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Cannabis Withdrawal Day 4 - Worst Yet

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  • Cannabis Withdrawal Day 4 - Worst Yet

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    This is my 4th day sober and I'd have to say my worst yet. Day 1 was tough, day 2 better and day 3 I thought I'd cracked it. "That was easy" I thought.
    Then bang - today I've been so low.

    Issues I thought I had dealt with a long time ago (stoned) all surfaced today and I just couldn't shake them off. I'm desperate for a good cry but I just can't seem to.

    I don't want to smoke, I'm not tempted, I'm not remotely interested - I just can't understand why I'm feeling so emotionally raw. I guess I'm just having to deal with stuff in a very 'real' way for the first time in years.

    I never imagined for a second it would be this way, I knew I'd have a couple of sleepness nights but I never dreamed I'd feel so vulnerable. I totally underestimated what my habit was masking.

    I want to ask you all, when does it end but I know there is no answer to that question, it's as pointless as how long is a piece of string.

    Anyway, I'm glad I have this place to talk and I hope you are all doing good. x

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    Hey mate,

    So sorry to hear that things r so tough rite now. My heart is aching for you. I was really hoping for your sake that u would be one of the lucky ones and detox virtually problem free. Lots of us asked the exact same thing...when does this stop? How come its like this? Its scary...and it really does your head in. Having to deal with all the stuff from your past is really really hard. Its just so right in your face and without the pot there's no escaping it. And the emotions you go through...the mixed up, yucky feelings that bombard you are the hardest thing to deal with...thats what I'v found at least. Quite a few of us are having to deal with past issues..for me it was one of the reasons I turned to pot in the first place. I wish I could tell you a time frame...but I don't know what it is yet cos yep, I'm rite where u are buddy...I wish I had the answers, but I don't. I can tell u though that not every day will be like this...some days are good and you can see the sun thru the clouds...but mate other days are cloudy, bleak and full of despair...I'm sorry. But please take heart from the fact that it does get better...I'v been holding on to the good days to help get me thru the bad help remind me that there is an end. Cos there will be. Some of the stuff I'm dealing with is pretty heavy and I'm getting proffessional help, which is really if u have some nasty things coming up on you I would really recommend that course of gives you strength and empowers you. Apart from that all I can tell you is its gonna end...the craziness isn't forever. I'm behind you and really proud of you for standing firm and not going back to pot....hold your head means ur braver than you know...definately braver than you feel. We're all with u. Ur not alone, even if it feels that don't be afraid to do what u'v been doing...however often you need to...we're looking out for your posts and egging you on. Its all part of the process..the worst part and the hardest to deal with, but its a normal thing. The bad times do get fewer and further between..I promise. And one day I look forward to reading that you have had a good day and things are positive...we're in this together. Stay strong, believe in yourself and please don't subject yourself to all this stuff alone...lean on the people around you who love you and lean on us...we're always here. Again, I'm just so sorry that ur going thru all this. There is hope though cos there is an end..believe it. Peace.


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      my piece of string's..........

      how long it lasts depends on how long our bits of strings are dude-i'm at about 6weeks and i think i'm comin round-or at least startn to-

      some days'll be pretty tough but my advise is just hang in ther-and i know its tough some days-i suppose it depends how long u smoked and how much and how ur life is-reality can kick u up the ar'se wen u stop-for me its like drink-imagine if i drank for 21 years and spent the last 11 drinkin all day everyday-then wen i stoppd real life would be too much-it nearly was-

      but i'm not lettn it beat me this time-i know how much it was screwin me up-so i'v another 5 weeks potfree ahead to see wer that takes me-but i def feel better now than i did at the end of march-ther's good days and bad days all thrown together-no matter how angry i get now sometimes life's not as pointless as it was then-

      good luck hopeful-i'm hopeful 4 u-it'll be worth it dude-


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        This is just weird. Day 5 and life is just fine. Not a single worry or concern today. I think I'm starting to see that each day is unique and you have to just go with it. It's like my mood is determined from the second I wake up.

        Absoluteletly gobsmacked at all this - just never crossed my mind. Anyway, lets see what day 6 brings. I'm ever hopeful!

        Thanks so much for those words Hippychick, they really penetrated. Thanks to you too needabreak, you sound like you're getting your head together.

        Love to all! xx


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          So glad ur having a better day 2day..u mite find that sum days u'll be laughing one minute, and bumming out the next (just warning u,just in case) don't be too alarmed cos chances r that someone here is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. Hope ur day is bright and sunny mate..good on you! Peace.


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