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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Weight gain since quitting marijuana

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  • Weight gain since quitting marijuana

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I'm gaining weight dramatically since I quit!

    I've put on a stone in the 9/10 weeks since I quit (i can't honestly remember the exact date I quit lol at my memory)

    But yeah, I'm eating loads and piling on the weight - luckily I've always been skinny so now im just looking healthier with a bit of extra weight - but hopefully i wont keep putting on a stone every 9 or so weeks!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    after the intial period of about 3-4 wks after quitting where i had no appetite yeah ive put on about a stone compared to my smoking days but its a healthier weight coz i was underweight. apparently from wat ive read its because the drug plays about with your hormones and stops you from keeping muscle mass


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      I get it!!

      I have quit for about 8 weeks now and I'm not over eating as I was when smoking weed. I used to eat ALL the time and a bunch of junk food at that. I just hope this does not continue to happen. I love having a clear head but I do not like the weight gain. I think it's a metabolism thing but I sure hope it stops.


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        Yeah I did, not only did my appetite dramatically increase which I which I know some people experience the opposite, but I also put on a fair bit of weight. I think the not eating right and years of smoking may have interfered with my metabolism.
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          I've haven't smoked weed for two weeks and have always been skinny. I have noticed a healthy weight gain since! I will not be smoking weed regularly again.


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            Quit smoking pot

            I quit smoking pot in march and have gained almkst 30 pounds. I eat pretty healthy on a regular base. I don't know what to do..


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              Weight gain after quitting weed

              It is my belief that we gain weight when we stop because we no longer are raising our heart rates like we where when smoking. A raised HR burns calories.


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                Yeah, my understanding is that drugs and cigarettes do speed up the Basal Metabolic Rate or the amount of energy that your body is burning at rest.


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                  for me it was one of the reasons to quit. i was skinnier than any girl ive been with and it felt really embarrasing.

                  i gotta work out heavy tho cuz my body tends to store fat in my ass and legs, and theres nothing quite as ugly as big butt guys


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                    Stoped smoking thc

                    I have had problems with being over weight my whole life at times alomst 400lbs now im 250lbs, but ive noticed, that since ive stoped smoking the maryjane ive gained about 20lbs in my chest and ive noticed it in my butt smh. I need help


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                      Hi there,

                      From what I understand, smoking cigarettes and drugs can raise our BMR or basal metabolic rate. When you stop smoking some people can put on some weight but the health benefits of quitting cannabis or cigarettes vastly outweigh the health risks of a bit of weight gain.

                      Some people find that the hey feel so good after quitting for a while that they get more active and lose the weight. I hope this happens to you! You obviously have some skills n this area if you have already lost 150 pounds!



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                        Slowed metabolism = weight gain

                        I quit smoking the ganj about a year ago and only recently, in the last 2-3 months have started gaining a noticeable amount of weight. I just turned 30 which could have something to do with it. But I remember the days where I could eat an entire cheesecake at two in the morning and never gain an ounce and now I have two slices of pizza and I can feel that I’m fatter and bloated from it. It is true that weed speeds up your metabolism and helps burn off food calories relatively quickly. Now that I’ve stopped, I feel like I’ve gained 40-50 pounds and it is starting to affect my daily life. I snore really bad now and sweat from literally nothing. I’ve never been the type to exercise as I didn’t need too. But I’m getting the fat guy sweat now multiple times a day and my girlfriend is getting really fed up with the snoring.
                        She takes topomax, a migraine medicine that made her (and many other women I know) lose an insane amount of weight. I’d rather lose weight naturally than resort to chemical/pharmaceutical assistance. The sad part is I eat pretty healthy and don’t over eat. I eat a turkey homemade turkey sandwich for lunch at work and while I do eat crappily on the weekends, I eat healthy during the week. I’m getting really embarrassed since I’ve put the weight on and me and my girlfriend are anti-workout people. She would probably think less of me for wanting to work out and I don’t know what to do. I stepped on a scale at Publix and it was about 40 pounds more than I thought. I originally started smoking weed for fun but within six months to a year, I had to use it every day or I’d get nauseous. To everyone who says cannabis isn’t addictive; that’s bullshit. It may not be physically addictive, meaning you won’t go into withdrawals from it, but ANYTHING that you use daily can become addictive. If you take a sleeping pill every night for a year, you won’t be able to sleep without it. That is how weed works. If you let it become part of your daily routine and social structure, pretty soon you won’t be able to normally do those things without it. I smoked pot daily from the time I was 17 up until I recently turned 30 and had a lot of fun with it. But I’m really wishing I had never started. Those ten years of my life were spent on many couches and doing very little. I have a good job now but I always wonder how much more I could have done if I was like the rest of my high school classmates and didn’t turn into such a burnout. I was the biggest stoner in my school and i’m paying for it now. Let this be a lesson to you kids; weed IS fun and seems harmless, but trust me; if you use it on the reg, don’t be surprised when you can’t eat or sleep without it.


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                          i stopped smoking about 6 months ago and have gained like 30 pounds... makes me feel better that im not the only one but it sucks bc i dont know how to make it stop


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                            I relate

                            I quit smoking weed in late January of 2019. I’ve gained 13lbs in about 3 months, which is weird cause I don’t think I’ve changed my diet much (unless eating Queso from chipotle more frequently really adds to weight gain). I also don’t exercise much lately, due to quitting during my last semester in college. I smoked weed everyday for over four years and pretty much stayed at around 125lbs. Now I’m 138lbs, which isn’t overweight for me, but I can’t help but wonder if a singular factor (such as quitting herb) or an aggregate of factors (stress from school, less exercise, eating too much cheese) is what had the biggest impact.

                            I definitely noticed having very vivid dreams after quitting herb, which also motivated me to try and sleep more. I’ve been a bit lethargic after quitting. All in all, it can be hard to quit herb after using for a long, continued period of time. I still find myself wishing, at times, that I could smoke. But I’m glad that I changed my lifestyle. I think that quitting smoking could effect ones metabolic rate, but I don’t think that one should stop someone from quitting if they think it’s time. I’ve saved a lot of money. Tips for anyone quitting: go on walks and don’t succumb to food as a main comfort, or switch to using alchohol as a way to feel “high”. It gets easier in time.


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              I quit smoking herb over a year ago after many years of smoking. It’s been a long road. I originally gained 30 pounds in the first 6 months after quitting. I felt lethargic, had increased urges, had vivid dreams, and even muscle soreness. However, in the last 6 months with only a a small increase in exercise (I go on long walks about 5 days a week) and a moderate change in my diet (stopped eating candy and soda), I’ve lost 17lbs and my mental health has been the best it’s ever been. I have had less depression and anxiety and genuinely feel like everything is only going to get better for me. Best of luck to everyone. It’s tough, but totally worth it.


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