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Hi folks,

Just a quick note in regards to the moderation of the group. Sometimes if I am a bit short on time or if we get a lot of posts at once I may have to just skim the overall gist of the posts rather than reading them word for word before I approve them, also we all have a different perspective as to what is acceptable and thus there may sometimes be the odd post that gets through that you may feel is inappropriate. And while this doesn’t seem to happen very often if there is anything that anybody reads and feels is inappropriate then please feel free to either shoot me a PM or use the contact form to let me know and I will always be happy to take another look at it.

Please keep in mind however that a post does have to be quite bad or harmful to the group as a whole for us to delete it, I don’t like to be too heavy handed with that kind of moderation and try to reserve it for only when it is absolutely necessarily as generally I like people to be able to have their say and most things can be ironed out with dialogue and often we can all learn from it, that said if you feel something is inappropriate like I say please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to take another look.

All the best,

Cannabis Rehab Admin

If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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  • Doing Great!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello everyone, sorry I haven't updated you in a while. Months, weeks and day have gone by since I left my drug addict boyfriend, and things are much better now.

    I always had this theory that things will get better if I leave then stay where things were only getting worse, and things are much better now. I am still living clean and have saved more money then ever (I used to spend a lot when I would smoke)

    I have been more out and sociable and talkative. I have been feeling so much better. I always used to have saying "It can't rain all the time" and yes that is from the crow, but to me it ment you know, things can't be bad all the time, you can't be sad all the time and I always had to convince myself that ever day.

    Now I never think twice weather about the rain because it's almost never raining.

    I am in shape, I have lost weight. I did gain a little when I used to get the munchies all the time. My eyes always used to look half shut. I was looking at old pictures of myself the other day and lots of them, it seemed like I was tired and that's when I smoked a lot.

    Now I look at the pics of me now and I look right as rain. I am not stupid with my money, I always have something to spend. I never go a day with zero dollars in my bank account and have saved over 2000$ alone.

    I am looking after my pets more, and doing what's in their best interest, not just leaving their tank (fish) get all dirtied up while I sit around smoking crap loads of pot.

    I feel much better now then I ever have before. I was always so quiet and sad and always thought about how I can make every fun event fun with weed, rather then just trying to have fun at the event itself.

    Letting go of the marijuana drug life was one of the best things I have ever bad it had to sacrifice a once really good boyfriend before he got into the drugs.

    It was funny I acutely forgot this. The reason why my sister set up my ex boyfriend and I was because he was totally against drugs 100% and so was I and it was hard to find people in our school that were like that.

    He didn't do drugs, saved money like crazy and bought himself an awesome guitar, went to school, passed every class with awesome grades, was active, had a hot body, cared about being clean, loved to have fun and be socail with people. He used to hang with my family all the time, going to the beach, playing outside on the trampoline and played in the pool, but when he started smoking, spent every cent he could on useless stuff, most of it weed, gained so much wait it was hard to believe he didn't want to be around anyone unless they smoked or were already high, very negative, wanted to work as less hours as he could to have more time to get stoned, stay up late and party. Hes in trouble with the law, and who knows what else.

    So sad that he ended up that way. I am glad you guys are all changing though. I bet you guys had more of your fare share of problems that my ex is going threw.

    I am glad you guys decided to quite I am doing wonderful, just letting you all know that

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    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    It’s great to hear you are doing so well Nakisai, keep up the good work.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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