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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Weed and Bi Polar don't mix

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  • Weed and Bi Polar don't mix

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi guys, just to let everyone know, this is my 24th day sober and I am loving it .

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I just recently got tested for bi polar disorder. I am hypo manic and one of the biggest things I suffer from with my bi polar is anxiety and worry or being scared.

    Now I have been this way for a long while. I just started taking lithium but when I was on the drug and having my bi polar problems it was bad bad.

    While smoking pot, I was worried about everything. I was scared about everything. If I looked into the future at something that might potentially be bad, I see it ten times worse. I smoked the drug a lot but I am just seeing it now, how bad my anxiety was. It was so bad I would go absolutely insane and my mind would have one lock thought, that would switch to another, then to another.

    I also have odd forms of claustrophobia. I have a funny but not so funny story for all of you. I went to Canadas wonderland, which seriously is my nightmare place. I HATE being locked into a chair and I hate heights as well. Rides that have seatbelts I am good with, but once things go over the shoulders or locks you into place, I just have a mad freak out.

    Anyways, I went to Wonderland high with my ex and his friend and my friends. I didn't want to go because I was already scared shitless of basically everything there, but I smoked before I went in there which increased my anxiety by a lot. I looked at The Fly ride and I have been on it before. It wasn't bad, a little painful with the sharp turns but once I got up there and saw the chair I couldn't do it. I couldn't be strapped into the chair the way it was, so I ran out crying like a whimp. It wasn't like sniffling, I was balling my eyes out. I also cried on the kids ghoster coaster.

    My doctor agreed that it was one of the best things I could of done for myself, quite weed. I agree.

    I was also paranoid a lot as most the drug smokers are. I was paranoid with my boyfriend about everything. Anything that could potentially happen, as I said before, happens ten times worse in my head. Him going to a get together to me was him going to a party bash with drugs, sluts and loud horrible music. It stressed him out a lot and stressed me out a lot.

    There were some other things that I don't want to share on here. I was just looking back at my life, and how worried and stressed out I used to be, and it was a horrible way of life. It was a horrible way to think. the drug smoking made it ten times worse.

    A friend of mine wanted me to go talk with my ex and help him out, support him like I support all of you. I told her I couldn't do that no matter how much I wanted to because of my worry and delusions of the future. Me worrying and wondering and thinking, will not go well with some one who tries to quite. Until my lithium levels go up, I told her that our two personalities cannot collide together. I don't think she understood though sadly. So I accuetly sent him the link to If I couldn't help him, then maybe he will come on here one day and tell his story and my fellow friends can

    So bottom line, if your Bi Polar, DO NOT smoke weed.

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    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Well done on your 24th day Nakisai you are doing really well. I think I might be a bit bipolar myself I certainly can swing between mania and depression and identify with most the symptoms. I know what you mean cannabis can really mess with your head if you are prone to mental health problems and often make things worse. It’s good to hear you are getting treated properly, so many of us in that situation don’t get the help we need, I hope it all goes well for you. Thanks for the contributions you are making I am sure a lot of people will find them really helpful, everybody’s contribution here really does make a difference my sincere thanks to you all.

    Anyway stick with it all and keep up the good work. Take care, merry christmas and please continue to keep us posted.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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