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Hi folks,

Just a quick note in regards to the moderation of the group. Sometimes if I am a bit short on time or if we get a lot of posts at once I may have to just skim the overall gist of the posts rather than reading them word for word before I approve them, also we all have a different perspective as to what is acceptable and thus there may sometimes be the odd post that gets through that you may feel is inappropriate. And while this doesn’t seem to happen very often if there is anything that anybody reads and feels is inappropriate then please feel free to either shoot me a PM or use the contact form to let me know and I will always be happy to take another look at it.

Please keep in mind however that a post does have to be quite bad or harmful to the group as a whole for us to delete it, I don’t like to be too heavy handed with that kind of moderation and try to reserve it for only when it is absolutely necessarily as generally I like people to be able to have their say and most things can be ironed out with dialogue and often we can all learn from it, that said if you feel something is inappropriate like I say please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to take another look.

All the best,

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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Guess who's back with a brand new rap!?

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  • Guess who's back with a brand new rap!?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi All,

    I am back. Back to the beginning (from tomorrow).

    I managed to stay off the drug for around 3 months, but my "only one puff won't hurt" attitude has led me back to my demons and things have got back to being a daily habit.

    I am not smoking before or during work, but it is one of the first things I do when I finish. Then after that first Joint, I can kiss goodbye to my evening.....

    I am still with my girlfriend (of two years) and she has just about come to the end of her line! I love her more than anything and we have talked about trying for a baby, but she wants me to be pot free first, so this has to be the best excuse to stop (It's not just her that wants me to be dope free, its me too!)

    So tonight will be my last night of smoking, out with the lighters, rizlas and all that crap. I shouldn't have stopped posting on the last time as this is what really aided me to get to the 3 month stage.

    To any of you trying to detox don't give into the temptations that I did after doing so well.

    Keep the faith


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    Hi again f*ckmaryjane, sadly the only one puff approach can set many of us back to where we started, for some of us it really is all or nothing. Anyway never mind what’s done is done, there’s always another opportunity to start over again, we are happy to have people back no matter how many times it takes, as long as you want to detox you will always be welcome here and will continue to be as long as you feel the need, some people still go to their twelve step program meetings 10 or 20 years after they have quit and when asked why they do so they say because that’s what keeps them clean, so lean on us as much and for as long as you feel you need to. Together we will get there in the end.

    Take care, thanks for sharing and please keep us posted on how it goes.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      Day 5!!

      Well today is day 5! I have had two really awful nights, where I have not been able sleep for more than what seems 30 mins at a time! Tossing and turning, hot and cold and sweating buckets!! My girlfriend has been kept awake also by me moving about and trying to get comfortable! But I remember this from the last time I tried to detox and it will pass with time!

      I literally had to change the bed covers after one of the nights as they were soaking wet!

      Generally other than being tired, I dont feel to bad! I have so far avoided my so called pot smoking friends and kept busy by going to the gym. I also had a round of golf with some of my old golf buddies yesterday, which I have not seen for about 5 months, I played well considering I havent played for ages and it was great to catch up with them!

      I have had a couple of drinks over the last few days, bottle of red last night with the mrs and a few beers with a mate on Saturday. After meeting my mate on Saturday I really had an urge for a J but smoked a roll up instead. I dont really smoke fags but this took the nicotine urge away for me as I have always rolled with tobacco....

      I have just stuck to the one coffee in the morning instead of my usual 3 or 4 that I need to get started, usually from a stoneover (weed hangover). I am trying to drink more water and I am going to get some Omega 3 fish oil tablets to take everyday to help my brain repair and recover.

      My head feels clearer after just 5 days but I think it is going to take some time for the smoking urge/want to go away. Again, after golf yesterday, I was close to phoning my dealer just to see if I could get a ten bag, but told myself not to!

      I am waiting for the vivid dreams/nightmares to start again... I remember these being a pain the arse last time too!

      Anyways, time to go home and hit the gym! Keeping busy is going to be crucial for me to succeed. As soon as I start hanging about at home and not doing anything with just the TV on, I know I will want to smoke. The busier I can keep the better!


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        marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
        @ forumblogger:

        I too feel that 'all or nothing' is the way - i would like to think that one day in the future i could just enjoy a joint once a month or something, but that would have to be a long long way from now, i feel the drug will always be my vice and that i should just stay well clear lol

        @ f*ckmaryjane:

        the dreams are crazy aren't they?

        and if you've gone three months before then at least you know you have the strength to do it - if you want to!


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