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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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To all the ones who've QUIT marijuana!

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  • To all the ones who've QUIT marijuana!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    So I used to be a heavy smoker, 3 or 4 times a day and ive been clean for the last 6 months or so. Before I'd always have marijuana on my mind. In my mind I'd always say "Cant wait till i finish work so i can burn one" and I would always burn on before sleeping.

    So what motivates YOU to stop smoking?
    because recently I've been having the urge to start agian but I dont want to cheat myself. The main reason for me stopping was I found myself not valuing life. Taking everything for granted. Being healthy, have friends and family who care and to live life- sober.
    When I smoked, I found myself living life in a blurr...things happened but meant nothing to me.

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    For me it was the same, while I was smoking I could no longer enjoy life. I was quite disgusted with my apathy, with the way I was refusing to take responsibility for my life. Numbness was my main state, except when I would smoke too much and then it would turn into self-hatred.

    Now over 1 month clean, I do feel pain sometimes but part of life is to accept the pain of living, without it I guess there can be no happiness. I still have a lot to learn in that department. Even when we stop smoking for months sometimes we're holding on a thread, some days life barely seems worth living and that's when pot appeals to us most...maybe it's just the continuity of these feelings. But I'm convinced that as long as the reasons why we started smoking aren't brought to light, we're bound to relapse sooner or later. Pot and addictions in general are compatible with certain ways of life, certain inner the end smoking is just a symptom of them, and dealing with the symptoms is only the first step.

    But beyond this, it's about forgetfulness... in a few months I may have forgotten what a pathetic existence I was leading. There are degrees of humiliation and decay, and things can always get worse. I try to remember that no matter how bad things can be now, they can only get worse if I smoke again - that's guaranteed.


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      is that such a good idea?

      i'm having a break from having a break-this friday will be 7 weeks accepting life without pot-but it hasnt been 7 weeks accepting life without pot-that has only happend in the last 2 or 3-and i think i'm ready to deal with wats next-

      offer me some pot and my reaction is this-

      i was seriously depressed, screwed up and miserable smoking away days and weeks and months and years-feeling the same nothing-living the same nothing-hoping for nothing-do i want to go back to that inner sickly worry that was endless?not a chance-life is for living and i'm gona try and live a bit-and show other hopeless cases that ther is a way off that black and white merry go round and get a bit of colour back into our lives-

      its a tough month dudes-but well worth it-if pot screwed u up and ur thinkin of startin again my question is this-is that such a good idea?

      wise words bongwater-i'm so pleased ur over the month bit-well done dude


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        My motivation was that I was no longer enjoying the high. But still I smoked it. This seems totally wrong to me to do something that I don't like and then be mad at my self when I did it. I also have a 4 year old grandson, And I did not want him thinking his grandpa was a pot head. What kind of example would this be. I also have to give some credit in my motivation to quit. I see other people doing it. So why can't I. I know I have it beat this time, The desire to smoke just isn't there. I'm hoping it stay's this way.


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          Great question!

          I think that this question is something we have to keep in mind everyday for the rest of our lives! The answer will evolve as time passes. But it will become part of our filosfies of life.

          I stoped cause I am having seriuos marital problems. The problems are still there and will continue. But the smoking would help me ignore them. Everybody knows that the best way to make a problem much worse is this strategy. Now on day 17, my answer would be "I can't afford to loose another second of time". My life is pathetic compared to the potencial I had. In ten years of daily use i was enslaved by my adiction. Time I should have used with my daughters, wife or family was spent smoking away. Energy I should have used bettering myself intelectualy, spirtirually was spent destroying my aspirations.

          I think the answer in the future will evolve to: would I accept any activity that chained my to two hours a day of nothing?

          Would I accept anything that turns me into a giggling idiot, self created obese, bum, angry, confused ?


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            On day 21 of not smoking my answer would be: "I will not smoke today cause I would feel like s**t tommorrow and all this progress would be lost. I would feel so disapointed in me and I can't afford to feel that again. My self esteem needs to be reconstructed and that would be a terrible blow to it".


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              Tonka you are so right man the dissapointment that you feel is terrible. In yourself and there really is no smoking the drug x amounts of time cause that turns into more and more every time. 21 days is agreat start man. Be strong. Live hard. Keep going.


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