sucked in and mashed up more than others, but yes we all get affected to some extent, it just depends on the extent to how much of an affect it has on us, but whether it’s relatively subtle of fairly extreme it affects all of us in some kind of way, at the very least the lifestyle of someone who likes to smoke weed to relax is quite often different to someone who likes to run or play sports, they are very different types of culture and after time the longer that you do it for the more likely you are to feel the effects associated. Smoking weed can be a bit of a creeper, you don’t always recognise the effects as they are often slow and sometimes feel fairly subtle, but as time goes by years down the line you can find yourself in a drastically different situation than if you had not been using, it can end up pretty intense or extreme but it can often take some time to get there. Your use from what you have said may not sound that extreme, but even now you are recognising the difference in the person you are slowly turning into to the person you used to be, the fact that you are here and saying what you are saying shows it is happening at least to some extent and like ajh151h says the longer you do it the worse it is going to get. So my advice would also be to nip this gradual change in the bud, pardon the pun that wasn’t even intended and start getting back to the person you want to be.

    Anyway that’s just my take on it. If you do want to quit then you are not alone, many others out there are going through exactly the same things, feel free to use us as much as you like to express yourself and ask for advice and support.

    Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it is going and what you decide.

    All the best
    Cannabis Rehab Admin (formerly known as BFB)

    Drug Rehabilitated for 8 years.

    If this site has helped you please share it with others.

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    Default Hi

    Im happy I found this place. It hasn't been very long, about four years of smoke...but I have changed and not for the better. Im a current user and I want to stop but im haveing a hard time dealing with how "real" reality feels, like having the weight of a constant deja vu intruding on what should be me enjoying my life and family...and me. I find that weening myself is the best way. I have to constantly remind myself to think positive of my situation, to remind myself nagetivity attracts a nagetive response. If you are positive in any situation first then the next loved one you cross will get a positive response from you. Energy attracts like energy. Change, and apply to everyday life as often as you can. Fight for your quality of life.
    I'll beat this, I will change and rejoyce in who I really always was and the potential of what I can still be.

    Thanx to those who are in this fight, the fight of self, for your perspectives and effort.

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    Wink This is happening to meeee

    Im happy I found CannabisRehab.org today, cause Im feeling that Im addictive to marijuana.

    I have like more than a couple of years smoking weed, but now im doing it more, my husband smokes too. and its very difficult for us to quit, more for him, i been sober some months, but i have too admit that i always smoke again.

    And i notice this too, Im soo introverted now , I dont have much relations with people who doesnt smoke, like friends, cause its like a double life, always thinking if they notice Im high, not remember what i said theres too many things by now that its not being that cool again. Not feeling willing to do things, spending money on it and not being able to concentrate like when im sober, because im always high.

    And at least theres people who its feeling the same so i guess im not alone.

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    Hi unregistered guest(s) and welcome to the forum,

    Definitely none of you are alone in this battle. There are thousands of people who are addicted to weed, some are not aware of their addiction which reduced their quality of life and brain, and many are aware of this fact but still having a quite hard time to quit it. People have a tendency to categorize the power of the addiction proportionally to the power of the drug, but one can get addicted to weed as strong as other gets addicted to cocaine. Addiction itself is a neurological disorder caused by the prolonged abuse of the drug, not everyone is vulnerable to addiction, but the ones who develop it have a very serious problem. One looses his all energy to do and enjoy things without being high because our dopamine levels became so low because of the addiction. People experience withdrawals because of these abnormal hormoal levels and they can very easily trigger a relapse. So, one should be ready for the battle against his own mind and be well prepared. And I believe that starts with changing our perspectives; which means becoming aware of that we have a very serious neurological problem which is the core reason of our addiction, and it's consuming all the true capacity of our brains. We could have been doing diverse things with our lives, but addiction programs our brains to do one and only thing: to use the drug. This literally means that we are wasting our brains and all its capacity. And this could go on forever if we don't start to take the issue very seriously, make a full commitment, and develop the strategies to achieve long term soberity.

    Please keep us posted, share your feelings and opinions, and let's help and support you through your battle.

    All the best,

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    It changes a lot over time; bit by bit it changes who you are as a person.

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    I have read girl's comment about her boyfriend and I almost cried because I am the same as her boyfriend I guess at the moment... I been smoking pot for 3 years now but not everyday... I started to see more pot more high than reality and I became angry negative... Nothing is positive for me.. When you go out with friends you seem like we need to smoke pot because we have nothing else to do... I used to go college stay there for one lesson and leave because you get bored of everything you do just not getting bored of smoking weed... And when you smoke it seems like its all good but next day you wake up and you feel angry on world reality kills you you dont want to go back to it because you think it sucks... Sometimes you go out you say to your self that's it today I'm not going to smoke but then next 2 seconds dealer on the street comes and he say's yo do u skoke skunk - weed and at the moment you just dont say no you say yeh then you take his number or buy weed straight away and smoke it again... Thats how my last 2 years are at the moment... I started to feel depressed I broke up with my girlfriend who said she loved me but runned so quick to another man even we were togther for 2 years.. I am 20 years old now I tried to smoke first joint when I was 17... I had many thoughts in my head everyday I wake up in the morning there is some song singing in my head even I dont want it to be there it is everymorning... Its like you lose control of your mind you can't control... I do sports : Baskteball - Weights - Gymnastics - Freeruning - Football because that's what I was doing all my life just because I love it ! I have played baskteball when I was high sometimes it was good luck even better concentration sometimes it sucked... I live in London at the moment I came here 5 year's ago and never though my life wound change like this...

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    Hi All,

    I have not made the ever-so critical first step (still smoking), but have noticed that I am causing myself enough problems that I should.

    I have noticed that I am lazier, and tend not to want to do much else but smoke and stay home, but I have a slight dilemma: I was suffering from social anxiety before I started smoking, and more than just moderately... This is one of the few things that smoking has noticeably improved, and I am lax to take that away...

    Anxiety is a common withdrawal symptom, right? I cannot deal with my previous condition, with or without prescription meds, and especially if it is made worse during withdrawal... Any tips?

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    Hi Hoodoo85,
    I had anxiety for 30-45 days after quitting. You might want to concider getting none narcotic anti anxiety meds or just deal with it if you can. I watched alot of comedy sitcoms.. When I laughed it took the anxiety away for a couple of hours.. Some people exercised and that helped. Meditation should help too...
    I hope you do have an easy time when you do decide to quit. Just remember the withdrawals are temporary, once you make it through, your done...


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    Hi there..

    Yeah I think pot does make u less sociable, for examble why go out in the cold when you can be at home blazing? It's not the life to live, being at home all the time, maken excuses not to go Out, keeping secrets because you don't want people to think you a 'druggie'. I've been off pot now for 4 days now, some side affects, nausea loss of appetite and low mood changes. But in the end it will be all worth it. I want to get my life back together go out show my face and live life to the full! I can do it! Good luck to all you guys out there trying to quit.

    Things to look forward to.......
    .Better quality of life
    .days more clear
    .have more friends
    .more money in your pocket
    .and I could go on.... Good luck!

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    It's hard to say if marijuana has affected my personality as I started smoking the stuff at 16, and only on day 5 of sobriety now, at age 38. So I'm not too sure who I really am/was. But I do have severe personality traits now, such as;

    I cannot deal with groups of people, I'm okay-ish on a 1 to 1 basis but only with people I know very very well. Talk to someone new? No chance! Big groups of people scare me, I don't like people looking at me. I have very little confidence. I never go out socialising. I never socialise with anyone at all now, other than my immediate family (and that has to be kept at short doses of approx half hour or so). I'm immensely introverted. I talk very little. I avoid busy places/towns. My outlook on life is very sad too i.e. I look at something and see bad/sad things, not good/happy. I'm pretty sure I have depression.

    These are a few that I can think of right now. The majority of my personality 'defects', as I see them, revolve around social interactivity. My ideal place would be a desert island, where I am the only inhabitant.

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