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Hi folks,

Just a quick note in regards to the moderation of the group. Sometimes if I am a bit short on time or if we get a lot of posts at once I may have to just skim the overall gist of the posts rather than reading them word for word before I approve them, also we all have a different perspective as to what is acceptable and thus there may sometimes be the odd post that gets through that you may feel is inappropriate. And while this doesn’t seem to happen very often if there is anything that anybody reads and feels is inappropriate then please feel free to either shoot me a PM or use the contact form to let me know and I will always be happy to take another look at it.

Please keep in mind however that a post does have to be quite bad or harmful to the group as a whole for us to delete it, I don’t like to be too heavy handed with that kind of moderation and try to reserve it for only when it is absolutely necessarily as generally I like people to be able to have their say and most things can be ironed out with dialogue and often we can all learn from it, that said if you feel something is inappropriate like I say please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to take another look.

All the best,

Cannabis Rehab Admin

If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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ther is light at the end of that tunnel!

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  • ther is light at the end of that tunnel!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    and its not just a burglar's torch (stolen line)

    i'm half way threw week 5 and ther's definitely a bit of a change happening-a few days ago i was in serious bad form-i was on the verge of sayin to fu'ck wi this not smokin cr'ap-if it feels this bad then i'v had enough of it-i felt overall good the first few weeks-then sorta felt nothing-then went on a major downer-without a bit of positive encouragement i think i'd prob be smokin for ireland again-thanks dude i sorta laugh now wen i think of it-here we all are-our countries top tokers all goen mad with it-and then even madder wiout it-

    i filled my system wi dope dudes-all day every day-well that was me-dont get in the road of my smoke thing man!i was up to the neck int-even deeper-nearly straightjacketed-so i stopped-i know i aint ther yet-aye i'm not smokin but ther's more to it than that-have i accepted the fact that i aint smokin ever again?i havent-no matter how strong my resolve is now i cant say never again-thats a diifferent hurdle-for a different time-

    it took 5 weeks for me to even start to think straight-i was foolin myself that one month and i'd hav it done-no way-and now i feel okay-in fact i can say-i feel good-i'v fixed nothing else in my life-just stopped smokin-i needed to see wat it felt like to have a THC free body and mind-its tough gettin ther but it feels good dudes-

    and i was a hopeless dope smokin stoner king of the layabouts-i was smokin a quarter per day and a half-gettin thro about twenty joints each and every day-not wee single skinner bollox-we went to amsterdam last year and i was well screwed up-i had to be talked into goin-to gettin out me door-my point dont matter how much u think u cant-u can-ur brain is tellin u that u cany in the hope that u wont-because then if u stop u'll have real life to deal with-and sometimes real life can be so hard dudes-and our inner selves knows this-in side us ther's survival systems to keep us right-all us smokaholics can stop-we just need to get over those first few hurdles-and who put them hurdles in our way?we did-no one else but us-its tough to admit but i'm addicted to dope and because of this i might never be able to smoke it again-i dont know-i'm not smokin for now anyway-

    i'v set myself another 5 weeks potfree to see how i feel-if its anything like now then i might never want to go bak to it-i feel good now-ther is hope for 2day, tomorro, wenever-over a month ago i was messed up-between encouragement, my own wiill power, blockin dope out, gettin annoyed, gettin angry, being depressed-thro all these emotions i'm here today-and it feels okay-

    our brains are trickin us into thinkin that we cant stop smokin-the world tells us "once a smoker always a smoker" -the world's that cr'ap sure we all need something to get us thro-i dont know-all i do know is i'v had enough of spendin my life stoned-i'v had enough of 4gettin stuff and lettin it slide rather than deal with it-stoppin smokin is hard-it is mental-it is emotional-not smokin can seem pointless-it all depends on how much i know i was fu'ckin my life up and how much i want to sort it out-

    its easy to say now-bring on the next 5 weeks-who knows wat'll fall out of my brain!bring it on-

    ther's a gale blowin across ireland today dudes wi clouds filled wi tons of rain-but i feel like summer for the first time in a long time and the shades are on
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    Nothin beats stayin straight..regardless of the pitfalls.

    Hey matey,

    Once again you have hit the nail on the head, as only you can..u really r a gem! it sux bigtime having to deal with reality and all the garbage that goes with it! Just keep the shades on cos things will get even brighter, I just know it! Good on ya. Peace.


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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      You're an inspiration mate - keep going and well done!!!


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