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The pain that marijuana addiction can cause.

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  • The pain that marijuana addiction can cause.

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I stumbled upon this website, and I feel that I have to share my story not only to help myself, but to possibly help others. I'm in high school, and I will openly admit that I have smoked the drug before. In the small town school that I go too, it's almost impossible to find someone who hasn't. My occasional smoking habits are not what is making me write this. It's the pain my boyfriend caused me because of his severe smoking habits. Before we dated, we had been good acquaintances, we had many of the same friends and we were always friendly towards each other. This past summer we started to build our own friendship, and within a month our friendship had blossomed to a loving relationship. I was his first girlfriend, his first kiss and though he was neither of those things to me, he was the first person I ever truely opened up too and loved. He had openly admitted to me his love for marijuana, how he had been expelled from school for it but since he truely is not a bad kid he just smokes a whole lot of weed, they had let him back in. At the time, I overlooked these habits because I saw more out of him, and I thought it would be kind of fun to date somebody as mellowed and relaxed as him. As I got to know my boyfriend, I fell very very in love with him and at a very fast speed too. Some may call it puppy love, but I am certain that it was the real deal. But as my love grew for him, so did my weariness towards his smoking habits. Though he does not do irrational things when he is high, I noticed how he lacked motivation and rarely thought of the consequences to any of his actions. Even though we are young, we are at the age where we begin to plan our futures, and he started to get the idea that our futures would include each other. At first I thought this was a foolish idea, but then I realized, I couldn't picture my life without him. I know what you're thinking. Everyone has this kind of love, I am a fool and I am young. I may be those things, but my boyfriend was so wonderful, I overlooked all of his negatives and was ready to be content with him.

    As time went on, I realized that my boyfriend's habits were slowly becoming more and more noticeable to me. I would only smoke once a month, but my boyfriend would smoke once a day unless we were hanging out. I convinced myself that if we each put the drug aside when we were together our relationship would be good. I knew that drugs could become a problem and I wanted nothing to get in between us. But it didn't take me long to realize that it would be the very thing that got between us.

    Situations that would seem small began to bother me. He would come to school high(though as mentioned before, he had been expelled for it), call me high, forget to call me because he was so high. I began to mention that I was beginning to get slightly annoyed with him when he was high, and he took it to the extreme and said he would try to quit. I don't know if any of you have ever dated an addict of anything, but it is almost impossible to detox something immediatly, and within a week, my boyfriend was already smoking again. Though I hadn't been the one to bring up quitting, I was upset he hadn't kept his promise. But he continued to justify it. "You knew before we dated about my addiction, if I were to change it would ruin our whole relationship because I would not be the person you fell in love with." and stupid me, I believed him. I brushed the whole event off my shoulder and focused on the positives of our relationship.

    Two events that happened simotaniously changed my complete outlook on our relationship. When I started going to my boyfriends house more and more, I realized why my boyfriend didn't think smoking was bad. This was because his mother was surprisingly ok with his smoking habits. She thought nothing bad of marijuana and was okay with my boyfriend smoking the drug as much as he did. She cared so less about his marijuana habits, that she even allowed him to grow the drug in the house. This fact was hidden from me, because my boyfriend knew that I would worry about him and dissapprove. I found out by someone who had heard about it and believed it was a rumor. I was freaked out. Not only had he been growing the drug in his basement but he had been lying to me about it. I was hurt, but mostly worried that he would get caught. I quickly confronted him, and he immediatly blew up and became defensive. I was upset, and told him he would likely be caught. He never thought about how this could affect his family. I know that being young makes you irresponsible, but his mother being this irresponsible as well? I was scared for my boyfriend, but he never stopped growing the drug and to this day the plant is still there.

    The second event that made me upset, was finding out that his little 13 year old brother smokes weed, almost as much as he does. My boyfriend, who is 17is obviously going to be a role model to his brother. But my boyfriend now scared me, because he was not looking out for his little brother. This may be far-fetched, but I know that in the future if my boyfriend and I had children, my children may look to him as an example. What kind of an example is that?

    As I mentioned in the beginning of this thread, my school is filled with pot heads. But my boyfriend had taken being a pot head to a whole new level. He has made it his life. As our relationship continued, he started to feel safe that I would never have the courage to break up with him. He would forget to call me and go smoke, he would come to hang out with me high, he stopped hanging out with his friends who didn't smoke and replaced them with friends who did. He turned me off to the drug completely. I realized how much it affects you, and more importantly, the people you love. Some people believe these effects are positive. I understand not wanting to deal with the worries of life, and wanting to be carefree and happy constantly. I understand that marijuana allows you to create your own reality. But marijuana makes you selfish. When someone smokes weed, they enter their own world, and they forget about the people who care about them. They forget about how cruel life is, and how we all must be a bit motivated so that we can be successful. I don't understand how people marry stoners, and I've realized I don't want to be that person.

    It is foolish of me to believe I will marry someone I have fallen in love with while I am young. But I know many people who do. I wanted to enter my own reality, a reality my boyfriend helped me create. But since I am not a stoner, I understand that there is only one true reality, and that is one I have no control over. My boyfriend no longer sees limits, my boyfriend is positive that everything is possible. There is nothing wrong with this thought, but he also doesn't believe you have to work for anything. The people you love the most are the people you should be able to sacrifice for, the people you shouldn't have to mind working for. Last night, I broke up with my boyfriend while he was high. I heard from a mutual friend that he doesn't even remember the event happening. I still love him, I am sure I always will. But I deserve much better, and I am young, and life is too short. I want to find somebody to appreciate me, and I know now that I am capable of doing this.

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    Marijuana is a joke

    how old are you? You are very mature. I am probably ten years old than you, but I have pretty much the same situation. Its funny cuz I broke up with my boyfriend the same day as you. I am having a hard time because none of his family knows about this. He is now growing and I am grappling with telling his parents. I know they would be extremely disappointed and I think he is in desperate need of help. I just dont know what to do....
    No one else knows but me. I cant continue to live with this secret. It is tearing me apart.
    I am so sad. I told him that he made his choice and that we are done. I just cant keep this secret from his family. I love them and it would destroy their lives if something were to happen.
    Thanks so much for your story. It is really helping me to see others dealing with this disease.


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      same here

      I am also a decade older than you dealing with the same problem. We've been dating over 8 years and for the first five I smoked pot with him. Now I am older and moved on with my life after getting a college degree and earning a job that frowns on that. He is still smoking every day. For the past two years when he is laid off in the winter from a job he is growing in his closet at the house he lives in with his mother. She doesn't care as long as he gives her money for rent. The first year I was just stunned and pissed. I told him there will be NO growing when we live together. I worked so hard for what I have in my career. The second year I acted like the plants didn't exist in the closet and were out of sight, out of mind. Now we are talking about moving in together and I am having extreme anxiety over him bringing the lights and growing plants in "Our house". He won't give me an answer if he will continue come December. I need that answer for closure. I don't want to move in together to find he will still disrespect me come winter. But if he will understand and quit this stupid hobby then I can stop obsessing and happily continue our relationship. I am torn apart and thinking our relationship has run its course.

      Marijuana ruins relationships. It is especially hard if you begin the relationship both smoking and one quits and grows up to face problems sober. I don't mind the daily smoking too much because I knew this from the beginning. What I do mind is the new "Growing" for personal use and the fact he doesn't care and the obsession is so strong that after 8 years he would pick the damn plants and risk going to jail over staying with me. It is too risky to live in a house with even one marijuana plant growing. Especially when at least 10 of his friends know that he does this. Word gets around.

      I feel like I am the third wheel in my relationship. It is him and Mary Jane and me. and with this growing issue Mary Jane is the leading lady. No one should have to compete with a drug. If I talk to him about it he doesn't care. That's the problem- he doesn't care about ANYTHING!! Whether someone snitches, he gets busted, if I leave, ... nothing.

      I just wish he would see that growing it is very illegal and respect me for not wanting it in my future house instead of weaseling out of giving me an answer saying "I can't predict what I am going to do in the future".


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        I agree very much that having a partner who smokes the drug everyday can cause a lot of problems for the relationship. Especially when it's only one of the partner who is doing that. And it's one of the biggest aspect of smoking the drug that makes the people not caring on anything. This is the biggest drawback of being an addict; you don't care about anything in the world but just using the drug that you are addicted to. I strongly advice you to resolve the issue about the drug before you decide to move together.

        All the best,


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          My boyfriend has began to grow weed

          Im 23 and have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years. I love him incredibly much! We have had an ongoing argument about weed for a very long time now. When we first got together, he smoked a lot and also used another stronger substance. After just over a year he stopped using the stronger substance. So in my eyes to take its place he upped his intake on weed. In the beginning I smoked with him, I was never really sure why as I don't particularly enjoy it. Now iv grown up a bit, got a degree and got a job I don't feel I need to smoke. My boyfriend on the other hand loves to smoke. He smokes 3-4 small spiffs a day. About 3years into our relationship whilst I was still at UNi he told me he had began to grow in his parents house without them knowing. We almost split up because of this. I couldn't handle to fact that he'd now be growing. He didn't intend to sell why he grew it was only for personal use. However I found this all extremely difficult to deal with, when I came home for the summer I realised how time consuming it was. Scared of losing him, he stated deal with it or get out, so I did for a short while. However ever since that moment I have always put myself as second best to it as not only was I not consulted in his activity I now new what he'd choose given an altermatum. This kills me, even now! Since then his rents found out shut the whole thing down, so he has take to growing outside with a friend. This is time consuming and he hasn't had a crop yet therefore he is now selling to help feed his habit. Roughly every six months I have a bit of a break down about it and flip out at him. We row and I always end up thinking should I be with this guy?!
          We intend to mow in together, however he wants to grow in the house which I'm just not ok with. I know this is a major issue but I just can't bring myself to split with him.
          Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend is not your typical stoner he has a job he works hard at, he is very motivated an is a loving boyfriend.
          Maybe I'm too much of a coward but I can't split with him and to be honest I dot want to but I know the future doesn't look good for us. This is something he's grown to become extremely passionate about and is not willing to give up.
          Am I wrong for trying to make him?
          I really need help figurin this out, am I being over the top and unreasonable?


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