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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Quitting weed

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  • Quitting weed

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

    My names Nick, from birmingham UK, im 22 years old and ive smoked the drug since the age of 9. Chronically from the age of around 13-14 (as no dealers would deal with me when i was 9 and I had to rely on older mates to get it)

    I had a beutiful girlfriend & a baby on the way and was asked by my gf to do one thing, stop smoking the drug and sort myself out ready for our new born daughter. For some reason the drug has a way of manipulating you so bad its unbelievable. I couldn't understand why I needed to detox it completely over a child being born, didnt see how it was much of a "bad thing" and ended up leaving my girlfriend. Its 3 years later now, I have a beutiful daughter called Libby and I think about both libby and her mom Jess every day of my life, every night, every morning etc and it hurts like ****. Yesterday, I woke up in despair as I had a dream that she was lying next to me and she wasnt, i was so desperate to get that back and i ended up emailing her with how I felt. I Later she replied & ive told her i quit ages ago so i then took my ten of the drug (i always have/had weed) and i chucked it all down the toilet, including the bag and pissed on it before going to bed.

    Today I have gone to the gym and bookd an inducition for tomorrow morning so can go there all day to relieve the cravings. I can only hope that by quitting this dead end drug I will somehow get my family back, somehow get back with Jess but I realise it may be too late.

    All I can say is, your gonna want to detox at some point in life for whatever reason and it'l be easier if u do it now, while ur at home and cant do it 24/7 like u WILL be able to do when u move out ur parents. What will u be like then?? ull be just like me, ul wake up worrying about how ul get bud ready for the next nightime, sleeping without the drug will scare the sh** out of u, ul need one every night before bed for the rest of your life, eventually u wont even be able to go for drinks with your mates cuz ull feel so uncomfortable being in a social pub and not at home smoking that it wont be possible. At some point u will quit as I knew I would one day.

    Unfortunately, I cant give much more advice than that because today is DAY 1 of my "quitting weed" pledge so I guess I could use some advice and support myself. However, I will keep this post updated as daily as I can and hope we can even maybe quit this sh** together.

    Best of luck mate! do it while its easy!! goto the pub!! shag women!!! do all the sh** people who dont smoke the drug do!!! and dont be ashamed of quitting! it all makes sense when ur young to smoke the drug but it gets boring in the end and its hard as **** to cut out ur life cuz u genuinely enjoy doing it and kinda rely on it.

    Keep me posted and ill keep u posted about how im doing too.

    Cheers buddy

    (nick - UK)

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    Quitting Weed

    Hi NicklockleyUK welcome to the forum.

    Well done on your decision to quit, you have already taken the first step to a new life. I find your story very moving, it sounds like drugs have definitely had a big effect on your life. I am glad to hear you have joined a gym, exercise is a great aid to a person’s recovery. I hope you can get your family back. It sounds like you know exactly what you have to do. Allot of relationships in my life suffered as a result of using, but since I have quit I have managed to repair them.

    I hope we can offer you the support you will need to get through this. Don’t forget to check out our how to detox smoking marijuana post and anytime you want to get something off your chest we will be here to listen, we are a small rehab group but there are some good people here.

    Good luck you sound pretty determined so I am sure you will succeed. Take care and please keep us posted on how it goes. Thanks for sharing.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      Hi Nick,

      It breaks my heart to read ur post...u must be in a great deal of pain. Congratulations for making the decision to can't have been easy, but I think u have the best motivation in the world to change ur circumstances and beat this kids are mine as them with everything that I am and I have finally chosen them completely, instead of brushing them aside for pot. I'm so sorry you're going thru all this stuff. I really hope that your lady gives you another sound very devoted to her and your daughter..and thats wonderful. Please keep us posted, even in the bad times..thats what we're here for. You can do this. You really can. And we'll all be here cheering you on every step of the way...count on it. Good luck's to ur future and ur precious family. Stay positive and keep on fighting!


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        hi on wednesday my partner left me with my 5wk old son. i been smoking the drug everyday for since i was about 19. im now 33 with a house(mortgage) and we're struggling with bills. although my partner hates smoking cigs/ the drug she never told me to stop but i was a fool to carry on after my babys birth. ive neglected so many people over the last few years, i lost my dad in a rather tragic way in 2005 and have got more dependant on it since then.
        i think theyre could be a chance of me getting my partner and child back in to my life but not sure , my head is all over the place. im a good person and apart from this evil habit i dont have any criminal past and ive worked hard all my life, im good at my job. all i worry about when i get in from work is having a spliff and on the occasional day when you cant get hold of any i never know what to do with myself and just worry about getting sleep at night. im wasting £70 a week on fags and weed. she wants me to move out of the house cos she needs the place for herself and baby, so on monday( today is saturday) im gonna get rid of any the drug i have , move to a friend of my mums and try and give it up. on tueday im gonna book appointment to drs and get something to get me off smoking fags.
        anyway i dont know how im going to cope , especially getting to sleep, i have to be up for work at 6 am and am dreading no sleep. also the loss of appetite is going to be hard. any advice ?


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          from experience i sympathise dude-ur in a tough spot-

          because ur not gona be with the ones u want to be with u will get a bit lost-and its too easy to fill the space with smoking pot-it'll be hard enough to jack the fa'gs on their own-because of that obvious comfort zone of dope its hard to stop but can be done dude-it'll take ur own committment to urself in order to achieve it-think about now-why ur stopping it-do hippychick's trick of writing a letter spelling it ALL out-have it on u all the time-u might need it-u probably will-

          but the fa'gs at the same time?i say thats not a good idea-the dopamine subtle thing that the nicotine giives us will help u get thro times ahead wen u feel alone-consider stopping the pot now and wen u get 6 or 8 weeks clear then think about the fa'gs-i dont want to encourage u to smoke but............wat ur attemptin is an awful hard thng to do-both at the same time-think about it-thats my advice-u'll know wats best to do dude-with a bit of work now u can regain it all-keep goin the way things are and u'll only go in one direction-further away from them-and thats a hard place to be-
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            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
            hi the message above belongs to me, im new to forums!
            moved out now, still not had atoke. bored out of brains though. day 2 and 3 will be hard , i know it!


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