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Finally, it’s time for me to give up marijuana

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  • Finally, it’s time for me to give up marijuana

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello everyone, my name is Mark, I am 37 years old and I am hopelessly addicted to cannabis. I have smoked on and off for 20 years, but the last 5 years of my life in particular have been dominated by it to the point where all I’m thinking is when and where the next joint is – at work, on holiday with my girlfriend…everywhere.

    It’s probably no coincidence that during the last 20 years I have had problems with severe depression and anxiety. In my addled mind the cannabis was relief from these symptoms whereas I’m quite sure now it’s the root cause, or at least a huge contributing factor to my illness.

    I’d been depressed for a few weeks because my relationship with my girlfriend was falling apart and I’ve been smoking larger and larger quantities to try and cope. She is a brilliant and beautiful woman who once really loved me but I rejected that in favour of nights in on my own with my habit. The end came this weekend and I just completely crashed into despair. Two nights without sleep and barely any food, I lay awake in the early hours of Sunday morning wanting to kill myself. Thankfully I chose to call relatives instead who brought me back from the brink and got me to a doctor who prescribed me sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Once I returned to my flat a bit more together, the first thing I did was call me dealer to re-supply my dwindling stash…

    By Monday I was more determined to address my depression and began reading a lot on the Internet and following their tips by exercising and staying busy. I found reading about my condition was very therapeutic and one of the few things that I could focus on. However the more I read the more I came to the conclusion that I had to detox the drug once and for all. That has led me to and reading many of the posts, links and advice here have helped me immensely and I am now determined to get my life back.

    The quarter I bought on Sunday is nearly gone and for once I am quite pleased to see it disappearing. I’ve obviously not stopped yet but I’ve slowed down and I have deleted my dealer’s number and told anyone I would normally smoke with – not that I smoked socially much anymore anyway. My stash will certainly be gone this weekend and I’m hoping Monday will be the first day of a new beginning.

    The next week will be really tough because it takes a while for the anti-depressants I’m using to kick in. I’ve been lucky in that they have always provided at least a temporary relief from my problems and the sleeping pills will of course help. Hopefully in a fortnight I’ll be able to manage without them. I will have to continue to smoke tobacco for now.

    Such a long post but good to get some of these feelings out there. I’ve hidden my habit from most people in my life for so long – and the extent of it to those who know I smoke. It feels like a burden lifted already and I plan to check back with how I’m doing. To those who want to change their life like me I wish you every peace and happiness and to those who have beat it, keep that good advice coming.

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    Congradulations MB73 on your decision to taper off and eventually quit smoking. You may have just made one of the most life changing decisions of your life. rehabilitation from cannibas is not an easy road but it will pay off in the end. R emember, one day at a time, continur to read and post, and seek assistance from your higher power. I know you can to it ! God bless and much success in your quitting efforts !


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      Hi bearrusty1, and thanks for the kind words. What stage are you at with quitting?

      As for me, I smoked what I hope will be my last joint this morning. There was no pomp or ceremony, just the last few dusty dregs at the bottom of my tin in a frankly poorly rolled effort. Can’t say I enjoyed it too much. My smoking paraphernalia has now been committed to the dustbin.

      I’ve had periods during heavy usage, usually when there is a drought on, when I’ve had to go without for periods of up to 2-3 weeks. I was anxious and desperate during those times but never got too bad, I think this is because I always knew my dealer would eventually get some. Now I know I can never make that call again.

      I have taken several preparation steps to ensure the next few weeks are as smooth as possible and although I know it won’t be hopefully these can help:

      - I’ve given my flat the mother of all cleans. Thrown away a lot of clutter and given every room a REALLY thorough scrub so the place no longer bares any resemblance to the flat of a heavy dope user. I have also managed to rent out my spare room which will mean continuing to use while someone else is living here will be very difficult.

      - I’ve begun exercising. This of course is helpful for my ongoing depression and I would recommend it to anyone. People have said jogging is the best but that’s just not for me. I’ve found doing as many push-ups, sit-ups and leg raises as I physically can twice a day does give you something of a “rush”. I’m trying to beat my score every day and have managed this so far. I’m planning on joining a gym next week and trying to use it as much as possible. I always complained that gym membership was too expensive but £25 a month is a drop in the ocean compared to the £160-200 a month I would happily pay for dope.

      - Purchased some L-Theanine as many have recommended. Would people who have used it advise sticking to the recommended dose of one tablet per day? Was also slightly worried about taking it as I’m on a course of anti-depressants as well but couldn’t find anything advising it was a bad idea on the internet.

      Just trying to stay as busy as possible now. Been visiting my family regularly and am trying to build some bridges. I always pushed them away during my heavy usage, but they have been brilliant. I’m going on holiday with them for the first time in twenty years at the end of next month and I aim to be clean and straight when that day comes.

      Hang in there people.


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        I think thats fantastic that you have removed all your paraphernalia. I think that is one of the best things you could of ever done! Just remember there is nothing quite like life.

        Keep on living not chuffing.

        Much Respect man.


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          Hello MB73, it sounds as if u're doing a fabulous job in being proactive and preparing for your quitting. Unfortunately, I have used this weekend because I was so depressed because of my job situation and the smoking didn't help one bit. I realize now that my largest obsticle is accepting life on life's terms. I've heard those words repeated in NA literature and in group meetings but only recently have I begun to internalize the full meaning of this simple phrase. I have been hiding from my unpleasant memories, fear/uncertainty of the future and even my own depressed emotions by anesthetizing myself with weed, which has only compounded my anxiety and depression. I'm learning now to face "the man in the mirror" and embrace/face my feelings. Furthermore, I'm truly learning to rely on God to see me through this battle with addiction because I truly know that it is greater than my ability to control it. I wish I could report that I have one year, three months or even two weeks clean but I can't say that at this moment but I can say that I am determined to get there and reclaim my life and I know that I'm developing and fine tuning the skills that I will need to be successful in my recovery. So when I was advising and encouraging you, I was also speaking to myself, we're all in this together ! Stay strong, remain focused, and continue to be diligent in your efforts my friend. God bless you and keep posting..... your last post was truly inspiring and informative for me .....


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            Hang in there bearrusty1 and don’t beat yourself up too much for using this weekend. I’m so pleased my post was inspirational to you, but remember I am still at the start of what will be a very tough journey; I’ve just tried to put as many things in place as possible to keep me on that road to freedom.

            I think your faith can play an important role in your recovery. I’m not a religious man myself, but I realise it’s important to have faith in something. My faith in everything has been slowly eroded over the last few years and left me a withdrawn and a cynical husk of my former self. It’s been two days without cannabis now and I’ve actually taken great pleasure in just talking to people and being interested in colleagues, family and friends for a change. Small steps.

            I’m not sure about your work situation but I am very fortunate in that I have been able to operate to an acceptable level in my job – despite smoking in the morning before I go in, and even heading back to my flat for a crafty smoke at lunchtime. I can’t believe I’ve got away with it for so long. It won’t pay the bills but have you considered voluntary work? It’s something they recommend for depression and it might give you at least a bit of self-esteem and sense of purpose. You’ll get there.

            On an entirely different note, there was a very interesting documentary on cannabis farms on BBC3 last night. It will give you an insight into the kind of people who are profiting from our misery and more shockingly, explains how a great deal of modern skunk is cut with glass. I felt vindicated in my decision after watching it; after all inhaling red-hot glass particles into your lungs is a really bad thing.

            I seem to be unable to post a link to it but if you want to check it out, head to BBC I-player and look for Britain's Secret Cannabis Farms. Maybe a moderator or someone with more posts than me would be kind enough to post a direct link.

            Take care people.


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              Thank you so much MB73 for ur encouraging words. I am getting things on track with the job situation and have picked up some additional literature to help fill up my down time. I plan to start back exercising and meditating and focusing on my higher power. I most definitely agree with you that we all have to have faith in something. In fact, I read somewhere that believing in some higher power was the corner stone of all rehabilitation programs because only a power greater than ourselves can free us from the grips of addiction but I won't preach to you..... acceptance of faith, God, higher power must be a personal decision but it's the only thing that sees me through. Without my faith that God loves me, created me for a purpose and truly cares about restoring me to wholeness, I think I would have lost my sanity a long time ago. Unfortunately, I can't catch the program you mentioned because I live in the United States and I assume you're in the United Kingdom (Britain ?) but I did see a program tonight that covered the pot growing epidemic in one of the states that is trying to legalize it here in the US. The program chronicled all of the crimes and problems that it's causing in that state. I will continue to cling to rehabilitation and abstaining from drug use while continuing to focus on acceting life on life's terms. Stay strong my friend and thanks again for ur insight and feedback ......


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                Hi MB73 and welcome to the forum.

                A lot of people who suffer from anxiety and depression find themselves using cannabis I know I fell into that category and even if it’s not the only or main root cause like you say it can often make you significantly worse in the long term and be a major contributing factor. It sounds like you may be in a bit of a vicious cycle with your dope use, but as with the nature of vicious cycles the longer you stay in them the worse they get, sooner or later you just have to break the cycle, which like you say for you will probably mean having to detox the weed, but at least you know what you have to do now, it took me far too long to work that out which is why I got into such a mess, like I say it’s a cycle which gets worse and worse the longer you keep it up.

                Hang in there bearrusty1, exercise and meditation can be a great tool, use them all that you can, hold on to your faith too, it is for those who have it really helpful for recovering from addiction, the voluntary work is also a great idea too if you need to fill your time, like MB73 says it may not pay the bills but gives you so much in so many other ways.

                I think this is the documentary you are talking about MB73, I saw it too, it certainly is pretty organized crime these days,


                Stay strong guys, thanks for posting and please continue to keep us posted.

                All the best
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  I’m pleased to report it’s been a week now since my last spliff.

                  I’ve had a lot to deal with this week; returning to work, my ongoing depression, dealing with ex-girlfriend issues and someone moving into the spare room in my flat so smoking just hasn’t always been at the forefront of my mind.

                  Had strong cravings around the middle of the week where I was replaying scenarios in my mind where I could just have a little smoke here and there instead of the constant usage but that passed. Yes at times I’ve been irritable and anxious but those feelings were there when I smoked as well. What is good is that a lot of the paranoia I carried around with me while using heavily is going, although at times I’ve had difficulty maintaining eye contact during long conversations. The Theanine supplements I’m taking are a great help – I can’t recommend them enough. Although they do not replace that “buzz” they can really help you relax without affecting your clarity of thought. I’ve kept up exercising as well and I will put part two of my plan into action this week and join a gym.

                  I’ve cut out caffeine altogether, which I think is helping. Had a couple of beers Friday and yesterday but nothing that would get me drunk. Smoking an awful lot of cigarettes though but I figure this is something to address a bit further down the line.

                  Last night was the first time I fell asleep naturally – from about 11pm to 3am. Had to take a sleeping pill after I woke up and although I’m far from beating this problem yet I see this as a small positive. Can feel my dreams coming back but nothing too crazy. No problems with appetite to report.

                  So I feel I’ve cleared the first hurdle OK, but loads of challenges still lay ahead. Wednesday is payday, a day I normally associate with buying a big bag of skunk to celebrate. Will just have to treat myself to something else as a reward. Also getting together to talk to my ex at some point and that might prove traumatic but needs to be done.

                  Thank you to those who have commented and offered support – has been a tremendous help to me during this difficult time. I feel I’m in no position to offer help and advice to others until I’ve beaten this, but if and when I do I hope to stick around and do just that.

                  Peace and love.


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                    Hey MB73!

                    sounds like your getting through it. I also found myself in a situation where i would naturally purchase some chron. It came to a point where i never kept cash on me because of how accessible pot was.

                    While reading your post i was going to recommend Theanine but read that you already tried it. Works excellent doesn't it! I feel for you with your insomnia. Being awake while everyone else is sleeping is extremely depressing. And all you can think about is the bad things. I've been keeping busy as well and it helps.

                    I hope you and your ex don't get too emotional. Stay relaxed my man!

                    Cheers, all the best,


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                      Thanks man. I’m doing OK but I must admit today was really tough. Not sure why exactly, I’m never at my best on a Monday and work was slow giving me too much time to think about stuff.

                      Feel much more relaxed now, had a good exercise and a shower and those gloomy feelings have lifted a bit now. Tomorrow is another day and all that.




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                        Just out of curiosity, what type of sleeping pill are you taking? Some of those pills can be extremely addictive and might seriously harm you from recovering fully.

                        If I were you I would also keep in mind that there are many types of antidepressants and that most people who get successfully treated using medication try several of them before one gives acceptable results. Different types of antidepressants affect everyone differently, and many times people have side effects that they are not aware of at first.

                        You might want to talk to your doctor about trying different combinations of medication to see which one works best for you. I would also keep in mind that sometimes the one that affects you the most powerfully is not the one that will help you the most in the long run. Some of those medications are powerful enough to totally get rid of your symptoms, but they prevent you from having a fulfilling life as well because they sort of "overkill" the problem.

                        Good luck, it sounds like you are on the track to recovery.


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                          Originally posted by ajh151h View Post
                          Just out of curiosity, what type of sleeping pill are you taking? Some of those pills can be extremely addictive and might seriously harm you from recovering fully.
                          I am taking Zopiclone, and yes I'm concerned that I may come to rely on them too much. After tonight I am under instructions to lower the dosage to half a pill before coming off them completely in about a week. After that I know I have to overcome my sleep problem without them.

                          To be honest every night I've tried to get off without them. I was successful twice, but both times woke up at about 2am and couldn't get back to sleep. Unfortunately it's at night I've been have thoughts of suicide. If you know of any natural remedies or techniques that will help me sleep I'd be grateful for any advice or tips.

                          The anti-depressants I'm using are Fluoxetine. As I mentioned in my first post, I have a history of severe depression and they have helped me overcome this in the past, although yes some of the side effects aren't ideal.

                          Thank you for your concern, I know in an ideal world I wouldn't need any of these pills but they are the only thing right now keeping me functioning normally at the moment. I'm due to go back to my GP next week when I might finally bite the bullet and ask about therapy or counselling.


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                            Evening all.

                            It’s day twelve now and I’m pleased to report I’ve remained a good boy. Guess I’m posting because I could really murder a smoke right now. I think tonight it’s more of a boredom thing rather than anxiety. The weather outside is terrible, was meant to be going out with a mate who had to cancel. Just having the sort of dull evening that would have been made tolerable by smoking but I’m not about to crack now. Have a busy day planned tomorrow so I know this feeling won’t last. Still miss my girl.

                            My mood this week has been up and down but I’d say detox symptoms haven’t been too bad. I find myself craving dope more when my mood is good, it’s like my mind tricks me into thinking my problems are dissolving and I could somehow get away with a crafty smoke.

                            Exercising is really helping though, just did my routine and had a nice bath and I feel quite settled now. Was planning to sign up for the gym after work but I couldn’t be bothered. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t, it’s almost like that stoner mindset was returning but I’ll get round to it when I’m ready. I will have to really because I need to start planning for life without sleeping tablets and I know strenuous exercise is one of the best weapons to battle insomnia. I also haven’t touched caffeine in two weeks -another good achievement considering I’d do 7-8 cups of tea a day. Drinking lots of water and cranberry juice, which is supposed to speed up purging the toxins. I don’t think my brain knows what has hit it over the last fortnight!

                            So here’s to the next twelve days of being the drug free, I’m sure it will get easier and to be fair I haven’t felt the need to smoke every day so far. Sorry if I’ve been a bit incoherent but it’s at least helped me by sharing.

                            Take care all,



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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Hang in there Mark, the boredom can be a big part of the challenge, this is when you really need to find something else that you can do that you enjoy doing to distract yourself and stop yourself from getting bored. But like you say it can be just as much a temptation when you are feeling good and your mind starts to justify it and play it’s tricks. I am glad the exercise is helping, keep trying to make the effort. Well done on the last twelve days you are doing really well, here’s to the next twelve days one day at a time.

                              Take care and thanks for keeping us posted.
                              Cannabis Rehab Admin

                              If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                              My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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