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Need some advice on quitting smoking marjiuana!

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  • Need some advice on quitting smoking marjiuana!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

    Hello everyone out there.. my names Daniel and I am a 17 year old boy from Montreal Quebec. I would really like to share my story with you guys because i would really like some advice on your experiences when you quit smoking pot. I have been smoking marijuana since i was around 14 id say and i am turning 18 in two weeks.. Within the period of time i was smoking marijuana i would smoke anywhere from 1 gram to 2 and a half grams a day. I tried quitting about 6 months ago after i came down with a really bad case of strep throat. I figured it was a good time to detox because when i had the strep throat i did not smoke any pot for about a week, week and a half so i figured why go back on it if i was doing fine without it you know. During the time I was not smoking i went through a couple side effects..but the one that really scared me the most was my heart. im not sure if it was a link to quitting the marijuana but my heart would beat so hard and fast you could see it pounding by looking at my chest. I would do something as simple as walk up a flight of stairs and my body felt like it was a huge marathon. I had several heart tests and everything came back normal. I'm not trying to say the doctors were wrong but it made no sense for everything to come back normal when my heart was pounding that heavy and went on for about a good 2-3 weeks the heart issue. after not smoking for about a week or so i went to a party with friends and decided to have a couple halls of a joint. My heart started acting up again after i had smoked but it always went away advantually. I started smoking up as much as i used to again and the heart symptoms went away gradually. Now I want to detox for good but I'm afraid my hearts going to start acting up as it did the last time i went off the pot. With all that being said in conclusion I would just like for some of you to write me back and talk to me about your experiences quitting marijuana and maybe some pointers as to what i should be doing to make this rehabilitation easier on me For those who say marijuana is not addicting i must say i feel different for i am having a very difficult time on stopping. Marijuana has effected my life severely. Not just medically but socially as well. Thank you for reading this and again I really hope someone will get back to me on my issue cause i could really use the advice! Thanks Again

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    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi Dan
    I have had a similar experience. I remember once a while back I was in bed and thought that I would sneak a joint while everyone was asleep, this was really early in my use still higher up in the spiral when I first saw the danger of the drug. I smoked and went back to bed but I was super sensitive to everything not like the usual high, I remember the radio was on but each note was like a jolting shock to me. Then my attention turned to my body and my heart, I felt my heart thudding in my chest and the blood pulsing through my body. This was terribly alarming and I got up and started pacing around the house in the middle of the night thinking that I was having a heart attack. This only worsened it and I was worried my heart would explode from that hammering. I think this is called a panic attack. It is not fun. You think you'll die. Eventually it passed but for a few days after I was still 'on edge' worrying that it might start again and it did a few times. I made a direct link btw these panic attacks and smoking the drug as it happened again right after smoking. But it also happened on its own when I was watching an exciting movie and again while playing an intense video game. But eventually I saw that it was a mind thing. My own thinking was a little paranoid and generated the episodes. I never had another episode, though I still smoked weed. I dont know if this is your case.


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