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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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how and why did you start smoking weed

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  • how and why did you start smoking weed

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    hey im back just thout id post a thread on how i started smoking weed. I was really young i think 9 my parents have been smoking all my life one day my dad left a couple of rolled blunts in his room i took one and a lighter and blazed it up it was my first drug so i was immediately ****ed up. i told my dad he told me it was okay and started to teach me how to roll. now looking back i jus wanted to be kool. wen i was little evry one was doing it. it was even considered to be cool in movies and shit like that. ITS NOT KOOL it ruind my life started with the drug ended up poping pills doin shrooms shit like that. im 15 now been sober for about a month and never felt so clean in my life... how and why did you guys start?

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    Hey Tyler,

    I was a fairly late starter, probably around seventeen when I had my first puff on a joint and initially I didn’t see what the fuss was about. For about two years I was a very occasional smoker and hardly ever bought it but rather would share some with others if they had it. I think at this point it was a matter of fitting in with the situation and I wasn’t really that into it.

    Started smoking more when I got to university at the age of about 19. I think it was the fact I was living on my own at last and started buying bits here and there. It was still very much a social habit at this stage. When I finished Uni I eventually moved in with two mates who used it a bit more heavily and started following suit. This carried on and off for about a decade but still didn’t really have what I would consider a bad problem and for the most part I was using because I enjoyed it, it made me think more creatively and I thought it helped with my on and off problems with depression.

    It was only really after I hit my thirties and could afford my own place that things started getting a bit out of control. Stronger strains started to become available and I was smoking on my own more and more as friends got married and started having kids, settling down and all that. Things were fine when I was doing a little bit of hash here and there but I suppose like any drug if you get into it too much, you start using more and more and going after the stronger strains. Think I was using so heavily at this point because I just didn’t know any other way of life. Even though I had a good, well paid job, a beautiful girlfriend and a great flat I had convinced myself that life sucked and the only way to get through it was to be high nearly all the time. I could barely do anything without getting stoned first.

    Twenty years is a long time and it’s kind of sad to know I won’t get that time back, so grab the opportunity to sort yourself out while you are still so young if it’s becoming a real problem for you mate. I had some great times with the drug but maybe less than I like to think, certainly the last seven or so years haven’t been much fun at all.




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      Hi Tyler it’s great to hear from you again, well done on a month been clean that’s really good, it’s good to hear that you have never felt so clean. I first tried cannabis when I was about 16 give or take, but it wasn’t until I was about 20-21 that I started to use it regularly which then quickly snow balled to using it every day, it wasn’t until I got myself in aright state at the age of about 27 that I finally quit.

      Anyway thanks for popping back and please continue to keep us posted on how you are doing.

      Take care
      Cannabis Rehab Admin

      If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

      My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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        I started late in life I was 25 years and had never tried one single joint. I decided that I wanted to try it out, I did my research on the web and all the info was pro bs, So I tried Some hash... It was great, one of the craziest parties I have had. It was so much fun I smoked a couple more times during that month. Then I didnt do it for about six months till A budy found some, I had a really small joint after that I was looking for it all the time. I found it and bought a big stash, I started smoking becuase I considered it so much fun and I felt really creative. I did all types of stupid artsy stuff and not long after I found a group a freinds that loved the drug so we started smoking together a lot. I recognize that not having freinds did not help and when I started partying with this groups I felt integrated. So I smoked heavily low quality stuff for ten years. In retrospect I was very depressed the year that I started smoking I just did not know it was depression. It felt so good to be freed of depression That I couldn't stop. When I would stop for a couple days I would start feeling really anxious and depressed. So I woud go back.


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          Well I started smoking the drug when I went out with my ex boyfriend of almost 3 years. His home family was into it, except his little sister, she was to young. The parents were highly into it, and so was he. The dad grew pot and sold it to everyone. When I first went out with my ex, he wasn't a druggie at all...quite the opposite acutely. He didn't like drugs, always went to class, did his homework, and knew where his priorities were. Now he mixes, does the drug all the time, LSD, Shrooms, and other stuff. I am guilty of that stuff as well, I have done them. For a long while my ex and I did drugs to feel spiritual, to have a connection. I thought I did, but now it's my almost 9 months sober from all drugs! I don't drink as well and never had and I have NEVER felt more spiritual. My mind is open and free, and I see a lot of the good things in life now. I don't need the drug or any other drug to help me. When I was on the drug everything was about the weed. Couldn't open up or be spiritual with out a tolk or anything first. Now I don't need it, my mind does everything automatically. I have never been more happier either. When I wasn't smoking the weed, I always felt decent, even some times down and deppresed, so smoked to get me jumping and happy. Now I have one of the happiest personality people have seen, and peace and love go well with me.

          I will never go back to drugs, I have seen the drug destroy people slowly. It's not all fun in games!!!!!!


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            Well, I was all of 13 years old when I smoked pot and started using other drugs, and when I turned 18 and went to college I started using everyday, sparking up in the morning, bong hits between classes, and all the time with my friends hanging out in our dorm rooms or at parties.

            In retrospect I started using drugs in general because I got the depression that hits many males in my family at adolescence. I distinctly remember sitting in my dorm room in the morning before breakfast, taking bong hits until I hit that one that triggered that feeling of well-being, and off I went.

            Once I got to college and was free to smoke tobacco and drink beer as much as I like, I became quite sociable and made lots of friends. Getting pot from my friends was really easy to do, and a lot easier on my soul than ripping off my granny's valium and ludes. At that time it was just commercial Columbian that we were getting, not the mind-blowing sensi that my wife and I started growing on our own years ago.

            Somewhere along the line it became less a treatment for depression/social thing to being just a habit. A doobie in my car on the way to work, driving around the 'hood smoking another during lunch, on the way home .....


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              First time smoking

              I had a half day of school i came home and my mom and her sister were smoking pot. She was surprised and asked me if i wanted a hit so i smoked a little about a year later i was getting high with mom every day , when dad wasn't around it was a secret just among us girls mom would say.i,m now 18 and smoke several bowls a day . Judi


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                marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                Damn popping pills at 15? Yours parents should be arrested for child abuse for positively reinforcing drugs at such a young age..

                But I started when I was 17, I would have baseball practice MTRFS and would have Wednesdays off, so I figured it was my day off to relax and chill out so I would roll a few joints and get a bunch of junk food and have a good evening after school. I did that until baseball season was over until I had nothing to do after school anymore so I decided to smoke a joint every day after school to pass the time. After I graduated and moved out to go to college I could do it whenever I wanted so thats when it started to spiral out of control. I then met a lot more people in college who smoked and befriended them and eventually was roommates with a few guys who were heavy smokers. I then started to wake and bake daily, skipped class and played madden, fuseball, and munched out every single day with my roommates. They both moved out and joined the military and I decided to stay in school. I kept smoking strong for a few years and lost a lot of friends who didn't smoke and gained a lot of friends who did smoke. I was contineously wake and baking and losing motivation to really do anything and was very parnoid to answer the door whenever someone was knocking. 6 years later I have 2 non-smoking roommates and 1 is on probation and his probation officer comes by and I am always very parnoid if I hear anything outside. I have decided to detox because I do not want to have a black mark on my record for drugs and I hate having to drive really high to the bank then across town to get more thinking at anytime I can get pulled over and arrested.


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