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Marijuana dependency and treatment

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  • Marijuana dependency and treatment

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    This is a repost of my thread that got deleted a few days ago.

    This thread is for all of you who are asking questions like why am I having suicidal thoughts, why am I no longer happy, will my brain ever be the same, I don't feel like a person anymore, I can't have a conversation with anyone, why am I having mood swings, and so on.

    The answer is that these are all very clear symptoms of depression, something that chronic marijuana use is well known to lead to. Marijuana dependency, anxiety and depression are all interrelated. The experiences that you are describing are very common and very treatable with antidepressants, exercise, or both.

    Marijuana depresses you and makes you anxious, so you smoke more marijuana to relieve yourself from it. Unfortunately marijuana is a terrible substitute for a real antidepressant and it causes the depression and anxiety to worsen over time.

    My suggestion to all of you is to go see a psychologist and get treatment for your problem. Psychologists deal with problems like yours all day and they can cure you. For those of you who say you can't afford it, think about all of the money you spend on marijuana that you could be spending on real medication.

    Also, if you want to start your rehabilitation today, quit smoking and start running. If you can run 3-5 times a week within two weeks of the time that the thc is out of your system you will feel 95% better. Most antidepressants take about 6 weeks to fully kick in so this can tide you over.

    This is a reply I posted in another thread on about detox symptoms that should also help you out:

    I can clear a lot of the psychological symptoms up for you because I've seen both a psychologist and a psychiatrist about marijuana addiction/withdrawal. The psychologist was an MD who said he had had several patients with similar issues and he gave me a lot of useful information about it. To summarize what he told me, psychologically it takes an average of about a year to recover from chronic marijuana use.

    The first thing I should mention is that none of this is backed up with studies and it is based off of what he has seen in his patients over a pretty long career. However he is a very well respected doctor in my area and he is a medical doctor which means that he went to college, medical school and then a school for psychology that lasted three years. So basically he has four more years of training than a psychiatrist and he knows what he's talking about, but it isn't definitive because it hasn't been backed up by any clinical research.

    The advice that he gave me was also centered around my particular situation. I was addicted to cannabis when i was 13 and I smoked basically as much as possible (3-6 times a day) and I quit on april 20th ( I am now 18). I also experienced an episode of depression when I was in middle school that was resolved with anti-depressants. For the last 2 or 3 months of smoking I was extremely paranoid even when I wasn't smoking which is what ultimately forced me to give it up. I experienced barely any of the physical symptoms that all of you are complaining about but I have experienced a lot of psychological symptoms.

    I should note that all of this information applies to any age group, if not more for adults than people who are my age, because the patients he dealt with before were mostly in their 20's although he said he had a few teenagers as well.

    He told me that marijuana affects the way you think and that when chronic smokers stop their thought processes are very abnormal. Anxiety and depression are the major short term issues but chronic smokers basically analyze things the wrong way. The extent of the change depends mostly on your brain chemistry and how your mind worked before you started smoking. It seems like the smarter you are the harder it is to get back to your normal thought process.

    He said that he has had patients that said it took a year and half to be thinking normally again but there is also a chance that you can recover in about six months.

    Anxiety is by far the biggest issue. Marijuana is prescribed medically as a drug to treat people with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) in some states. However a usual dosage is about once a week. Since the drug alleviates anxiety, and chronic smokers smoke upwards of six times a day, you can imagine that removing the drug causes people to become extremely anxious.

    The best thing you can do to get rid of the anxiety is to jog daily. I found that it alleviated the anxiety after about 5 days, although the other problems such as the short term memory loss and the over analysis persist. I also still have some mood swings even when I am steadily exercising but I am always in a much better mood. It is hard work but if you want to fix the issue it is almost a must.
    Another approach that I just started is to use is antidepressants. I have experienced moodswings and depression my entire life and before I started smoking marijuana I was taking them. I stopped when I began smoking because I was convinced I didn't need them anymore. Since I stopped smoking all of these issues came back but they were a thousand times worse. If you can afford it I really suggest seeing a professional about getting these even if you aren't normally depressed or anxious because in addition the running they could help you with the anxiety and depression until your brain recovers.

    Another thing that the doctor told me that is a really serious issue is that when you are smoking chronically you don't develop emotionally as a person. The crazy dreams that people have are a result of this. I have had many crazy dreams about people that I haven't seen in years and he said this is because my brain is registering the experiences I had while I was smoking.

    Another interesting thing he told me was that when someone smokes a lot the brain can't break down the thc fast enough and that it gets continuously broken down throughout their day. For the first month or so after I hadn't smoked I would experience "flashbacks" when I would all of a sudden be anxiety free and basically high for a little while, and then I would come back to reality.That meant there was thc being broken down in my brain.

    Once again I would urge everybody to visit a professional about this if they can because it is really something that should be dealt with professionally. The most important things to remember if you can't see a professional are to exercise as much as possible and not to be discouraged because it is a long process to make a full recovery.


    I want to note that I am feeling much much better everyday and that with the amount of pot I smoked at my age any of you could recover just as easily if not more easily.

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    Marijuana dependency and treatment

    Hi ajh151h

    I am so glad you kept a copy of that post, it was one of the posts I was the most gutted about losing when we had the database crash, as it contains such helpful information, once again we are very sorry about the posts that have been lost, our tech guy has assured me that there have now been things put in place to stop this from happening again and that will now be backed up every other day as an extra precaution.

    The only thing I feel I ought to comment on as I did the last time, is that I am not sure that prescribing marijuana for anxiety is a particularly good idea, as it is now generally recognised that long term it can cause far more anxiety than it actually relieves, I know it did for me. Although quitting the drug can also cause anxiety too, but at least the anxiety from quitting will pass in time, where as if you continue to use and your marijuana use is aggravating it, it will continue as long as you continue to use marijuana.

    Anyway once again thank you so much for reposting that excellent post, I am sure it will be very comforting and helpful to many.

    I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Take care and please keep us posted on how it’s going.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      Yhea this is a pretty good thread. The breakdown in the rehab group was bad cause for some of us our hole detox history was in those two weeks but.... You shouldn't stress to much Rehab Admin cause your helpin us A LOT.

      Aside from jogging/excersise I have found that sauna baths are pretty good to I feel they make you sweat it out after you feel so tired that you sleep pretty good sombedy also suggested drinking tons of water...

      If anybody has any other tips or comments we sure welcome them, its a hard road.

      Plus I think a strong mindset is very important!


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        This is a good thread hi-lighting a lot of the little known facts about regular, heavy cannabis use and its long term effects.

        It reflects a lot of my own experience. When I stopped smoking the drug I thought it was going to be pretty easy, thought Id probably just miss it for a while. The initial physical detox hit me like a bus because I wasnt expecting it after always being told that there isnt any. It lasted about a month.

        The real test is the psychological one though as this lasts a lot longer. It makes many users relapse and go back to using it as they cant handle the feeling, and makes a lot of users question whether this new feeling of boredom, anxiety and depression is something that was there before they started using cannabis and whether using the drug actually cures these feelings, even though its really detox from it.

        More research needs to be done on cannabis withdrawal. Even though its illegal its widely used and the general view is that its a soft drug that is easy to stop. Information and feedback from regular heavy users shows that its a long term battle to stop, with withdrawal, both physical and psychological, making many people continue to take it.

        9 months after quitting im still not right but ill never go back to it. After doing a lot of research on it i know that the feelings i have are not some flaw in me, not something that was there before I started smoking the drug and was cured while I was using it, but is a problem that was created by it and will go away in time.

        Im reluctant to use antidepressants as these can be addictive in themselves, abstinence from the drug will eventually cause the brain to rebalance.

        Good luck to everyone strong enough to tackle their the drug problem.



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          I am quitting now

          Thanks guys. I needed some support. Here I see and hear lots of good news about quitting weed. You guys answered all my questions. I have tried before so many times that I even can’t count. More then 200 attempts

          I am quitting tonight and will let you guys know how I did.

          Thanks for all your tips


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            Stay strong Moh my heart goes out to you hope you succeed in quiting... Remember baby steps!


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              Originally posted by Unregistered View Post

              Im reluctant to use antidepressants as these can be addictive in themselves, abstinence from the drug will eventually cause the brain to rebalance.


              Mark, most antidepressants are actually not addictive at all. Once your brain sets into depression rehabilitation is more complicated than just "waiting it out". This is copied from a link that I can't post because I'm not a registered member:
              Are antidepressants addictive?
              Antidepressant drugs don't cause the addictions that you get with tranquillisers, alcohol or nicotine, in the sense that:

              * You don't need to keep increasing the dose to get the same effect
              * You won't find yourself craving them if you stop taking them

              However, there is a debate about this. In spite of not having the symptoms of addiction described above, up to a third of people who stop SSRIs and SNRIs have detox symptoms.

              These include:

              * Stomach upsets
              * Flu like symptoms
              * Anxiety
              * Dizziness
              * Vivid dreams at night
              * Sensations in the body that feel like electric shocks (see references)

              In most people these detox effects are mild, but for a small number of people they can be quite severe. They seem to be most likely to happen with Paroxetine (Seroxat) and Venlafaxine (Efexor). It is generally best to taper off the dose of an antidepressant rather than stop it suddenly.

              Some people have reported that, after taking an SSRI for several months, they have had difficulty managing once the drug has been stopped and so feel they are addicted to it. Most doctors would say that it is more likely that the original condition has returned.

              The Committee of Safety of Medicines in the UK reviewed the evidence in 2004 and concluded 'There is no clear evidence that the SSRIs and related antidepressants have a significant dependence liability or show development of a dependence syndrome according to internationally accepted criteria.'


              If you are worried about becoming addicted to antidepressants don't take SSRIs or SSNRI's, even though if you taper yourself off of them they aren't addictive. Psychologists usually don't start people off on these types of medicines because there are other alternatives that are usually more effective and have fewer side effects.

              Think about someone who has bad cholesterol taking cholesterol lowering medicine. Their cholesterol goes down, but when they stop taking the medicine the cholesterol will go back up. If someone takes antidepressants the depression goes away, but then if they get off of them (and they have a natural imbalance in their brain) the depression will come back. However if you don't have a natural imbalance they will just help you out psychologically so you can have normal thought processes again, and getting off of them won't be a problem at all.

              I think that if you are still having depression symptoms after 9 months of quitting the drug it would be very wise to see a professional about it. They are there to help you and if you have any concerns about the treatments they recommend you can ask them questions, and if you still feel unsure then you don't have to follow it. I'm guessing that if you do get treatment your problem will be gone within a month or so, and after a few months or a year or so you can get off of the antidepressants because you will be psychologically recovered. However I'm not a psychologist so this is just a guess from the research I've done on the subject.


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                The addictiveness of anti depressants is a controversial subject and something you will get many different opinions on, I actually have firsthand experience of coming of Paxil and did experience a withdrawal. So I think antidepressants can have some degree of addictive potential, but that still doesn’t mean that they don’t have their place, there are some who are experiencing psychological problems who may well need them, I think the best thing to do if you have been taking them and get to a point where you feel you no longer need them, is to come of them gradually.
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  BFB your absolutely right.


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                    Marijuana dependency and treatment


                    I am on day 18 of no pot at all.... my smoking used to be 6 outa 7 days a week... normally a couple of joints in the night....the really cheap kind... (average)

                    I tell you guys this because some of my close ones have insisted i go to the psychiatrist... I kinda didn't want to cause I Know I am little depresive and moody cause of the withdrawl.... in the mornings I feel down but as I get to my rutine of buisness I start getting out and by night I am fine.... I am fine wright now...
                    So any ways I called the psyciatrist and he would charge A HOLE LOT for the session and I cancelled... I mean for the session I could probably buy a hole year of pot! LOL.

                    I don't Know if I am in denial or I really don't need it. How to evaluate if one needs it would be the question.

                    Please dont say you need to go to know cause I sometimes feel that thy kinda hook you in an adictive way also.
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                      Marijuana dependency and treatment

                      The whole field of psychiatric medicine is something that’s increasingly criticised these days and I fully respect those who feel it’s not for them. But I think in this day and age where everything natural and alternative has become increasingly fashionable, we sometimes over look the immense benefits that traditional western medicine has brought. Now I am not saying it’s for everybody, or that alternative methods don’t have their merits, or that the field of psychiatric medicine doesn’t have its faults, but it does help a lot of people, a lot of people do benefit from getting qualified professional help.

                      Anyway I am not saying you need to see a psychiatrist Tonka maybe you don’t, or maybe it’s just not for you. I think everybody has to do what they feel is right for them. The only problem can be and I speak from experience, is that sometimes you don’t always realise just what kind of help you are in need of, I know I didn't.
                      Cannabis Rehab Admin

                      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                        Well I went to a psychologist. I know there is a diference with a Pscychiatrist. I just dont know what that difference is... but.... I liked it a lot.

                        He suggested that I used it becuase I was afraid. And that I was hidding from stuff I did not want to confront. and we discoverd that I had a really low selfesteem, that of course suggested that every time I had to do something I was scared that I would be criticised, contradicted or not listened to. It seems that I was not heard as a child and that is why I avoid doing anything. And pot was an excellent escape cause no stoner criticises another stoner when they say there stupid ideas....

                        Today is week 3 of no smoking and it feels great. Of course I am still very scared of not being heard. But A least I know that is what parralizes me.


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                          Stopping the drug is sooooo hard

                          Just new to but needed to see that i wasn't going through this alone. Have been a pot smoker for 20 years now, daily, i'd smoke if i was happy, sad, angry, if it was a party , any excuse - i'd smoke. Been wanting to stop for years and was successful a couple of years ago - managed to stop for 12 weeks but caved in at a friend's birthday party and then came Christmas and then New year and then my birthday - any excuse! I'm now on my second serious attempt, was stopped for 6 weeks then caved in at another birthday party and then a week after. Haven't had any in between those times and was feeling really annoyed and p***ed off with myself for doing it. I am still strong in my resolve that i want to continue to be pot-free but it is just so hard. It's now been 8 weeks if you excuse the two blips but i have seen my counsellor and have to try and not beat myself up about it as i have done really well. It is still a daily struggle but keeping busy does help. I am at a stage where i am a bit torn as i enjoyed smoking it but didn't like the depression, anxiety and paranoia that comes with it. To all other people trying to give up, i would advise complete cold turkey and dont be tempted like i was by saying just one joint wont harm, because it does and you are just back to square one again beating yourself up and convincing yourself you dont have a problem. For sleeping at first, i had to take sleeping tablets the first week and then weaned myself off of them but now take Nytol one a night pretty regularly. The mad dreams are still continuing now at 8 weeks and i also see people from my past who i would much rather not see. it is obviously underlying anxieties in my subconscious coming out in my dreams. any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.


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                            Hi and welcome to the forum.

                            It is tough but you are doing great, like you say you can always find a reason to smoke but if you truly want to detox sooner or later you just have to say enough is enough. You probably will experience some interesting dreams, it’s amazing how our sub conscious does what it needs to do after we quit, a lot of people report that’s it’s quite a journey and they do a lot of growing on the way, anyway I just wanted to say hi, welcome and that you are doing really well, hang in there.

                            Thanks for sharing, take care and please keep us posted on how it goes.
                            Cannabis Rehab Admin

                            If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                            My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Thanks for the encouragement


                              Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to get back to me. is great and just reading about everyone else's struggles is reassuring. For years I was pro-pot and even back in college did a presentation on it saying it was no worse than alcohol. Looking back i see that i would beleive what anyone told me, its not addictive and just the same as having a beer etc - funnily enough 'they' dont tell you about the mental health problems, financial problems or social problems to having a habit. Just now im having a hard time with dealing with who I am? its been around 20 years i've been a smoker for and im struggling with who I am and what i do now. I have had depression (caused by the pot, who knows) since i was 21 and suffer from anxiety. I couldn't even stop smoking when i was pregnant with my child who is now 5 and feel so guilty and shameful about this. I was so selfish and hate myself for it. I love my son to bits and cant beleive i cant remember a lot of his milestones as i was so stoned to remember them. I worked out over the last 10 years i have spent at least £20,000 on it and have lost all ambition along the way. I was content with just being a stoner.

                              Last night when i posted my first message on here i was feeling a bit weak and thinking that i could go back to it now and then but im going to try and be strong and resist as i know the positives outweigh the negatives but it's just so hard. It would be stupid to go back to it again when i have got through the really tough part of the sweats, nightmares, anxiety, helplessness. Luckily i have lots of great friends who are supportive and i have my son to think of when i feel tempted. Pot is a replacement relationship for real friends/boyfriends, real life and for now i want to feel like i am living not just existing.

                              any words of support are greatly appreciated as i think by looking at and my willpower are the only things that are going to keep me going


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