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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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i need help.!!!!

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  • i need help.!!!!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    i think its safe to say that im a pothead. ive smoked for about 5 years now and i really feel like ****. ive stolen for the drug money from my family and lied to friends for this same reason. i cant do this **** no more. i have to maintain my dignity and the drug is not helping. i know it isnt the drug but it is my low will power and my failure to cope with the real world. my mom at the moment is an alcoholic and that could be stressful at times. ive really blown it these last couple of years. for example. yesterday i was suppoesed to start a job, wat did i do, not go and smoke weed. its ridiculous. im afraid of being an addict and not amounting to nothing in life. i need to get a job and get my ass in gear 6. at times, more often nowadays i feel depressed because of my current situation and feel like i am alone. at times i have obsessive thoughts too . things like wat if this happens, or this, and then that. that type of obsessive thinking. i think the reason for it is fear. FEAR. in a way i feel like i need to let go of these feeling to be alive again. feel alive again. i need to live and i want to live a happy life. i appreciate allof you guys for posting your stories. it has helped alot. hopefully you guys respond.

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    Hi pursuit of happiness welcome to the forum.

    I know what you mean, the drug these days especially the stuff that’s really high in THC can be a very trippy drug, but after a while it can turn into kind of a bad trip and can leave you feeling anxious and fearful. In fact the drug that’s too high in THC and too low in CBD, which is the way most of it has gone these days is particularly bad for that. It’s sad how life can pass you by when your stoned all the time, I know it did for me. Anyway things can change, you can quit if you want to and we will be here for you every step of the way.

    Take care, thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on how it goes.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      i'v given up th pot and taken up the pursuit of happiness pursuit of happiness-i hope u join me dude-

      there are 4 parts to it-

      1-knowing pot has fu'cked u up and that u need to stop

      2-gettin over the first 5 days which can be even more mental than wen u smoked

      3-gettin past a further 3 n a half weeks wer ur system will spin u round like a rollercoaster-some days will be sh'it-most will be very sh'it and some will be the mother of all sh'it days-u gotta just hang in ther dude-

      4-gettin on with the rest of ur life potfree and happy-

      it can be done dude-short term sh'itness for long term gain is the only way to look at it-keep us posted-i look forward to u and everyone else clockin up the potfree days and gettin free-ther is a happy life out there waitin for u-we just gotta crawl threw a bit of crap (the offensive conotations of this word have now been neutralised-well in BFB-i'm impressed) to get there-

      believe in urself and u'll get there pursuit of happiness-hang in there and u'll be fine dude-


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        needabreak,your 3rd point made me laugh so hard,I haven't had such a good laugh in a long time,but it's true.

        pursuit of happiness ,im on my 6th day,first few days are gonna be hard,BUT it only gets easier with time.Stick with your decision ,just ride it out,when despair and depression comes,ride it out.It will make us stronger and more determined to never go back.

        I am sorry about your mom and her problem and can understand how that is also 1 more thing adding up.Love and support her,she also can get rid of problem.

        Anyway,keep us updated and remember we're here if you need to vent out,rant,cry,anything ...

        Peace !


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          thanks alot guys. i appreciate the responses and the support. ill keep in touch and good luck to all of you.


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            isnt it weird how today i feel like changing my life being a better human being. yet tomorrow im gonna wanna forget about all of the things that are going through my mind to make a change. is this my mind playing tricks on me ? and is it possible to get depressive feelings from abusing mj? and how?


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              Weed is not harmless! it opens doors to emotions and when u come down the doors remain open. depression and anxiety are the norm for stoners who go cold turkey. Find a routine and surround yourself with positive people!


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                Mate,your brain is gonna do every trick in the book there is to justify smoking again. You do realize life will be better once you get it out of your system, you know that it's gonna be hard but in the end it will be worth it.
                Getting your self-esteem ,sense of worth,inner peace,all those things you lost (at least i have) has no price,nothing is worth more than that.

                I know what you're going through,i know how i try to make excuses just to take a joint,nothing more,just 1 tiny joint.But doing that I'm certain i'd start a chain reaction that will just lead me to smoking again,24/7.

                Try to be strong,just remember all the crap you had because of it.

                About depressive feelings,yea,this is so well known to me.Listen man,I cry every day,my thoughts are 98% black,morbid,simply depressive.And i just go in circles,round and round and round.When I used to smoke,I'd get high and then feeling depressed that i got high,then guess what i did ? Roll another one to numb out that feeling. It's a vicious circle and there's only one way to brake free and that's stop smoking. It's also very individual,but your only judge is yourself,It doesn't matter that there are ppl out there that can smoke occasionally and have happy life.Maybe some can smoke every day and still maintain happiness in their lives. For me,it doesn't go that way,I hate to be a slave to some plant which makes me isolated,depressed anxious etc ... And all the studies and stories and pro-ganja discussions wont change that. It's no good for me - for me -

                It's easy to say stay strong and don't do it ,but it's your struggle,like i have my struggle.You can't get out of this skin,this body,you gotta fight it.
                I somehow try to detach that craving part of my brain and just ride it out.

                Things WILL be better once you get clean,i believe that strongly,just look at other people stories,it's a FACT.

                What helps me A LOT is exercise ,some ppl like to read books,watch movies...find something you enjoy (other that smoking )

                It gets easier with time,trust me on that.I'm only 1 week clean (after 10years smoking) and even tho i feel like a crap my head is getting clearer,my thought abit more focused,i can TALK to ppl without struttering ,forgetting what are we talking about in middle of sentence and it's damn nice.

                Peace man,keep strong !


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                  Slowly, you are correct man. And even though it is hard to accept the possibility of falling into a chain reaction even when i try to get my use to just once a week, it is something that is hard to accept but the more i learn and the more i read and the more i feel, the more i want to understand and make a change!


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                    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                    at the top of ur thread u needed help-this is one hard thing to do on ur own-not knowing if the isolation and depression are part of u or part of the process-they certainly are part of the process-

                    these 2 things wer the hardest to deal with for me-but seein others goin through the same crap showed me that its normal-wen i stopped, th depression didnt get any better for a couple of weeks-it has lifted now-and i'm on day 33-i thought it was never gona go-and i now see why i failed in all them previous quits-without the experiences of i'd be blasten and wasted again-i know that for a fact-

                    i just wanted u to know that how ur feelin is part of the healing process-it will all get better-stick to ur guns and hang in there-wen u get a good day-celebrate-(cause more will follow in the future)-wen its crap..........i dont know exactly wat to say about them days-i sat in the dark or cried on the sofa and hoped that it would go away-it did-it will for u too-


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