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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Weed and weight issues

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  • Weed and weight issues

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hey friends, I'm Aaron aka souljah, I've been lurking round for a while now and made up my mind that I need to detox weed, I am 23 yrs old and been smoking since I was 17. 6 yrs everyday, my weight has gone dwn alot cause I'd only eat once munchies start kicking in...

    This is my first night without a joint and I know this is nothing I got a lot to go through

    I just wanna know when will my appetite get back to normal, I need to star putting on weight, and eating right, my metabolism (sp) is so messed up now

    I have an issue saving money cause Ill be hooked on when I'm getting my nxt draw

    I feel so sad with myself but I kno a week from today I will be so happy if I stuck to it

    I will be updating my story on here as I go through each day, please could I have support and advice

    To me the drug is the devil stopping me from doing what I'm capable of

    I'm currently unemplyed and feel like Im drained from life

    Let's do this... Thnx


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    Hi Souljah welcome.

    Well done on your decision to quit. Giving up the drug can affect your appetite, it did mine, but it’s usually a fairly short term thing, most people find that after a couple of weeks their appetite starts to become more normal. If you are finding it hard to eat try drinking plenty of milk and maybe take a a-z multi vitamin, just to make sure your body gets as much nutrition as possible, you can also buy complete meal sachets you can add to milk, this should help until your appetite starts to return to normal.

    Thanks for posting, I am glad you have chosen to join our community, we will be honoured to have your share your experience with us, anytime you want to get something off your chest we will be here to listen.

    Take care and please keep us posted on how it goes.

    All the best and good luck!
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      Hey hang in there mate, my appetite was **** the first week or two but it’s coming back now.


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        Thnx for the replys guys really appreciate it, this is day one, dnt wanna say to much because this is nothing at first but I'll be back nightime to tell you how my day went.

        It's all in the mind that's wat I tell myself


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          im hungry but dunno what to eat!

          hi souljah, im on day 6 now, im also underweight, but was always a skinny ****** when i was a kid. eating is the biggest problem for me. withh the money you savin on the drug , why dont you treat yourself to your favourite takeaways for a couple of weeks, thats what imn doing. I'm a big curry lover and am not in the mood for cooking owt yet so goona live on takeaways for a bit, not like you gotta worry about putting on weight is it! just an idea and good luck. get off the drug now while you still young and got some good years ahead of you!


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            Being unemployed means u have so much time, I know. I'd just smoke everyday because I didn't see the point in being sober. Just find things to do with your hands, things to concentrate on and remind yourself of the reasons for quitting and your goal/s you hope to achieve.
            I've gained weight since I stopped, I have a fuller figure and its been remarked upon a few times. Kind of proud of this because I felt skeletal at times so I'm happy about this. But now I've gotta do some workout to earn my abs!


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              I am so glad I found this site

              I am on day seven without pot. I have never heard of anyone else who lost weight because of their pot addiction. I have been underweight for two years, I am so sick of everyone asking me if i am sick!!!!!!! I have been a smoker for eight years, four of them a wake-n-baker. last saturday i spent the day smoking (as usual) avoiding everyone, my throat burning while trying to hold in the smoke. I couldn't even get high anymore-no matter how much i smoked. I can't interact with any other human being, detox has been worse than i thought in some ways and easier in some ways, i never expected to have physical symptoms- INSOMNIA, cold sweats, a 5 day headache, inability to eat anything, yesterday i was soooo uncomfortable in my own skin!!!! clearly, from this post i can't even hold on to a thought. originally i planned to continue to smoke, but only on saturday nights, i thought that way i will be able to get that eye burning high that i crave and miss so much but after reading some of these posts i am thinking that may not be such a good idea. again i am so glad i found this site.


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                Weight issues

                I have always been an average weight for my height.

                I found when I smoke pot I eat crap food, if I dont smoke I have no desire to eat rubbish. About a 2 years ago I jumped on a set of scales, it said I was 100Kg, I couldnt believe it until I found 3 other scales which all said the same thing. In my 20s I had always been between 70and 75Kg and it was a shock to me to realise I had gained so much weight. I think it was then I really decided to try and turn my life around. I owned a large building company at the time with another man. My business partner was grossley over weight, I promised myself I would not end up like that. I sold my half of the company and set to work.

                I started running or cycling every day, and stopped smoking pot 6 months later. I got my exercise up to either running 20km or cycling 60km per day. About 2 months ago I got sciatica and had to stop. It has only just gotten better and today I have gone for my first run in over 2 months. This extra effort was prompted by the relapse post by someone today, I only ran 8Km and it nearly killed me. It prompted me to continue to be on my guard about falling into bad habits again. Anyway I have lost 15Kg and hope to loose another 5 to 10.

                For all you lucky people who are on the thin side - think yourself lucky, your type generally live longer. Think how many people over 65 you know who are over weight - not many - the body cant take it, and it breaks down.

                When you get in your 40s you will be happy with your physique. Just worry about being healthy, apart from that, BE YOURSELF! its all you can be.

                Keep up the fight!


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                  marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                  Hi Souljah,

                  thanks for posting, and congrats on your decision to quit. You're trying not to think about it too much and taking it one day at a time, which is the right thing to do. It is indeed a relatively long path, but as far as appetite goes, I would say from my experience that it's one of the things that come back the quickest. I hadn't read many experiences of people losing weight as a consequence of the drug addiction - quite the opposite in fact - while it's been true for me. While pot might be used therapeutically to increase hunger, for many heavy users it may actually be the opposite. The first couple of days without pot have led me to eat more, out of boredom, nervousness and also hunger. Being unemployed makes the challenge more difficult, which is why in the coming days you will need as many occupations as you can get. I think physical exercice is good because it can help release some tension and frustration (of course doing so progressively). I too quit pot while I was unemployed several years ago, and sometimes just getting out of my flat was my saving grace, it didn't matter so much where I would be going.

                  take care and keep posting.


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