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smoked dope once after three months, trying to keep on the track

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  • smoked dope once after three months, trying to keep on the track

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hi guys,

    As some of you know, i've been actively trying to detox the drug since one year. In my last attempt, I have been clean for three months, 1 week ago i smoked once but i don't want to use the word "relapsed" because i'm really trying to put my best effort not to go through a complete relapse but, thinking it as a "set back" which i'm trying to make it up. I want to share my feelings and the experience that i'm having with you.

    At the last weeks of my soberity, I was observing a drastic change in my social skills. I had finally started to enjoy being with people and more importantly it was all coming naturally. Before that, for two months, i experienced a strong socio-phopia and had difficult times to have normal conversations with people. Nothing was natural, i was always thinking like "how should i respond now, what should i say, ie..". But as i say, after two months, i think i was being adjusted to live a normal life with a normal feeling. Then the nightmares started again after a drunk night. I drinked a lot of vodka and the next day i was feeling like a shit. Then, it took almost one week for me to recover from this bad mood. Then, one night, we drinked a few beers with friends but all night our conversation was about drugs and how they effect your state of mind: and then CLICK! The next day my addiction was activated again, i felt like i was in the first week of being sober. Marijuana was almost totally out of my mind before that incident, but after that, i again felt like "i can never be content by a normal life without weed", i had very strong cravings, i coped with them for 1 week but then i found myself smoking a joint in the coffeshop. BUT;

    At the moment that i got high, i realized "how bad days i had been through when all my life was about being stoned. and all this was very close if i have a relapse". I called my wife and told her that i smoked, she met me immediately and then we came home. Since i knew how bad my addiction is, i didn't want to take any risks and rest of the week i stayed at home while my wife went to work and locked me inside. Because i knew that the first days i will have very strong cravings and given that there will always be a coffeshop at most 15 min. ahead of me, i would relapse. Anyway,

    Now the first week is gone and i feel like i'm back on the track of soberity. After three months of being clean, i clearly realized that "being stoned all the time" means "freezing the time at that moment". That's why i feel like i didnot live all these stoned years. My mind was stuck in a state where i didnot connect myself to anything in life. It's like a cage where i put my mind in. And now i see that i could have the same stoned life if i was totally paralyzed and stuck in a bed whole my life. Then, the question is; "what's the point of living if i don't connect to the life outside of my head?" What i'm trying to say is, i am very very sad about the years that i've wasted with just being stoned and i never want to go back to those days again.

    By the way, it's also very clear that i should also give up the alcohol. It reminds me the being high from the drug and it triggers my addiction. Also, i really feel very bad the next days after drinking. In the summar, we planned a three weeks of long holiday and now my aim is to stay clean until the holiday, then refresh myself with a nice holiday with the loved ones around. I hope the hardest part of the battle will be over if i can manage to do this.

    Any comment is appreciated very much

    With all the best,

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    Day 12 and the urge is constant. I don't know what else to say except I can't get my mind off it. Doesn't help that other people in the house still smoke... makes it all the harder to quit.

    I almost gave in last night, and again today -- but after reading other posts I decided not to. The disappointment of failure bothers me more than wanting to get high, I guess. I ordered l-theanine as some suggested, and can't wait to get it. This anxiety and anger I'm feeling is driving those around me nuts.


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      I have the same situation too.. trying to detox but still hanging out with the same set of friends and family members who also smoke..doesn't get any better..just another failure for me..


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        You explained how you wish you could go back in time for all the lost time that you spent getting stoned... I think this is very common in all of us potheads.
        I think the realization becomes clear once we have quit. It indeed is lost time. I like your analogy of your mind being locked into a cage. Really that is what happens when you get stoned 24/7.

        It is only after we quit that we can realize this and break out of that "cage".

        For arcane and Kim, I feel your pain in the early ventures of quitting. If you are not exercising at the moment, I HIGHLY suggest that you do. I am on day 8 right now and its been the easiest of all my attempts because I am trying to exercise a lot.
        I also suggest trying a high quality fish oil. I can tell immediately that it helps my mood and my focus... it is great for your mental health.

        I realize that lost time is something that will haunt us all. For many of us, we have been stoned for many years and missed out on tons of opportunities and experiences.
        My mind was very negative towards this... I just want to go back in time so bad. HOWEVER, tonight I realized if I can fully quit the drug and realize all the lost time that it created... then it is my DUTY to make the future the BEST that I can possibly make it.

        Who knows... maybe now I can appreciate life 10 times more than I ever would. Maybe now when that opportunity arises I can make it 10 times better than had I not gone through this addiction.

        I went through many phases in life and because of your past experience, I think you can use that to make your future even BETTER.

        It is only through the bad that we can know the good... and because this addiction has created so many bad times and bad experiences that we can now realize since we have quit... I strongly believe if you try, you can make your future even better than it would have been.

        Imagine if you lived a "regular" life... (not that we can define a regular life, but in context at least), maybe then we would not even appreciate the simple things... maybe it is that it takes such an experience for us to really break free and LIVE


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          keep going

          hey all

          Just a wee post to say, even if it takes several attempts keep going - my therapist is trying to get me into the habit of saying "practicing" rather than "trying" as saying "trying" can sometimes reinforce that feeling of failure if you dont succeed so altogether - "we are practicing at trying to stay off the weed"

          good luck to all

          Keep strong


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