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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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If you ran into your former Pot smoking self.......

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  • If you ran into your former Pot smoking self.......

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    ...What advice or words would you tell yourself?


    I have less then 50 days left until I have been drug free for a year. I thought this would be a fun experiment to see what other people would tell their former pot smoking selves. Down below is what I would tell my former pot smoking self if I ran into her.


    I know if I ran into my former pot smoking self, I would look at myself and tell myself, what the hell am I thinking?!?!? Look at me! I would go up to my former self and tell myself these words.....

    Look, I know smoking pot, expirmenting with acid and mushrooms and mixing things together seems cool and very fun loving and spiritual, but its really not! You can't see it, not yet anyways, but life is only going to go down from here. You stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning and sleep in till 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. When you wake up you feel like crap!

    Throughout the day is spent thinking about what will be the next plans for how pot will be included in events that will happen that night. You’re tired looking and your diet is unbelievably terrible.

    Look at the people around you! I would tell myself. All you hang out with are other pot smokers. You rarely see your friends that don't smoke and put the pot smokers before them. You don't even hang out with your own family anymore and when you do, you rather be high for it!

    Another thing I would say to myself is, look at the relationship you have with your boyfriend! All you guys do is smoke and when you guys don't smoke you sit there in awkward silence not knowing what to do. Your guy’s excitement is based on smoking where ever and whenever you can. You guys even went to a kid’s water park and had to be high for that! You couldn't just have fun on your own! Look at yourself, your boyfriend can't even be near you without being high, and you get high just to forget about it.

    I would soon get more in depth with myself....

    Soon Nakisai, you’re going to start doing other drugs, like morning glory, acid and mushrooms. They will seem harmless at first, but you will start wanting to do it more and more. The excitement will over whelm you and you will want it more than pot. When you start doing acid Nakisai, you’re going to be even more tired then you are. Your mental state will sink down into depression. All you'll think about is the three day wait to do acid again, or the next amazing event to drop a hit. You'll try mushrooms and it will make you sick to your stomach. You'll compare it to acid, and not have fun on it at all.

    I would tell my former self to look around her. Even your boyfriends dad is coming up to you, telling you that if he didn't get so deep into smoking pot, he would be in a lot better place right now. He would be healthier and happier. You will ignore him though and think, "Well that’s just him" and keep smoking. You'll see your friendships crumble before you, your relationship will fall faster than a rock and the friends that you thought were your friends, will turn on you once you turn your back on pot.

    Nakisai, you will get out of this mess eventually. The spiritual feeling your feeling isn't real. It’s a false reality. The spirit is not coming from the mind, it’s not coming from the heart and it's defiantly not coming from the soul. It's coming from that joint you hold in your hand, that's all your spirit is, a high.

    I would soon hug my former self and tell her this....

    Don't worry Nakisai, your time will come when you will find your way out of this mess. You'll be very brave and the people who you thought weren't there for you, or weren't on your side, will show their true colours. Life may seem like it only goes downhill after you quite, but it does not. You'll get your spirit back and you'll feel more alive and healthy then you ever did before. The love for those around you will return and the confidence you lost will return with great benefits.

    I would shake my former selves hand and wish her peace and patience for her time will come. Then I would walk away and not look back.

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    I'm a bit hard, I think. If I ran into my former pothead self, I would have no time at all for myself
    Part of what's driven me to this point is confronting the harsh reality that most people who aren't potheads don't have a lot of time for potheads, and I can't say I blame them now.


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      marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
      If I had to offer advice, it would be "Get the hell over yourself".


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