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Marijuana Withdrawal Insomnia Sucks...

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  • Marijuana Withdrawal Insomnia Sucks...

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    hey all!
    just looking for some more suggestions... I've tried all the naturals.. melatonin, warm milk, hydroxytriptophan... and nothing really keeps me a sleep for more than 2 hours.
    During the day it's a breeze, but at night its awful, as i used to smoke quite a few bongs before bed, and if I'd wake up in the middle of the night, I'd hit another one to get fuzzy and pass back out.
    haha, so obviously i can't do this anymore....
    What has been successful for you?

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    personaly, i had to go on sleeping pills, it doesnt seem to get better, even if your off the drug for a few months, i recommend u go see your doc about it coz this is somthing that really isnt gonna get back to normal for at least 6 months. before i went on sleeping pills i used to drink strong lager and i think thats what persuaded my doctor to put me on them, the worst part is when u do get ure sleeping back to normal, ure gonna have some really really really wierd dreams and you'll wake up not realiseing there dreams, its quite disturbing, but dont go back to weed, ure guna have 2 quit somtime and it may aswell be now. get it done. hang in there buddy


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      thanks man, I'm toughing it out... lol i tossed everything and have no contacts in my new town so I should be golden...
      and yeah, I know what you mean about the dreams!!! IF I fall asleep its for only a few hours and I ALWAYS wake up scared... not cool man.


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        Hey Mel, I'm not sure how long ago you stopped smoking, but for me it took nearly two months before i was able to sleep for more than 5 hours. Now 3-4 months later I am sometimes able to get 8 hours of sleep. You should also do some research on depersonalization if you dont know what that is. Chances are that you will start experiences some of its effects and its much more relieving if you know whats happening to you when you experience them. Otherwise is pretty damn scary.

        Best of luck to you


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          Hi notsomellowmel, your username gave me a chuckle! Insomnia does indeed suck.

          I was prescribed sleeping pills about a month ago and they helped initially. However I was very wary of them and I didn’t finish the course. My sleeping has been OK since I stopped them. I still wake up between 2-4 times a night but usually get back off without problems. I am sure the anti-depressants I am on are helping with this, but I also did a lot of research on insomnia and got some great tips that may or may not help you as well:


          Try and cut out caffeine. I’ve not had any in about three weeks, even in the morning.

          Try and go to bed and wake up at the same time every night/day and avoid having naps during the day.

          Prepare yourself about an hour before you go to sleep. My current ritual is a warm bath, hot milky drink and then taking in some fresh air while stretching.

          If you have an alarm clock that you can see at night, move it so you can’t see the time.

          Although this isn’t generally recommended, I put something on TV or DVD that I want to watch but have the sound really low so I can barely hear it. It works quite well for me but if you find the TV too distracting try the radio or some ambient music.

          I know how tough it can be and I hope that maybe some of this advice can help you.




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            Thanks for the tips mark! I especially like that last one. Seeing the time when I wake up discourages me so much.

            As for depersonalization... it sounds pretty awful.... does everyone experience it? And how long after quitting does it usually happen?


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              for me, it happened after about 2-3 weeks of not sleeping well, of course i've always needed as much sleep as i can get so that may be why it happened to me so quickly, but like i mentioned in my thread, many things can cause you to develop it, for me it was sleep deprivation.


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                Hi notsomellowmel, sorry I am not sure if I have welcomed you to the rehab group yet, if not then welcome to the forum.

                A lot of us probably found that we became reliant on marijuana to help us sleep, insomnia is a common problem that people trying to detox often face, thankfully most people do find that their brain readjusts and does become able to fall asleep by its self in time. In the mean time there is always the option of sleeping tablets which some people may feel they need but personally I think if you are able to hang it out it’s probably for the best, like I say most people’s brains do readjust and sleeping tablets can be pretty addictive, so if possible I think it’s best not to swap the one drug for the other, but perhaps it depends on how bad you are, anyway it’s a personal choice that everybody has to make for themselves. There are other alternatives I like the supplements these people produce they are specially coated so the ingredients in them don’t get destroyed by your stomach acid and are the most complete I have ever been able to find, I take the memory one but they do a sleep one too.

                Anyway hang in there, take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it goes.
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  I realize this thread is old, but for anyone else suffering from marijuana withdrawal and no remedy seems to work.... Ask your doc for Mirtazapine. It is used to treat depression, and has the side effects of Increased Appetite and Increased Drowsiness. When I was withdrawing, I went to my doc after 5 days of not getting any better and he gave me an Rx for this. Took 1 that night, and the next day I was 85% better; I thought it was a miracle. If you're suffering enough to talk to your doc about this, I implore you to do so.


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                    I wonder how long did it took for you long time insomniacs to get this over with. Please reply if you are around, would be helpful


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                      Hi Notsomellowmel,
                      Great thread on insomnia and like to say to deal with insomnia exercise regularly and early morning and not within 3 hours to bedtime. It will help you sooth stress and deal with insomnia. Avoid stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bedtime and if hungry take light snacks. Create sleep schedule and get up at the same time each day even if tired.
                      Health is wealth


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                        You know, my insomnia seems to be related to my own house. I can sleep elsewhere just fine, but when I get home I'm back to awake at 2-3am and short of breath. My DR. recommended getting a new bed in a different room to see if that helped.


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                          I tend to just run with the insomnia for a few days then it goes. Stock up on some books and let it be. However, this time I need to sleep so this thread is quite timely for me, even it was started 3 years ago. Thanks to whoever necro'd it.

                          I am going to try MB73's routine of warm bath, warm milk and fresh air stretching. I like that, I have some confidence in that approach, thanks Mark if you ever read this.

                          Also, thankyou Insanity for the heads up re: depersonalization. I doubt it will happen but I am sure I will be thankful for the heads up if it does. I actually want it to, quite a lot, this one reason I have drug problems - I am obsessed with conciousness and altered conciousness. I am also semi-hoping to morph into Tyler Durden but I digress.

                          Anyway, I have a theory. After noticing that my insomnia (and a lot of other withdrawals) are a lot worse this time and I am definately linking that to outside stressors not related to the quit. I think its mainly about stress.

                          - A lot of the withdrawal symptoms are the same symptoms as stress
                          - Quitting itself creates a lot of stress
                          - Withdrawal/stress symptoms have the potential themselves to cause stress

                          I think insomnia is (in my case) caused by not sleeping due to stress then stressing about not sleeping. This is why I never really had much more than a day or two insomnia in the past. I just accepted it, it didn't matter I wasn't sleeping, it actually allowed me to reconnect with an old friend (reading). Also I get really tired during the day and feel like I could sleep but then when I try I feel awake again because I started to stress over whether I am actually falling asleep or not.

                          So when you start stressing over symptoms caused by stress you have yourself a positive feed back loop. Positive feedback loops have a tendency to accelerate until destruction of the system unless some form of circuit breaker can create a phase shift in the operation of the system. Sound familiar?

                          I believe the stressing about stress dynamic is able to explain the large range in duration of withdrawal symptoms between people on here (and in general). It depends on the person's outside stressors and their ability to relieve stress without cannabis.

                          I am probably low to middle in terms of my ability to relieve stress without cannabis but I am usually able to live a relatively stress free life (which is one reason I think I get bored without cannabis because I like the drama it creates). Which is why I tend to have short lived symptoms but this time not so much.
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                            I've been weed-free since August 10th, but still suffer from insomnia on a daily basis. I have no trouble falling asleep, but I routinely wake up ~12-2am and have issues returning to sleep. I've been put on sleeping pills as well as anti-depressants and xanax for stress. I assume it's just something I will have to deal with for the next year as I still adjust.


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Originally posted by anonytexan View Post
                              I've been weed-free since August 10th, but still suffer from insomnia on a daily basis. I have no trouble falling asleep, but I routinely wake up ~12-2am and have issues returning to sleep. I've been put on sleeping pills as well as anti-depressants and xanax for stress. I assume it's just something I will have to deal with for the next year as I still adjust.
                              I would suggest talking to your doctor about trying Trazodone. It's originally an andtidepressant but it's widely used as a non-addictive sleeping pill since it puts people to sleep. Also, maybe you can ask to switch from Xanax to Ativan since it lasts longer with more sedative effects. (however you need to be careful with Xanax or Ativan because they're more addictive than weed with more serious withdrawal problems).


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