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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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The Start of things to come......

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  • The Start of things to come......

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello All,

    As with most of you, I am a cannabis addict. My desire to detox and over-come the habit had brought me to this forum, and I have to say things I have read so far and other peoples problems sound very familiar.

    I have smoked Cannabis on and off since I was 14/15, generally hash with my school mates. It was only really on the odd occasion. I whitey'd several times and didnt really enjoy it that much - I just thought it was a cool thing to do! At this time it was never a problem as it was only occasionly. I could not really afford it on my paper round money!!

    It wasnt really until I was about 18 that I first tried skunk with some of mates - I have just turned 25. A lot of my close mates were into it and I had just split up with a girlfriend of 3 years. This drew me closer to my mates again and this is really when the problems started. My best mate had a flat and I spent most evenings up there with other mates blazing it up until the early hours. (I still lived at home with my parents) After a while 'most' evenings started to turn into 'every' evening. My social circle ended up being the people I smoked with and other good friends of mine that didnt smoke the drug sort of fell away.

    What started off with watching a few DVD's, ordering a Pizza and having a few J's is still haunting me now 6/7 years later!! I really enjoyed smoking the drug around this time, used to get the giggles and have a laugh with my mates without causing anyone any harm, playing playstation and watching films.

    I then started to smoke the drug by myself. I would always get home from work and take the dog for a walk, smoke a J on the way round the park before dinner. This would then pretty much cancel out the rest of the evening for me as I would then be in a hazy bubble for the rest of the evening. (could not be arsed to do anything).

    My parents were aware that I smoked weed, but thought it was only occasionally so were not overly bothered. My father is a police officer and although cannabis is illegal he always said if it was legal, he would try it to see what all the fuss is about. He also worked many Saturday nights in busy town centres dealing with drunks (not a pleasant job) and knew that I was safe around a mates house not causing any trouble.

    I moved out of home at 21 and things got worse. I didnt have to take the dog for a walk anymore to have a joint, I could sit in the back garden or smoke at my bedroom window. I was probably smoking about half ounce of strong skunk a week!

    I quit smoking the drug last January for 3 months and I have to say that I felt fantastic at the time. The first few weeks were rocky with sleep but I got over it. I was going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I started seeing another girl who I am still with now (she is gorgeous and I love her). This also helped keep my off the weed. Then I caught up with a few of my old mates who were still smoking and gradually it phased back into my life.

    I brought my own house with my sister last November and my girlfriend moved in with us. I don't smoke in the house to be respectful to my sister and my girlfriend. My sister has commented recently on how often I was smoking the drug in the back garden and said she didn't realise how much of that **** I smoked until we lived together. My girlfriend says the same!!

    January this year came again and I said the same thing. I am going to detox weed. Lasted about 3 weeks (until I saw some of my friends again!!!) We are now in Mid June and I am still smoking the weed. My girlfriend is getting a bit fed up with me saying "I will quit from Monday", "this is my last score" and things like that. Sometimes I can be a bit short with her due to moods, it isn'tme, its the weed.

    I am lucky in that I have a good job earning good money, own my own house and go on 2 or 3 holidays abroad a year. I do have good friends and do go out and enjoy myself (although usually have a J before going out). I forgot to add that I will quite often smoke a J while driving which is terrible really.

    I really do want to quit. I think this is a good place to start and would like to post my daily occurences here as I have read that keeping a diary will help. I have been sticking to just a J a day for a couple of weeks now and set a date with my gfriend for 22nd June to stop completely. I know if I don't do it this time there is a danger of damaging my relatonship with my girlfriend. I also have found recently that I have not been motivated at work and we all know how important it is to have a job, especially when you have a mortgage!! I get easily distracted!!

    I have always wanted to move away from the UK and looking at possible places to immigrate, hopefully in the next year or two. I hope that this could also be a fresh start for me witha goal of moving away at the end of it.

    Will keep you posted from Monday 22nd to help myself and hopefully others. Advice and guidance is also greatly appreciated.

    Peace out and speak soon.



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    hi mate, bit of advice, give it up! if your girlfriend aint in to it and shes badgering you to detox then you best had. she will leave you. im giving up on day2 finding it easy but only on day2 and the only reason im finding it easy is because in the last week ive lost my girlfriend, my home , my baby boy and my 2 lovely my personal problems are far outweighing the fact that im giving it up after 14 years ironic that if she hadnt asked me to leave i would find it so much easier to give up with her help(she never once asked me to give it up, but i knew she hated it). but now im staying at my parents mates house and im bored. so bored. if i was at home with my family and dogs i would find it much easier with them to keep me occupied.
    dont let the **** hit the fan and leave it too late like i did. look forward to hearing from you again


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      hi F*ckmaryjane and welcome to the forum,

      Reading your post reminded me of the "good times" of the beginning, smoking with friends, having fantastic conversations and an overall great time. Reading your words reminded me of how it used to be, because these times seem so far away for me now. It's not really a high anymore...and I can totally relate to your habits. Pot and habits go hand in's like a punctuation mark after everything and anything you can do. Hell, I haven't found a single activity that couldn't be rewarded with a joint, except running a marathon or cycling maybe...I guess it's how it works, like a "reward"...but once rewards become habits and once habits become a way of life there's hardly anything left of the original high. It's great that you see how pot affects you hence you've made the decision to quit. The good times are behind and are never coming back as far as the drug goes. You've experienced it in every way imaginable so now you can move on. You might need to stay away from your smoking friends at first, or try other activities with them...activities that aren't too tightly associated with the pot...

      My deadline is June 20th...I can't wait to stop and at the same time I'm scared shitless.

      So keep us posted and take care till then


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        Hi f*ckmaryjane welcome.

        I started with hash too, there’s a world of difference between most hash that you get in the UK and skunk, the skunk is so much stronger, I too ended up on skunk and I would only smoke the strongest stuff available.

        Well done on your decision to quit. I think writing a diary of your experiences will help, we are honoured you have chosen to share them with us, I am sure they will help others too.

        Take care and good luck!
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          Sooner than I thought

          Well, I tell you what, I am soooo glad I found this forum.

          It is really good to know that I am not alone to deal with this stuff and I am amazed to find that so many people have similar issues and have the same state of mind and problems I do, sinking on the same ship.

          I finished my last score last night so today has been officially Day 1 of the new me, instead of waiting til Monday! I could of easily gone and brought another henry today but thought that if I did that I would have some left on Monday which was the official quit day and it would not of started at all!

          Since discovering this forum, it really has opened my eyes to what dope can do for you head. Mine is murky water at the moment and has been for too long. I always new what it did but sort of ignored it, denial I suppose. It was great for my girlfriend to read some of the posts and it has opened up her mind also in what I am dealing with and things to come. I am lucky that the day after my first post that she said she is with me 100% on this.

          I heard a Muhammed Ali quote the other day - "It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe."

          - well the drug is a very big pebble in my shoe at the moment!

          Over the last two weeks where I have been only smoking a J a day (late in the evening) and my gfried has been brilliant. She has looked after my stash and only given me a J's worth at the end of the day. The last couple of days I have not enjoyed it that much when I have smoked, I had been fresh for most of the day, then I would have that J and snap back into fantasy land. A fantasy land is exactly what it is, away with the fairies, not to really achieve very much.

          That one J at the end of the day, was still enough to make me feel a bit dazy the next morning as well.

          Thanks for the replies to the previous post. I laughed a bit at Bongwaters response in that the drug is a reward for everything you do. Hit the nail on the head big time!! However I disagree with your comment about having a joint while cycling, something I participate, stoney cycling!

          I hope that KevP can sort things out with his Mrs because you are already making progress and steps in the right direction and she should respect that! Time will tell.

          Anyways, one chapter closes and and another one opens. This new chapter does not involve smoking cannabis. I just hope I can be as strong and hold it together as well as some of you guys.

          Well lets hope I can sleep tonight and that I wake up feeling fresh tomorrow. Gonna try and jump in the shower first thing and keep myself busy rather than just feeling half a sleep and brain dead all day!!!



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            congratulations on day 1, and big up to your gf for being so supportive. As for smokey cycling, well I'm not surprised really, there's hardly any territory that mj can't conquer!! I'm currently beginning day 3. It's a little weird getting up at 7 am in the morning on weekends! I'll tell you what though, it feels great to feel human again...without the haze. And soon you will start dreaming again. So enjoy the ride and this newfound clarity & strength.


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              I was a stoned cycler too haha. Its much more enjoyable sober tho. Like everything in life.


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                marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                Day 5......

                Well, I am now on day 5 of quitting.

                As of yet it has not been to bad. I have been keeping myself really busy by going to the gym, cycling and playing some golf and watching films. These do give a nice 'feel good' factor afterwards. My gfriend just wants me to chill out, but I have told her that I need to keep busy. I hope I don't run out of things to do!

                As yet I have not had any weird dreams although I have found it hard to go to sleep a couple of times, however last year when I quit for around 3 months I did have the vivid dreams so I am waiting for that to happen. On two occasions where I have struggled to sleep I took a Nytol and went to sleep without any problems, but I did wake up at 5.30am both times. Makes a change from dragging myself out of bed at the latest opportunity, rushing around, then drive at 90mph to get to work ontime.

                It feels good to get out of bed feeling fresh and already I feel more confident when talking to people. I have been taking an Omega3 fish oil tablet every morning and a multi vitamin. I have also been eating more fruit than normal. I am hoping that doing the above will help to repair my brain quicker.

                With regards to smoking Ciggies, I haven't really smoked ciggies for a while. I do however think I am addicted to nicotine as used rolling tobacco to make my spliffs. I suppose this counted to towards physical dependecy of smoking a spliff. It was always the first thing I did when I finished work on the way home as not only did I need the weed, but more body craved that bit of nicotine too. The first two days I smoked a couple of ciggies, but didnt really enjoy it all. I don't like the taste and made my throat hurt. I only enjoy a ciggie with a drink at the weekends if I was out. So I have been sucking on a few Nicotine lozengers for the last couple of days and that has kept the nicotine cravings at bay also. I know people on here have mentioned that it is best to give one thing up at a time but my body is still getting nicotine through the lozengers. I will decrease this gradually over the next few weeks.

                It was a bit strange yesterday, I was driving home from work and the sun was shining. I thought to myself about how nice it would be to go home and roll a big fat J and sit in the garden. I very nearly picked up the phone and rang my dealer mate, even though I deleted his number I know it off by heart. I then thought of and some of the things I have read and spoken to my gfriend about and carried on home instead, I am glad I did. When I got home I cut the grass, again keeping myself busy, which I think is key to all of this.

                Avoiding my the drug smoking friends is another thing. As of yet I have not seen anyone and I know this will be the biggest test when it comes.

                I have a busy weekend planned this weekend and going to a BBQ on Sunday where there will be a few people (non smokers) and I am looking forward to socialising with a clear head.

                I know there is a very, very long way to go, but after feeling a bit better only after a few days I don't want to go back. I know the worst is probably yet to come but I think I am even more determined now than ever

                Speak soon. Stay Strong.



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