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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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it's my 5th day without marijuana...

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  • it's my 5th day without marijuana...

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Been smoking on and off since I was 18, now I"m 47. My last binge was about 7 years of straight smoking, morning till night. Last night, I finally slept a full 8 hours, day 1-4, only slept one hour a night. Also, I was able to eat a whole meal yesterday, umm good. I had a Pull Pork sandwich, cole slow, and mac and cheese, it was good (thats why I have the energy to write this post). I remember sweating alot while I was eating; I guess all the blood went down to my stomach to digest the food.

    Day 1-4 was ROUGH! Felt like a zombie, stomach turned like crazy, took only a few bites a food each day. The bouts of depression and anxiety hit me in intervals throughout the day. It looks like it's all downhill from here as far as the withdrawls. Now I have to catch up on what I procrastinated in the last 7 years: family, career goals, self-improvement, projects that I have procrastinated.

    Do I jones and want to smoke? Believe it or not, NO! Will I come back to Pot one day? Honestly, maybe (I didn't throw away my bong) . One day down the road, it could be weeks or years while everything is going fine, I'll have that urge to get high just once because I really ENJOYED it.

    BTW, my skin looks much smoother after I stopped, any clue why?

    Now, I will share my smoking schedule:

    9am -> one bong hit
    10am -> one bong hit
    10:30 -> go to the Gym
    11:30 -> one bong hit
    Work from 12- 8 (no bong hits at work)
    From 8pm to 12pm, 3-4 bong hits.

    Weekends -> Bong hits all day long.

    I always had a stash of about an ounce, if I run below half ounce, I'll cop; hated to run out of pot.

    I bought it at wholesale, my buddy was the MAN. My habit costed me about $25 to $35 a week--not bad (I could afford it).

    I always bonged it, more bang for your dollar and using a bong will not discolor your teeth. The dentist can tell if you are habitual user because of the greenish color of your teeth under the light. Although, since I bonged it all my life, he was surprised when I told him I've been smoking all my life, he couldn't tell. Plus the water filters impurities and cools the smoke.

    Got to go, I'll comeback to everyday for questions.

    My name is usaims.

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    I tell you whats worked great for me.Researching the extensive damage cannabis does to your brain!I`m so outraged at this "harmless" drug and the lies I have been told that going back is unthinkable.Out of the question!See what you have unknowingly done to yourself and get very,very angry.Then use that anger.7 days for me and so far no regets and no symptoms other than vivid dreams and more than a bit of relief


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      i found the first 5 days mental-then 3or 4 weeks of ups and downs-more downs-week 3 i nearly cracked-it was the hardest part for me-

      smokin pot left me sickly depressed pracically permanently-i wouldnt go back to smokin pot now-no way-only look back to learn the way forward-

      i think u know wat to do usaims-keep us posted how its going-i know wat u mean about sometime in the future-away far in the future-but for now i'v a life to live-and gettin stoned gets in the way of that-good luck-


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        marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
        I'm able to eat one full meal a day now. Today, I had a philly steak and cheese sub, umm, it was good. I slept about 4 hours.

        When I got to work today (people don't know I'm a Pot head), my co-workers were telling me how bright I looked and I had a smile on face--I'm not the smiley type. My sentences are more gramattically correct. I'm also attending meetings at work (I use to not attend meetings because the drug makes me introverted. I'm also being more flirtatious to the girls at work (thats not a good thing, I'm Married with a capital M :-)

        The stomach turning is less and less now and the intervals of anxiety and depression are less and less too.

        Nope, I'm not jonsing for a bong hit; the mere fact of taking a bong hit would make me vomit right now. (I actually vomited from smoking too much the drug in a short period of time
        a few times).

        I'm hanging out with the kids and paying more attention to my wife (my wife HATED the weed).

        Now I have to find ways to get rid of the THC that is absorbed into my brain cells and body for the last seven years. I'm starting with high potency vitamins and fish oil.

        I didn't realize that the drug could be so addictive. My wife would always say, "you're addicted to pot". And I would answer her, based on the studies from when I was in high school, that the drug is not physically addictive. Wether physically or mentally, I find the drug very addictive, if you smoke like I did.

        That's it for today, thanks for reading my post. If there is anything I can do to help somebody stay clean, let me know, I'll be reading these posts...



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