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My Marijuana Problem

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  • My Marijuana Problem

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I am 18 years old and I have been smoking pot for about 4 years now. At first it was just fun and no stress at all however as I continued to smoke daily, many problems began to surface. I think I smoke the drug to just get away from my social and family life. My family was pretty strict growing up and that was because it worked for their other children who did become successful. However this approach did not work with me, and they wanted me to stay inside the house all the time but I wanted to hang out with my friends. Im not really close to anyone in my family. My dad was never really involved for much of my childhood and really doesn't think much of me compared to other family members. My mom has a temper and so its really hard to have a conversation with her that does not involve swearing. So i really just wanted to get away from this which is why I went out with my friends.
    My friends are another issue, most of them are daily smokers and basically every time we hang out there is always the drug or alcohol there. At first I thought my friends were alright but soon I began to realize that these guys really did not care much about me but rather themselves. They are there for the fun times but when you need a favour they are not.
    My family recently has gotten very fed up with my marijuana habit and want me to detox or else I am probably going to get kicked out of the house. They tell me I care too much about my friends and that they are doing this to me but that is untrue, I realize my relationship with my friends is just to go out and have a good time, nothing more. Its not like i just smoke the drug all day and do nothing, I currently go to university and I am getting good grades.
    But now the drug doesn't really do anything for me anymore. I still smoke but it doesnt make me happy, and my high is very short now too. I just feel that I do not have anyone really in my life for support. My family, as I have stated before have never been close. My friends only care about having a good time. So the drug is really my only outlet of escape from all this and that is why I think I use it even if it is not as enjoyable as before. However it has become more problematic now so I want to stop and need some help.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Cease the herb.


    1) Friends.

    a) Current; the drug is like a social disease - one person gets it, thinks its awesome, and gives it to their mates. Soon your only mates because you have a common interest - the smoking of the pot. All other interests tend to go to pot, with pot involved. Before you know it, you'll be smoking by yourself, having forgotten who your mates actually are - and becoming deeply introverted.

    b) Future; you're 18, so thank the stars for youth, vitality, and the chance to forge new relationships and hobbies and such before the natural aptitude of the young to do such things fades.

    c) Past; any old mates out there who you have left forsaken to follow the trail of green? Getting back in touch with an old friend who doesn't smoke it will help you find the old self who didn't need it.

    2) Activites.

    a) Home; it can be hard, when you're just 'sitting about' to refuse the sirens call - if you're serious, you're gonna have to start filling more of your time with 'stuff' (activites, hobbies etc.) so your mind is elsewhere. You may want to have a ponder on the fact that the drug is an escapist act (a quick exit from reality) and you may want to dabble with the idea that things like books and videogames are also awesome for escapism - escaping from life is important - nay, vital - to staying collected and unwinding, so figure out some backup escape routes from life!

    b) Away; Kung Fu, football, knitting, film society, dog training; whatever you are into, or think you may like to try - there likely are a willing bunch of people near you who like that stuff too - don't be afraid to try everything you come across. In the great carnival of life, a million things await you for your private amusement. Don't let them down! Not only are activites great for keeping your mind off weed, but also getting fit, or aquiring skills, or, more importantly, finding awesome people (see 1b).

    3) Yourself.

    a) Past; (Who were you before you started smoking?) cannabis is a mistake it can be hard to learn from - it is cunning, and it can rule you. It's good to try things, but bad to get hung up on them. Look back - at what point did you stop feeling the buzz of life? There will be no definite point, but an area of life. The ganja smoking bit.

    b) Present; (Who are you now?) look at yourself for a moment. Trawl your mind for abit. Then just think how much easier that'll be once you give up the habit. I for one am glad that you are weighing up your situation - from experience, the longer you mull the situation over, the less likely you are to crackdown. So do it, and you are already a better person.

    c) Future; (Who do you want to be?) if you decide to quit, then you're gonna have spare money and time on your hands. With those two precious commodities, combined with an upshot in motivation and energy from a clear head, then the world is your oyster! (see 2b)

    4) Family.

    a) Parents; I'm not sure about how helpful your parents will be, but I can only assume that if you are seriously considering giving up, it may be worth your while to tell them everything. If they feel they can trust you on it, i'm sure they'll be willing to help and subsidise activites and such, as well as provide an ear for your grieviances. Although it is sometimes hard to believe, most parents would give their all to get properly in touch with their children, and this could be your opportunity. Your parents, your call!

    b) Siblings; If you've got a load, go visit them - if they are sucessful, see what you can learn from them, and heck, it may even be fun to take a bit of a holiday with an elder bro/sis - i am sure they too, would be more than willing to support you!

    Well, i'm all typed out now! Hope this helps -



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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      Hi guys and welcome to the forum.

      Most types of drug taking involve relationships that only really exist because of the drug and not of the strength of their own merits. Likewise if you are to detox it’s generally advised that you try to disassociate from those relationships as much as possible. JBA it sounds like you are in desperate need of some support which you are not getting from your family and are very unlikely to get with your “friends”. We will support you all we can, but you will probably need some face to face type support too, so if you can get some sort of counselling or join some sort of addiction support group that may be a good idea. Thanks for your contribution Imperfection that’s some good advice, I think the stuff about finding new or rekindling old activities is particularly important.

      Take care guys and please keep us posted on how it goes.
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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