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My Story...How I fell in love with an addict....

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  • My Story...How I fell in love with an addict....

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I am reading a lot of great success stories from people who are addicts and have now quite and are doing extremely wonderful in their lives. I applaud each and every one of you. All of you should be proud as it's not an easy thing to do. Good Job everyone!

    Now I am going to tell you my story. This is my story of how I fell in love with an addict.

    My boyfriend and I started going out, and we came up to our 1 year until we broke up for a couple months. We soon got back together and when we got back together he smoked small amounts of pot. I let him do it as time went on. He wanted me to explore his world so I tried some pot. I found myself smoking a lot in the summer and having great fun with it. I started using it a lot with my boyfriend. I had excuses off the wall or why I should do it. Five months ago I quite for two months and saw my relationship with my boyfriend and I of almost 3 years a bit more clearly. This is what I saw when I quite.......

    When he was still new to the drug he smoked about a joint or two a week. Not bad I would think. He would have a stash about a gram or a little but more. He used joint and pipe and didn't really explore any more items for use. He only smoked socially with his friends and that wasn't to often. He would smoke half a joint when getting high and he would be buzzed off the walls. He saw things clearly at the time. He had two good friends that were chronic smokers and he always complained about their smoking habits and was worried about them a lot.
    After a while he started hanging out with those chronic friends more. He started exploring ways to smoke. He tried buckets, blunts, bongs, vaporizers, and other methods of smoking. He started spending money to buy his own tools and spent over $800 in total on tools most likely as some of that includes a $300 vaporizer. His stash soon went from a gram and a bit higher to half a zip block bag. He went from putting off adding more to his stash of pot, to going absolutely insane when he was even close to running out.
    He stopped having sex with me, as it wasn't an interest anymore. He had to get high to make love to me. If I tried to sneak around getting high and still trying to make love to him, he would try his hardest to block the sneak attack and stick the pipe in my face as much as passable.
    Gifts from him only related to pot for a while. He made bongs that I might like, and got me the drug as a present. I soon had to stop telling him to stop getting me presents that involved weed. He wanted to see his friends more and more. He has a hard time going a night with out seeing his friends and having a the drug party.
    Everything we did together we had to be high for. We couldn't even watch a movie anymore with out being high.
    He soon carried around a stash with him everywhere. He started smoking by himself as it ended being "only" a social thing.
    He stopped feeling the same high as he used to, and started smoking more and more. He started buying more and more as well.
    He was the jealous type of boyfriend. If I even hugged a guy, he would go crazy. His care level went so down that I told him I cheated on him (just to see where his reaction and care level was at) and he told me that if it keeps my sex drive in place, and kept me happy, then I can do it. This was a great surprise to me. I felt hurt and un cared for.
    The stress of all of this made me go back on the drug for a while. It wasn't for long though. After I went back on it, my boyfriends the drug smoking went up times two, as he would smoke with his friends and with out his friends five days a week, and now with me on the weekend, he will smoke like crazy. It soon got worse and I was off the drug again. When I went off the second time I told myself I was going to quite for good. This is my 13th day sober.
    You all have to understand though, that I am not addicted to the weed. The only way I was dependent on it was the stress that came from my boyfriend being on it.
    My boyfriend also helped his dad with his grow op. He helped sell plants, grow plants, trim plants, anything to do with a grow op, he helped his dad willingly with.
    That also drove me up the roof as he became more involved with this grow op.
    Note: His dad has been to jail for pot, has a criminal record because of pot (there for its hard for him to get a job) he crashed into a Boston pizza sign while driving on the influence of pot as well)

    Not to long ago his dad got busted for grow op. My ex boyfriend is getting charged with trafficking, growing, and growing with the attempt to sell. He is also getting charged with having an illegal weapon on him (brass knuckles)

    He still to this day doesn't admit that what he was doing was a crime. He got busted about a week ago. I ended it with him that night as the last thing I tried to do was get him to admit, or just something along the lines of saying "this is wrong" or "I was wrong." That didn't happen. It's so apart of his life now, that he will defend the drug with me at any cost, and will probably stand in front of the judge claiming he did nothing wrong. I left him the night he got busted. I told him its either he quits and I stay, or he keeps smoking and I go. He wouldn't quite for no one. Not even a girlfriend that loved him, and never did anything to hurt him, besides hurting from the pot.

    To this day, he is still an addict, even more then before. I guess smoking twice as much is his way of saying **** you to the government. I do not know what is in store for him, but I still love him. I cannot and will not go back with him as long as he is smoking that pot and having in involved in his life.

    I am still in love with this addict but do not talk with him or keep any contact.

    I have been sober for 13 days and do not ever, EVER plan on getting back on the pot for ANY reason. What the pot did to my ex boyfriend destroyed the great bond we once shared and had.

    This is now the end of my story. I am clean from all drugs including alcohol and cigarettes and will never ever do them.

    This story shows how involved some one can be with pot to leave a girlfriend that he still loves for no reason but wanting to keep smoking pot the way he does. We got along great and we were basically fine, but I got in the way of his smoking and it was bye bye to me.

    To all who are thinking about quitting, pot will start as just a hobby, but will slowly turn into a life style in stages. The slow part will make it so you have a hard time seeing it. Before you even realize you have an addiction even when people are telling it to you left and right, it may be to late for you.

    So if your telling yourself that pot is just my hobby, and I have nothing to worry about, your wrong, it can quickly become a problem and can even get you into a lot of trouble with the law and loved ones because of the addiction.

    This is my story and I hope you all felt it was worth the read.

    Thank you very much!!!
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    Hi Nakisai and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry I have not said high yet I have been so busy lately, it sounds like you have been through quite a bit, us users sometime forgot the impact our use is having on the others around us, it’s really useful to get the perspective of a partner/family member as to how they feel and it hopefully makes us think, so thanks for sharing your experience I want this place to be as much for people in your situation as the people using the drug. Anyway I am just stopping by to say hi, welcome and thanks for your contributions it’s definitely food for thought.

    Take care and please continue to keep us posted.

    All the best.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      Thanks BFB! I am just trying my best to get my life moving along. I hope the poor guy see's it one day. See's how harmful it is to him. The guy never even said sorry once for anything he did, I guess with addiction the people who you fell in love with die a long with it.

      Anyways, I am just letting you know I am doing better, and will hopefully be in tip top shape with in a couple months at the latest. I will still keep my words of encouragement on here for everyone!

      Have a great holiday


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        yeah im completely get where your coming from, my girlfriend left me last boxing day 2008, its nearlly a year without her and it hurts much, she never smoked pot but i shit all over are relationship, now she's gone...this whole years been shit, i have stopped smokign pot but this december ive been kinda relapsing, christmas n all that shit, i wish i could of stopped smoking before she left me... now she's with somone else, it was nice to read a post from the girlfriends point of view, kinda understand things a bit more now.


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          Thanks for the reply. Ya, I didn't want to leave my ex. It was the last option though and I had to take it. I gave him so many warnings that it wasn't even funny. I even told him that his pot habits make me want to leave him and did he care to stop, not even close.

          I don't know if he feels the same way your feeling, last time I herd he is en joying life with the drug and he is glad that I am gone. It kind of hurts, because I feel total opposite. You know, I had two options, put up with the drug smoking that most likely won't get better and keep hurting and stressing out with a boyfriend that didn't care, or walk away and have things get better, and after a long while of stressing, hurting, crying, I went down the way where it might get better and the hurt will go away after a while and it feels better.

          I am sorry to hear about your girlfriend, but it is hard. It hard to see the one you love change so much, I guess she pulled a me and took her chances else where. The first step is admitting you screwed up in the relationship because most likely you won't repeat that same mistake again the next time.

          Anyways, I wish my ex could of quite to before I left, but he wasn't even close and he even told me that he will probably smoke for long term and most likely never quite. By the end of the relationship, I didn't even know who he was. He wasn't the guy I fell in love with. It was sad to see such a good person change into a guy that just doesn't give a shit about anything, besides the grass.

          He also had some fish and their power is out, that I hear any ways and it is still out, and it is winter and it is cold. Most likely his fish are all dead, and these fish were his love and life. 3 beautiful fish tank with a lot of awesome, expensive fish and even though their all dying most likely, he still smokes the joint. It's just sad.

          Anyways, thanks for the reply. I am doing much better now. Life is starting to get on the good road again. I hope you are doing okay with your quitting. I know in another post you have relapsed a bit but the important thing is that your trying and your sticking with trying. Most smokers can't even get where you are today, so be very proud of yourself.

          Have a Happy Christmas and a great 2010


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            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
            I just wanted to say that Im proud of you for leaving him. I too just left my boyfriend. It got to the point where I just couldnt be around him. He always made me feel invisible and unimportant. I would rather be alone then feel that way again. I hope that you are doing well. It is my first day without him and it hurts like hell but I know its what I need to do to be ok again.
            much love


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