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Thread: Extreme anxiety, emotional sensitivity and disturbed thoughts


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    I too am a fan of supplements that contain omega fatty acids, allot of people who experience mental health problems swear by them, they are meant to be really good for the brain. I take flax seed oil capsules as they have the omega 3, without the fishy after taste. From what I have heard if your are experiencing mental health problems, than a good diet is very important.
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    I was just wondering if I take the capsules will my brain get used to them and then stop making what he's suppose to make by itself??? I know before it used to get dopamine from weed and now that I stopped smoking it doesn't get it anymore so it has to learn how to produce it by itself again. The serotonin also I think. So basically I am scared to take anything. I want my brain to be healthy and drug free.
    I also have a lot of trouble in the morning. First I don't really sleep well and I have very bad dreams( scary ones, like I am being chased or ppl are trying to kill me, very disturbing ) and also any little noise makes my heart jump. This is how my mornings start ( except for the weekend coz my bf doesn't go to work), so no wonder that for the rest of the day I feel like ****.
    I wanna feel happy , I don't even remember how it feels Don't get me wrong, I do laugh sometimes, but at the same time I still feel that there's something wrong, like it's not sincere laugh.

    Hope to be better soon, day 39 today
    Tx everyone wish you all a good recovery

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    Hi there,Ive been clean for around a coupla months now along with alcohol abuse as wel as the hooch(,bit of a double trouble)and found exercise and really healthy food has helped with the cravings!Good luck man your stronger than the **** week cravings!

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    I quit weed 76 days ago and Im suffering from anhedonia too, its like your brain cant recognise a pleasurable activity after getting an artificial high for so long, and needs to learn to do it again. I read an internet article about quitting cannabis and anhedonia and it says it can last for 4-6 months but does get better

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    same here when im sleeping the slighest noise makes me jumpy,i do fall asleep straight away but i wake up in the middle of the night and fall in and out of sleep,i do get funny dreams but not scary ones but the dreams i get make me think to much about them so i get scared,my morning starts of really bad and im like that all day i do get the odd peaceful moment but i keep thinking something is not right and i get all funny again,im at my best(whatever that maybe) in the evenings,i cant seem to find any joy in the things i use to like,i keep analysing myself and getting upset why im like this,i do laugh sometimes as well but not a proper whole heartedly laugh,i also get very sensitive to anything,if i read something sad in the newspaper i get upset........i need to get better


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    Hi guyz
    It helps so much to know that I'm not the only one going through these weird symptoms.There's a lot of info talking about insomnia, loss of appetite, nervousness, basically the shorter term symptoms, but almost nothing on the rest. They should focus a lot more on the symptoms that last longer, coz it's those that freak out the most. Tx Mac for telling me that anhedonia could last from 4-6 months, coz it's not a common symptom and nobody new how long it was gonna last. Can you plz give me the link to that article.
    I know that there's only a small % of us that actually get addicted to pot, but a small % on millions is a lot of ppl and the detox symptoms are not even close to how easy they say it is. Hope they do much more research
    It is really hard, but I try to stay positive
    Hope you are all better
    Tx Lili

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    Lili u can see it at https://www.achievesolutions.net/ach...ontentId=10818 go to the marijuana section and the article is called Dreaming in Color:Early rehabilitation from Marijuana Dependence.

    Like admin says take omega3 capsules because the fatty acids in them will help rebalance your brain chemicals quicker and lift your mood, aerobic exercise helps too.

    (Note from admin) I have updated the link so it takes you straight there.

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    penscrimson Cannabis Rehab Guest

    Default A two year old plea for understanding!?

    Baby.....All this time and no one has answered. Damn. I just read this. I have the same disorder but not from pot. Mine has always been with me and it freaking hurts SO BAD....so bad. EVERYTHING...ANYTHING....can make me cry. Not cry for naught....but cry by being just sad enough to call it desolation! Drives ME crazy.....but it hurts. I'm so sorry you're going through anything like what I have felt ALL of my life. Man....I hope you're okay, honey.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    hi everybody
    After dealing with all the physical withdrawal symptoms, I am stuck with extreme anxiety, emotional sensitivity and disturbed thoughts. I am so emotional all the time even when I am school sometimes I have to go to the bathroom coz I cant keep my tears in. It's been about 36 days since my last dube, my new years resolution after about 2 years oh pot use and 1 year on chronic use. Before I started smoking I never had anxiety except in situations where I was really scared. I was also a happy, bubbly and loving person with no troubles in her life. I guess i started using coz I liked the buzz but I have no idea how it escalated to that level. I am also in a beautiful 5 years relationship with a man that that i love more than anything in this world ( he doesn't smoke). Since I stopped smoking I've been having negative thoughts about him ( like what if I stop loving him, what if this what if that), that are driving me insane I know they are not true but my mind keeps bringing them back all the time. Its like i'm sabotaging my relationship in my head!!! I thought it could be coz of the anxiety coz for me the scariest thing would be to be without him. We have plans of getting married and everything and all I want is for these psycho thoughts to go out of my head. I feet like **** all the time very much like depression. Also I don't feel like seeing my friends anymore ( they are not smokers either, if they would smoke it would be with me), I don't want to see my parents and i don't want to do anything that I used to like before. Even my apartment seems different to me. I have midterms soon and if I cant concentrate I am *****The only thing I can do is read about my addiction and ppls posts on the net. Its so hard to be sad all the time when I used to be happy all the time. Has the weed taken all the love I had in me? I haven't experienced a positive emotion since I quit, all I do is cry and have bad anxiety. plz help!

    Tx so much for reading hope to hear some good news

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    Found this thread and all this talk about not feeling happy, sleeping, anxiety etc that you guys have been talking about, relationship feelings etc I can totally relate to right now. I am about 6-7 months sober from daily 3 years of use. I am having a hard day today just went through an anxiety/panic attack and currently feeling really lonely/sad and started to cry. I have been talking to my GF through text but these feelings are still there. When you talked about your relationship in your first post and a couple posts later on its how I totally feel right now. Kinda like a detached, do I still love my GF kind of feeling. She has been there for me through all of this. Never turned her back on me. I had a serious episode for about a week last month (thats when I found this website) and she has always been there for me. This not able to feel pleasure or be happy has me depressed. I hope the people who were posting in this thread in the past years see this so they can tell me how they are doing right now.

    Hope you all are doing well.

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