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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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What do you love to do? - Other than get high on cannabis?

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  • What do you love to do? - Other than get high on cannabis?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Smoking takes up alot of time. Getting high, tripping out, burning out. and repeat.

    The best way ive been coping without it is to focus on what i love, and what is important. I'd love to hear what interests and goals you guys have.

    I am in school so its pretty straight forward. Finnish school. But after that, i may be starting my own business (a type of business which could even help this forum. but more on that later).

    If anyone reads this and thinks (i have no idea what i want to do), YOU ARE NOT ALONE! i've been there, and go back there every now and then. And thousands of people are there right now. It seems like everyhing that could be done, is being done.

    Ask yourself this: If you had no obligations (and pot certainly feels like an obligation), what would you do for fun? what do you enjoy? You can find a way to make a living doing what you love, and anyone who tells you differently can climb a tree and stay there.

    Love playing video games? become a tester, programmer, or open a store selling video games, or work for a company marketing video games. The list goes on and on for anything you enjoy. make a list, and then find people in that field and see what its like. Soon youll find your prime vocation. And the rest will fall into place.

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    That's very insightful and on point advice. It has been established that the best way to remain cannibas free or free from any drug for that matter, is to replace the self-negating activity (pot use) and replace it with life affirming ones. Personally, I like to read a lot and exercise once I can get in the zone of exercise, which I haven't been recently, lol .... However, reading most definitely is my favorite past time besides smoking pot and being a vegetable, which I'm no longer doing, thank God !


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      I really want to get exercising again. the biggest problem i have lately is anxiety. I've been talking L-theanine which seems to be working, but exercising will be a good way to burn off energy.

      I'm actually an avid and passionate paintball player, but i haven't been able to play in months.


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        I draw and play guitar. Its awesome rediscovering your talents and passions.


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          Be who YOU want to be... not what pot "tells you to be"

          Hi All,

          I'm on day 33 and its been a very up and down ride with the mood swings, whacky dreams,
          lack of sleep, not wanting to eat and so on and such.

          I am so thankful I am sticking to it this time because life is soooo limited and its great getting to know my TRUE personality as before it was just a chattering mad monkey making me feel either way too happy or way too down. Man, what I LOVE to do is work on original songs with my guitar and hike, go play in the ocean, read, make delicious mostly veggie meals with my beautiful life partner. Also, I lost what i thought was my dream job last fall working for a big music studio complex and this is the longest Ive been out of work for 10 + years! I now know I was given an opportunity to work on myself and quit people pleasing and speak from my heart and guts and not be disrespected by anyone as I feel that this is what put me in fear mood most of my life and I would then just grab my teddy bear "weed"
          and disappear from reality and rethink over and over past experiences that mad me sad and blue.

          Now,my confidence is returning along with my sanity and unlimited chances are waiting for all of us once we have enough time to heal and be HEALthy!

          And for the newbies who really want to end the "love affair" with weed, fight the good fight, slay the dragons and ghouls and demons that are getting the best of you and know it WILL get
          better with time and some personal TLC! We've all wrapped our brain in a million different directions will UNDER the influence and thats why it takes a while to reset your mind and go on with your life.




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            Music is a powerful tool. I've played guitar for a number of years and it really helps with keeping me sane. I've had a night or two where i found it hard to sleep. I just grab my electric guitar, some headphones, and jam away until i get tired. Recently i picked up the violin and i love it to death (its actually sittin on my lap right now).

            Anyone who doesn't play an instrument, its NEVER too late to pick it up. Even if you can only jam simple chords so simple songs its fun, rewarding, and relaxing.


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              After I quit I took up playing golf again and joined up at my local club where I try to play twice a week. Its a totally awesome game for many many reasons, its character and confidence building, gets me outside for hours, its great exercise and lets me socialize with many new non-drug using people, I have made some great new friends from playing this game. It really worked a wonder for me and helped change my life for the better. A positive addiction maybe


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                This is a great thread guys, having something positive to do that you enjoy is crucial if you are to recover from addiction, it’s essential that you find something else that you enjoy to replace the time that you would have spent getting high, not having this makes having to deal with that time so much harder, I think it is one of the most important parts of recovery.

                Take care
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  Before the drugs i would skate. All day every all i would do was skate i remember i had this long bord and i would ride that thing every ware... fun times now that im a bit older i cant even ride any more and now all i want to do is wake up sober go to school sober and go to bed sober but its hard. starting tomorrow however i will try to find something i love to do. mabie trying to find something will keep my mind off dope. thanks for the thread.



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                    i genuinley think u can do this tyler, i wasnt as strong at your age, i couldnt go one day without, you are gifted my friend and have strong willpower, dont let anyone convince u different and i really mean that, i went into school stoned, pretend to go to nurses office then went up the field, got stoned, waited for the day to end, got stoned, then before i went to bed got stoned, i couldnt break the cycle for years i desperatley tryed, and the fact uve done other drugs like opiates, makes me genuinley think u have a gift of strong willpower, keep it up mate.


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                      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief

                      Greatest sport in the world in my oppinion. Its an expensive sport, but still cheaper than the amount i would waste on pot, especially if you just play with rental markers. Its exhilerating, fast pased, and seriously, if you are still able to keep thinking about marijuana while being shot at than i would be surprised .


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