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Day12 & Still going strong......

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  • Day12 & Still going strong......

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi Guys,

    I am now on day 12 without the deadly green weed.

    I have had some minor withdrawals but still not been to bad. Sleep has been an issue and the dreams have started.

    I know I said in my last post that I was taking nicotine lozengers but I have packed that up and started on the ciggies. Like Needabreak has said a few times - one thing at a time, its really the ganja that I want to stop!! Ciggies, you are next!!! Maybe in a month or two

    I feel better in myself and a lot more confident. I have been out on the **** a few times with the money I would have spent on weed, and to be honest had a couple of great nights and met some new people

    The dreams have been really wierd and vivid. I had a dream where I went to Alton Towers with Britney Spears
    I kept that one quite from my girlfriend!!!

    Its amazing how the drug stops you acheiving your dreams and also having dreams when you sleep. It ruins your dreams full stop in every sense of the word!

    Hang in there everyone and keep yourselves busy, thats is how I am getting through it. I have still need seen any of my the drug smoking mates and this has helped greatly. I know I can't ignore them forever and some of them are really great friends. I think I will give myself another few weeks before I do so I will hopefully be well and truely passed it.

    Sleeping has been a bit hit and miss but music and films have been a savior and so has cycling, gym and golf. Its amazing how much better my golf has been the last few weeks from not being high the night before and still having that hazy head...

    Good Luck to all of you and stay strong. Maybe the worst for me has yet to come, but everytime I have fancied a J, I have stuck a fag in me gob!!!

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    Hey FMJ ,I feel you , i started having dreams ,scary vivid dreams..

    I also am a smoker,cigs i mean,i plan to give up on that,but one thing at a time,ganja first ,cigs kinda help overcome cravings,so try not to worry about that at the moment, we can beat all that, just give us time =)

    Anyway,big Grats on 12 days ,respect and keep it up !

    Peace and love !


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      the worst maybe to come or maybe not-wen u feel good just enjoy it-i enjoyed the britney angle-

      one idea about sleeping is decide on a time to get up in the morning-i decided 9am cause i'm not workin for a bit-it meant staying up a night or two but it did fix me into a pattern-not sleepin's cat-it wont be like that forever-if u force urself now it might sort it out-so long as u know that u will be able to get good night's sleep sooner or later-

      nearly 2 weeks now-good stuff dude-keepin busy is important-it'll help u readjust to this new nonstoned life thing-at times u'll get bored-people who dont smoke get bored too-but its good not hiding from the world-keep us posted dude-


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        congrats on your day 12 man, I'm around the same timeframe (I purposedly lost the count as I try not to think about these things or make them too big...) and I have the same cigs problem!!! I'm hating it, because I feel the physical addiction is much tougher, but hey at least the mind is clear, right? I'm trying cycling to give up the cigs, but it may still be too early for that. I've been somewhat depressed and I get quite angry for little things lately, and I'm wondering whether it's my nature or the lack of weed! I'm not quite sure yet. Hang in there and keep up the great work.


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          hi im on day21, its tough. dont give up cigs yet, give it a couple of months. im thinkin of tryin a drug called champix which is supposed to be very succesful in giving up fags but 1 thing at a time


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