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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Im Never Gunna Escape This World Alive

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  • Im Never Gunna Escape This World Alive

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    The Story So far.

    So im sat here again thinking the same old stuff, stoned watching the same old repeats on the tv .
    I fell iv got nothing at the moment and pretty much on my own, my head gone south and i don’t seam to be getting along with myself at the moment .
    Maryjane as been in my life now for about 14 years and an even bigger part in the last year or so, when iv needed a shoulder to cry on and add no one, Maryjane was there, when iv been that mad i want to kill myself or the world, Maryjane was there to help sort things out.
    Im a shamed to say im addicted to sweet old Maryjane, but its got to the point were i need some space, don’t get me wrong shes great to have around and like iv said Maryjane been there with me though everything, but enough’s enough i realized a while ago Maryjane was too much of a good thing and was “deluding” (for lack of a better word) my mind. iv tried and still am trying to put a barrier between us but im not having must luck, and it seams like the more i want to the harder it is, i know it don’t make seance but hey i don’t make seance .
    I need her like a baby needs a dummy, and from my experience baby’s dont need dummy’s, but it makes life a whole lot easier, and if you’ve got kids you’ll know what i mean. i feel so tense and fragile ready to explode almost when shes not around but i always give in and run rite back.
    How and why have i let it go on for so long, why as Maryjane got so much of a hold on me, why cant i kick this bad habit like iv kicked the rest.
    im laid here in my own cell,a prisoner to myself.
    mentally im stud on what remains of my world, my world that was onecs so vast and bright it appeared to be endless and now its no bigger than my feet, now surrounded by a vast ocean. The sky slowly started losing its color getting grayer and grayer and is now so black i cant see my hand in front of my face.
    My legs are numb and i feel so weak i want to collapse, im deafened by the silence with the noise in my head. I ask myself how long can i go on like this, how much more can i take.

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    U will be ok..hang in there!

    Hi Gillys World,

    Oh mate, I feel for you so much! I don't think there's one person on here who doesn't know exactly what u makes perfect sense to us..all of it.

    We've all been where u are heart goes out to you buddy...cos I know its a completely soul destroying state to be in...don't really know what to say to give you hope, except there is hope...there really is..and we are here...u are not alone..and as incapable as u feel right now to turn your back on your friend (and I know about that) u do possess the strength to do it...please believe it.

    Mj is a very nasty, two faced friend to people who are addicted...the thoughts you're thinking and the emotions ur going thru are her fault mate...its what it does to affects every area of ur life and makes u feel completely incapable of doing anything ..of dealing with anything...its confusing and heartbreaking, cos yes, a lot of us have used it to make things better...or make things appear to be better...cos it doesn't, not really..just numbs u so it appears that way.

    But the good news is that is always here..spill ur guts to us mate...I have and it has really helped...use it..please...lean on us when u need to...grasp at the info u can find here...really let it sink in that this is where ur friends are...the people that can help you with the breakup...we all want to help mate...we all want to give you encouragement and support. Its no easy thing, despite what some people mite think and everyone needs support at times.

    Please don't lose's doable...its hard but doable..and armed with info and support, you can make it so much easier on urself...we're people who have been there mate...really sunk to that low..been engulfed by the tide of despair..and we're all still going...we're still rising out of the flood and in different stages but still fighting...still here. Always here. Remember that. U r not alone. U deserve a better life than this. U are capable of doing this...take it from someone who knows!! I send you my best thoughts, compassion and friendship. I'm proud of you for taking this step, cos I know what it costs...but the payoffs are amazing! Peace.


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      Hi Gillys world welcome to the forum.

      It sounds like you are in a bit of a mess, I know I was in a very similar place at one point and if marijuana is a big part of why you are feeling how you are feeling, you are not going to get better until you quit. Have you tried to detox before? Have you considered getting professional help?

      Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on how it goes.

      Take care
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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        i was ther and still am some days

        i was in the same mess ur in dude-its not a good place to be-the more i smoked the more i didnt like it and smoked more-it was a never ending wheel of sh'it,regret and depression-

        i'm just starten day 7 of this quit-u got 3 stages to go thro-5 days of being seriously emotionally and mixed up-3 and a half weeks of detoxin which can be pretty nasty and irrational at times-

        the final bits the hardest bit and it is included in all 3 bits-real life hitting u up the face-wen we hide behind dope and take away that barrier life can seem unbearable-

        its either that or continuallty regret smokin-and the depression that smoking brings is far worse than the depression that real life can bring-

        i got kids-wen they wer wee they didnt see the things that messed me up-but they will as they get older-i need to stop for me-but i also need to stop for them-

        not smoking can be so hard-but its the only way to get out of this-u accept u got a problem-now u need to think about how to solve it-cause wen u know u got a problem with pot u'll enjoy smoking it even less-every joint will come with th regret-

        u gotts think about it-make ur choice and live with wat comes outa that-this is my second attempt at replyin to ur thread-i spent an hour on the last one-pressed a wrong button and it disappeared in to cyber land-me computer nearly wen to out the window-getting angry at silly things wont last for ever dude-

        i get annoyed for no reason-my anger is not normal-my thoughts are mixed up-but i know i gotta stop smoking pot cause it has taken over my life-

        its not a friend anymore-it doesnt help me in times of loneliness-it makes me lonely-i stopped doin everything else-i stopped seeing people-i just smoked-and it was so cr'ap-that was my self distruct button-smoke into oblivion and beyond-it was my release-my life-i left myself with nothing else-but i'm changing that-life is tough now-but it wont always be-i made things tough cause of th the amount of smoke i smoked-it was turning me in2 a shadow-

        turned me into a waster-ther's more to me than being a waster-sometimes we gotta take it on the chin and accept thers a problem-it needs fixed-the only answer is to stop smoking-thats the only answer for me-

        u can stop smoking-its hard-it'll take effort-ur brain will play tricks on u-it'll try to make u think that it wasnt so bad-that it helps u get thro-it doesnt-it screws u up-it did to me-

        ther is hope gilly-u can stop-ther's great support on here-we'v all got a problem connected with dope-its either us doin it and fu'ckin our heads up-or our loved ones are doing it and fu'ckin our heads up-its not easy to admit to an addiction-its the first stage of cure-u'v a road to follow to the other side-its a bad road worth taking-u can make it dude-i hope u do-


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          its not a friend anymore-it doesnt help me in times of loneliness-it makes me lonely...
          hi there NAB, i totally agree with you on that one,pot as been my crutch in life,always there to lean on when needed the most, but now its doing more harm then good. i know wot your saying about the mood swings, the smallest thing gets my blood boiling, i tryed to reply to the comment you left on the other post last night, that was a mission and a half kept on making mistakes repeating myself, it was taking forever so i gave in.
          iv done other things in life,were in theory are ment to been WAY harder then giving up pot, and to be honest its bull poo, and a big pile of it at that, that was like walking barefooted on a hot day across the cool grass in a park, compared to giving up pot which is like trying to climb a mountain barefooted with no ropes or climbing gear.


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