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Day 17 and I'm SO glad I made the decision to quit weed!

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  • Day 17 and I'm SO glad I made the decision to quit weed!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Well, here I am at day 17 and I'm so happy with my decision to detox being a pothead!

    I was really chronic so it took awhile for the main amount to get out of my system, but at this point the residual THC is pretty subtle. That means that some of the detox symptoms like anxiety and funky emotions have kicked in.

    But ... I did my research and was prepared for that. I have a modest amount of Xanax from my doctor for when the anxiety hits, and as far as the emotions go, I expected that and know I need to compensate and be patient with myself. It's like knowing you are depressed/manic/bi-polar -- if you feel worthless, you know it is the depression, not you -- if you get a notion to ditch work and spend the day at the casino, you know its the mania driving that irrational urge.

    I'm damn lucky to have such a fine wife to support me in this. Like I said before, I kinda sprung this on her out of the blue, but she has quit, too, and is feeling the effects as well. I told her that I did NOT expect her to detox cold turkey like me and if she wants to spark up in the evening as usual I won't go ballistic for doing so, or relapse just because there it is. But she, too, felt that the drug just wasn't doing much to help her feel something different.

    Speaking of there it is, we still have a buttload of potent homegrown in the safe, and paraphenalia and some the drug are right in the desk drawer under my laptop as I write this. I know that many people purge the house when they quit, but I'm one of those that does better if I have it available so that panic reaction of not having it kicks in. Besides, we have medical marijuana here in Colorado USA. Like many users I went to Doctor Quack and got my card, so there's a pot store right down the street for me, and getting rid of my stash wouldn't keep me from getting it again.

    We've got a lot of stressful, emotional things going on in our lives right now layered upon the fact that we're detoxing from pot, and it would be really easy to open up the desk drawer and put a buzz on. So why in the world can I do this?

    Well, it's because I'm really getting off on having my cognitive abilities back! I'm much more able to communicate effectively with my coworkers. I joke around with perfect strangers. My short term memory is definitely back and getting better every day. My ability to recall information from my past has increased remarkably. I am able to make decisions quicker and with better results. I'm better able to prioritize the tasks before me. I feel that my emotional maturity has already increased and am looking forward to more progress in the future.

    All of this, and I haven't even hit the 3 week mark!

    The Big Test is coming soon. In a few weeks my wife will be going out of town to party with her girlfriends from college who have stayed together for an incredible 30 years, and she fully intends to smoke as this is the once in a lifetime event to celebrate several of them turning 50. She is less chronic than I am and will bounce back from that better than I would, but I do not plan to use while she's gone just because she will be doing so. On other occasions of her being out of town I would use that much more, but I think I will still be very reluctant to set the clock back to day one.

    Anyhow, I hope this is an encouraging post for those of you struggling to quit. I know I have enjoyed writing this lengthy message in something close to stream of consciousness versus the plodding and self-conscious and second-guessing posting I would have made just a few weeks ago ............

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    No brainer here

    Soo, please stay on your path as you don't want to ruin a good thing do you? I feel the same way when i haven't smoked in a couple weeks and why would you/me want to regress and go back to being slow witted and foggy?

    The truth is if you can smoke it once or twice a month, no biggie, but when your blazing every day you ARE thinking
    differently. You scramble your brain and have to fight to feel all together all the while knowing that "something had
    changed" in your brain, and you don't like it, do you? I think us long term smokers whom have decided to detox know the answer....

    Its an unearned reward... No more no less. I judge people after i smoke and i can't stand that part of it! Life is hard enough so why smash your head with a sledgehammer to "feel good"?

    The gig is up, and i'm not buying it anymore! Its OVER and i'm out!

    Be good and be yourself.



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      Definitely, I don't want to go back to being slow witted and foggy. I will NOT be using no matter what the circumstances, including while I'm bach'ing it. I've got too much to lose -- starting with my mind!


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        Good for you

        @ Lykafox

        Stay strong no matter what! Its never as good as you think it will be. I'm not sure what bach'ing it means but regardless, i'm in your corner cheering you on! I will not pick up under any circumstances either so we can support eachother through the rough times ahead and eventually we will move beyond this moment to better days.

        Kind wishes



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          Your post is very inspiring for me! I'm on day 6 of being sober. I have had a few urges, but with out the drug being stock piled, readily available for me to light up, the urges wither away to subtle. I know what you are saying though about that feeling of not having any at all available... I just chose not to have it at all in the house. I don't have the restraint.
          My husband and I are in our early thirties, but smoking our brains out day after day, makes me feel thirty years older. We also have three young kids 12, 7, and 1. I can't imagine what I'd say if my oldest caught me! My husband and I sneak it! What great lengths we went to just to get high!
          I have depression and ADD, both are treated. All these years, though, the drug has changed what ever benefit I am supposed to get from my medications. Finally, even though it has only been six days, I finally have the mindset of quiting!!! I'm sick of it! I hate the way it makes me feel, especially when I'm around my sweet children.
          I am a better mother when I'm not high!
          I used to run. I used to be social. I used to have interests!!!! But for so long, I've been dormant. It is a blast of fresh air to know that there is a group of people on this board who all want the same thing! Freedom from the dope!
          Thank you!


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            @Guest Baching it means being a bachelor temporarily, while your spouse is gone.

            @Lilth Good for you! You're on day 7 now - one week! I know what you mean about sneaking around the kids, and guess what -- ours eventually found out anyhow, our son started dipping into our stash, and now he's a pothead, too. He is using pot and tobacco and alcohol to self-medicate depression. This makes me sad because unlike myself we got him diagnosed early on so he didn't have to lose most of his adolescence like I did. But he took himself off the meds the doctor prescribed and started using street drugs. Even more tragic is that he has children, too, so the cycle will likely continue .....


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              I would just die if my oldest started smoking! I want to be a good example for him. He's almost 13, so he's right at that age... you know kids are doing things early these days.... and I don't want him to go down the same road I did. Change is good though, when it comes to these sorts of "quitings" no matter what age we are when we decide to do it. Smoking the drug is a problem for me and I know that I can't do it even as a social thing, much like an alcoholic is unable to "just drink on the weekends." Congrats to you too. We're all making strides! BTW- I have no idea how to use this forum, so I hope I posted this thread correctly. Take care. n


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