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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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  • Lost . . . . .

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    So many of these stories have struck me, I am 24, still live with my parents, in a large amount of debt, and feel . . . well . . . lost. I have been smoking for about ten years and at least everyday for the last 8 years. I feel extreme pain alot, I don't really admit it to anyone but deep down inside I am lonley, and i think this is where the pain comes from. I realized a while ago that all of my friends are drug addicts (weed, alcohol, meth) and that I too need help. Back in school they were real friends but latley they all seem to be s*** heads that use me just as much as I use them. We are not friends but junkies, always having to alter our minds to feel some sort of peace. They are users and lossers and I must be one by association. I had to detox smoking for three months in Jan. and all I could do was think about my getting my old life back. I eventually fell back into my old habbits and now I feel more lost and hopeless then ever. I can't seem to find any comfort, I need to detox and I truly want to but,I am scared of being alone and I am scared that even if I do quit I will just start to smoke again, like that feeling of needing will never go away. It seems my mind works against me, I start to feel alone and then before i know it I am flying on auto pilot to score a bag. I Don't want to write off all of my friends but I feel now that this may be my only option at living a normal life. I feel mentaly skewed, I have lost my youth, I am now an adult who is still a child in mind. I am fearfull that If I don't act now I will continue to live this life untill I die unhappy and alone. It seems other people I once knew have gone on with their lives and are healthy and happy but I am just becoming more and more recessed, associating with people who could care less about growth, bringing down my family for my own selfish ways. I plan to detox tommorow and I want to try to get on with my life. I just need some support because I feel like I have no support system in my life now. It scares me. I know I am making the right choice but this feeling wells up in my guts that makes me sick. I don't know If I am strong enough, I pray for grace but feel that I will just fall right back into my current path. I could talk for hours about my situation and my pitfalls, but, reading some of these post has given me a little spirit back. I think that if you all can be brave and follow a nobel path through sobriety then maybe, I am not alone.

    God Bless

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    I can relate to that feeling of loneliness and feeling like a child in an adult's body. As far as I'm concerned, when I was smoking things were getting to me even more than usual, feeling vulnerable and hopeless.

    But no matter how many joints you smoke or how long, there are times when your spirit comes back. That's when the real you emerges and it's a great guide, I'm sure you can easily recognize how it feels when it's there. I used to journal as much as possible in those moments because I felt the truth of what I was experiencing. As far as quitting, there's no magic formula, the first few days will be hard, yet at the same time more empowering than anything, it's like nourishing your old self again and finding pride & dignity in what you're doing. I hope you manage to detox tomorrow, and don't hesitate to post here or pm me whenever you want to talk.

    all the best


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      Hi Lost welcome to the forum.

      You are not alone, there are many here in the same situation, who use because they are self medicating to cover up some sort of emotional pain, I know I did. As always I think the best thing to do is try to solve the underlying cause, drugs just mask the problem and allow us to plod along without really addressing the underlying cause and if the problem is related to loneliness and isolation using drugs can just make that worse. Now putting yourself right mentally/emotionally isn’t always easy and it usually takes a great deal effort and the solution can be different for everybody, for some it may be some kind of treatment or counselling, for others family, religion/spirituality, a change in lifestyle or just plain good living, for me it was probably a mixture of all those things, that and being a part of this group, doing something positive has helped me a lot, but you have make the effort to find whatever it is for you, instead of continuing to mask the problem with drugs and continuing how you are.

      Anyway something can be done, you can change, in deciding to detox you have made the first step well done, I wish you the very best of luck and hope we can offer you some of the support you will need.

      Thank you for sharing I am sure others will find it comforting to know they are not alone either, you are already doing something positive.

      Here starts your journey, take care and please keep us posted on how it goes.
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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        There are people in this life who look for answers and there are those who dont. You tried to find the answer in the drug and you didnt find it. It just left you feeling lonely and isolated. Like it does to many. Too many. People who suffer in silence and die unhappy and alone. At 24 you're lucky to understand this. Self awareness is vital to a fulfilling life. But along with this awareness you need action. Now is the time for this action. Imagine a life where 30 years go pass. When you project ahead those years have a steady pace. As you look back they are shadows flying like low clouds straight out of sight. Away and regretted like an old beggar in busted shoes. If smoking the drug is not right for you then you know it is time to stop. It might not be easy. Or it might be. Who knows? You will not know until you try. My advice is to sit down with yourself and think about how you feel. Consider your life. Is it what you want it to be? Imagine you are on your death bed and thinking back over how you lived your life. Would you be satisfied? Neil Young says, 24 and there's so much more. Despair is free and you may have as much as you want. Life is also free and you may have as much of that as you want. You have the power to make the choice. It's up to you. To me it's obvious what you should do. If the answer is not in weed, alcohol or meths then look for it elsewhwere. You never know, my friend, you might just find it. You wont find it where it is not. Good luck. I hope you make the right choice.


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          me lost 2

          i was lost too-and it felt so lonely-i dont think i hid underlying problems-i just slipped down the side of a hill and was swamped with it before i even realised-

          i'm now startin month 2 pot free and i know u can do it too-some bits are hard-but living a life where ur not happy is harder-detoxin's tough but at least ur doin something about it-thats a good thing-use the rehab group to help u through dude-wen we isolate ourselves ther might not be someone we can lean on to help us through-if there is chat to them too-

          people say if u start a new a job and hate it its best to stick it out 3 months and then decide wat to do-after 8 years of isolation 3 months is nothing-make a pact with urself-know it might be while hard some days or weeks-but it will get better-just takes a bit of time-u'v support here dude-good luck-


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            man i totally relate with your situation. its a tough decision but its one that must be made to make your life better. and that thing about us being young and realizing we need to change is so true. time is on our side and we could make a change. self-awareness is truly a gift. its officially my second day. and i could tell you first hand that its tough but everytime i think that im doing something to make my life better i feel that much better. one day at a time. hang in there man. anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


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              Thanks for the support everyone, I have been clean for about a week and feel pretty good. I have some really intense dreams at night and a hard time concentraiting during the day. I know it will go away I just wonder how long it will take? I really have stoped seeing my old friends and the funny thing is no really has called. They must still be preoccupied with geting twisted everyday. well, I sighned up for college in the fall and feel pretty confident about trying something new. I also started running everyday to lose a little weight. I feel very greatful for this place, I know it might not seem like much but, these stories of depression and anxiety really spoke to me and helped me to take the first step.

              Thanks again everyone


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                Lost, I wish when I was 24 I would have taken the initiative to detox smoking. But no I waited till I was 46. I agree has really helped me. Reading all the stories has really opened my eye's. I to have been clean for about a week and know this time it will stick. Good luck


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                  yes, good luck if you need anyone to talk to 420nomore message me !


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                    dreams and loneliness

                    Thanks for wishing me good luck.
                    Last year I quit for about a month. I noticed that ...I actually feel alot better when I don't smoke at all. And I enjoy the dreams. For one thing I can fly in my dreams, it happened last night. During that month I dreamt alot and I noticed that those dreams contain messages from my subconscious mind that I have no trouble understanding. I could clearly feel that my mind needs those dreams to be healthy. So having them only every so often when I didn't smoke for a day or so became unacceptable. I can say that it is the dreams that finally convinced me that smoking everyday is unacceptable. But being a user and not using it everyday is impossible for me. My advice is: don't see the dreams as a bad thing and try to enjoy them even if they are scary (always liked horror movies so for me it is not a problem), try to pick something up.
                    The crazy thing is that even when you know that you feel better without it you keep going back to it. I guess it has to do with the fear that you are giving up to much pleisure. We mistake pleisure for happiness.
                    I am 35. Literally my only friend left is the guy who sells it to me. So I feel very lonely as well. But when you smoke you feel like you are back in your mothers womb and in this warmth there is no loneliness. The warmth however is a prison and nothing is resolved.
                    The insane thing is knowing all this and still going back to it.
                    I am actually inspired by Noah Levine. He used to be addicted to heroin, crack, alcohol... He quit and now he's a buddhist meditation teacher. He asks: if you could chose between a calm contented mind and loads of pleisure what would you chose?
                    I guess you know what most people would chose and I guess you also know what the right answer is if happiness is what you want!

                    Good luck. And remember: pleisure is not happiness.


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                      Hey Lost , glad you decided to detox , like you I'm also 24 ,living with parents when there's no classes at university (since i fail so much at uni I spend quite some time home).

                      Just wanted to say hold on , things will get better. I also have a lot doper friends ,not just pot-heads ,It's hard being in their company when all they do is talk about getting ripped and show no support for my situation and decision at all. It's not that I blame them,in a way they are jealous because so far I'm doing OK and I'm sloooowly ,very slowly getting control of my life again.

                      One of my "friends" was also my dealer ,he made enough money out of me and my room-mate to open up a coffee bar ,when he did that he just called me and said that he is no longer in business and that I shouldn't call him anymore. I thought he was joking with me ..apparently he doesn't want people to see him with dopers like I am. Big friends eh ?

                      Anyway,good decision trying to go to college ,that kind of stuff builds you up and setting some long term goals is good for you.
                      Running and exercising is also great ,keep it up.

                      You're doing great ,keep yourself occupied to make things easier a bit,as more time passes things will get better and better.

                      Peace !


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                        So today (day 8 I believe) I went out to eat with family and I was 100% sober which is something I would never do If I was going to eat at a resturant. anyways I see this girl who is looking at me from across the hall and I'm thinking "yeah no way this girl is into me" but, then out o nowear I'm like F*@# it and I get up and talk to her. So normaly when Im high I would totally avoid meeting new people I don't know why, just seems that the drug makes me comfortable being alone in my mind you know? Way more reclusive and quite. long story short the chick must have been into me because I got her number and told her I would call her sometime. I know this might sound kinda lame like, "oh dude scored a number no big deal" but the point is, I would have never NEVER done this stoned I know this because many times I have felt like getting up and saying hello but haven't. I don't really fear the rejection so much more that I was way too pacif (sp?).Usually just sit and wait for something good to come my way. anyways I just thought I would share.


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                          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                          That’s wonderful lost, I was the same on the drug it made me withdrawn and not want to talk to anyone, it also gave me bad social phobia. Well done on going up and talking to that girl, it may not seem a lot to some people, but I know what an effort it is when you go withdrawn and into yourself to make the effort to do something like that, enuff respect to you. Anyway I am so glad to hear how well you are doing well done!

                          Take care
                          Cannabis Rehab Admin

                          If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                          My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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