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my pot story

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  • my pot story

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    hi everybody

    here's my story
    I'm 28 and I'm a very spiritual person,i consider my self as an native Indian living in a busy city
    and working in a crappy job(coffee warehouse)so you can imagine the pain and suffering i must endure,
    and cannabis was my escape,i thought it worked,everyone has the idea that its not addictive and its ok to smoke
    but oh my god what a mistake,instead it just destroyed my life,
    don't get me wrong cannabis does gets you in touch with your spirituality but when you use it to escape your problems
    you're just making it alot worst.I've been smoking everyday for 12 years and taking other drugs aswell
    mainly psychedelics which i have achieved a great deal in terms of spirituality,
    so withdrawal has been not bad for me(37 days since my last smoke),the first 3 weeks was easy,
    basically i just keep fighting all the paranoia,sadness,depression, mood swings,etc all that good stuff,
    with breathing techniques,theanine and kava kava which is great,also had a mid/strong iboga experience the day after my last smoke
    and i felt amazingly good a very sharp mind and a feeling of great health for 3 weeks with no withdrawals,iboga stays in your system
    a very long time,the iboga experience was the most important thing in my life,it gave me inner peace and balance,destroyed my illusions
    and taught me how to live life drug free,its the ultimate teacher.I'm going to take iboga again next month to make the withdrawal process easier.
    second part of the story
    at the age of 23 i moved from my country of origin (portugal) to scotland with my brother and my girlfriend,we broke up but we're still living together and very good friends,me and my ex-girlfriend are parting ways soon .
    the reason why we left was that we were very anti-social,no one was good enough for us,spiritual persons find it really hard to live in a society
    driven by materialism and consumerism,so i left everything behind "friends and family"in the end they are just part of that society anyway,
    she still talks to her parents,but i don't have any interest at the moment,it doesn't mean that i wont change my mind in the future.
    so my problem now is that i have to start living from scratch with no real friends or family that i can rely on,the only thing that i have is my self,
    so cannabis was a way to keep this things at bay an escape from all of this,what a terrible mistake you cant run away from your problems
    this is very very serious,if you're not careful with cannabis it will trap you as you all know could i be so blind for so long,life is so beautiful and i wasted half of mine smoking
    it totally changes your perspective of reality,i cant wait to get back to normal and start enjoying this miracle,thanks for reading and people DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE cannabis will never let you achieve your potential as a human being
    i'll keep yous updated on my recovery.tchau

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    Hi wake up and welcome to the forum.

    As you're much aware of it, cannabis will never let us achieve our full potential as long as we're trapped to it. I also have done quite some pscyhedelics but can't say that i achieved a great deal in terms of spirituality. They were giving such strong feelings that i wouldn't remember any of them after the affect is gone. Actually I've been affected very badly in regards to my long term mental health. Anyway, everyone's experience is uniqe ofcourse and i wish you a very fulfilling journey of recovery from cannabis.

    But i just want to point on some important point. I don't know if you used other psychedelic drugs during this 37 days but what i certainly know is all drugs mainly affect the same circuitry in the brain. Hence, using psychedelics may lead to relapse of cannabis. I mean, all the scientists say that if you're addicted to some drug, you should certainly stay away from all drugs.

    Please keep us posted and take care,


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      hi abiogenesis
      yesterday i took a low dose of shrooms(truffles)with a bit of kava kava and the experience was ok
      it was nothing major and no bad feelings cos kava keeps it under control,but you're right i did miss cannabis a bit cos it adds a special touch
      to the trip so as a replacement i smoked some wild dagga and kept focused on the mushroom teachings,but when i'm sober i don't miss cannabis at all
      i don't even think about it anymore,I'm just tired of withdrawal and i know its gonna take a long tI'me maybe a year or more to get back to normal
      but i know i wont smoke it because i know where it leads(knowledge is power),and to be honest I'm sick of smoking i wasn't enjoying it for the past 2 years
      it was making my life a living nightmare.i'll never make the same mistakes again its all about self-control and the more you know the easier it gets.
      i'll say try iboga and you will never forget trust me,all the best


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        Hi wakeup and welcome.

        It’s probably no coincidence that many of us here are drawn to the more spiritual side of life and feel a similar way to how you do about the pitfalls of modern society, anyone who has read me bang on about how Buddhism has helped me will probably know I totally agree. It’s also no coincidence that we were dawn to these type of drugs, it’s all part of our profile I guess, drugs and spirituality are often associated with each other and many of us have chosen to experiment with these sort of drugs, but there does indeed come a point where you have gained any benefit that you may have to gain from this kind of experimentation and where the regular use of them just turns into hedonism and dependence, becoming a chemical crutch that isn’t really helping us develop, if growth comes from the challenges that you have to overcome in life then using drugs to take the easy way out isn’t really helping us spiritually at all, not when it gets to that stage at least anyhow.

        It’s an interesting one with the ibogaine thing I did a post about it ages ago, you should be able to find it through the search function anyway as I was saying I have looked into it a bit and I am not actually sure what my thoughts are exactly, I must admit I have read some truly amazing things about it, especially when it comes to healing addiction, I have read about the almost NDE like experience in the perspective it can give one, however I have also read that many addicts have said they didn’t really benefit at all, maybe like a lot of chemicals that affect our brains perhaps it can have a different effect on some than it does on others. But as I was saying I have read a fair bit about it’s supposed ability to heal addiction, but I have also read a fair amount about the potential for these types of drugs to harm ones mental health, particularly those who have a vulnerable predisposition in that area, this is why I probably wouldn’t risk it myself as I too have already damaged myself more than enough in that way with my the drug use, I think my brain is just too vulnerable in that way to risk it. I would also agree with abiogenesis about the dangers of people who have had a problem with cannabis using other drugs, I am not sure if taking more drugs is the answer, so I too generally probably wouldn’t advise taking more psychedelics, that said I try to maintain as balanced a perspective as possible and not having taken it myself there is obviously a limit to the advice I can offer, if you are one of those who does find it to be beneficial in this way and as long as it isn’t leading you back the culture of using drugs then perhaps it is of help to you, as I always say in regards to this kind of thing now, we can all react differently. If this is something you feel is right for you just be careful and keep an eye on yourself.

        Anyway it seems like you are determined to get your life back on track, well done on your decision to quit.

        Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it goes.

        All the best
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          hi Cannabis Rehab Admin ,yeah i agree with you that it can lead to hedonism but i don't think it turns to dependence it also depends on the way you used psychedelics (i only take natural ones),i see psychedelics as tools to achieve higher knowledge,to develop a super conscience mind,to commune with everything that is around us etc,there are no limits there's always something to be learned,human beings only use an average of 10% of there brains and psychedelics will definitely open the doors for so much more,the possibilities are endless,so if i kept smoking cannabis everyday its was going to be Impossible for me to retain this fluidity of thought.
          as long as you know what you're doing with psychedelics the potential for learning is unquestable,Imagine the good that it could do to our crazy society,people would be united and living as one for the good of all,i think its our duty as human beings to learn this fundamental truth.for me growth comes from destroying illusions and repetitive patterns and conditions that will keep you stuck.but yeah if people use psychedelics for an easy way out, and not for development then they will never grow,it's just going to confused them even more.
          i read your thread on iboga and blogger let me tell you its the most humbling experience very forgiving,it will give you the chance to amend all wrong doings you've done in your life and much more,it left me in tears for a couple of hours,it truly is like the ultimate absolution,iboga is a way of life.
          as for my recovery I'm doing not bad some times I'm on sometimes I'm off,trying to keep busy and not think to much,i do a lot of reading and drumming lately music gives me an enormous buzz i get so into it to the point that i feel like i cease to exist and become a part of it its an amazing feeling its like I'm flying.once withdrawal is over I'm gonna be so happy,I'm gonna kiss and hug everyone lol.
          how long have you been off it?
          all the best


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            Hi again

            Yes it is a fascinating substance, I watched one documentary where this guy who spends time in various tribal cultures took it and he said a similar thing about feeling at one with everything and how you see that everything is interconnected, how every action we make affects everything else in a butterfly effect like way, how he had a near death like experience and how it felt kind of like dying and been reborn, a complete life review. I don’t for a moment dispute there may be huge potential benefit in regards to experiencing an expansion of consciousness and perhaps many people would benefit from it, I have also read a fair few negative experiences about people experimenting with psychedelics and those whom have mental health problems/vulnerabilities like myself can get into trouble with them, like poor old Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac who perhaps take too much and never really come back, even the clinics that offer iboga therapy are very careful about who they give it to, they don’t consider people with certain types of physical or mental health problems as suitable candidates, so like I say as much as I would love to have this kind of experience I am not sure I would be the right candidate, to be honest I think I have tripped my brain out enough, I already feel permanently between worlds as a result of all the drug I have smoked, having a tendency for bipolar like mania and having smoked a huge amount of the drug and taken other drugs I can identify with much of what the iboga experience describes, but I too feel I have never really came back properly, I have sometimes wondered if iboga could help to fix this as I have read it can be like a reset for the brain at least in regards to addiction, I am attracted to its potential to heal, but like I say fear of tripping myself out even more than I am already along with a predisposition to mental health problems is probably what stops me, so for me personally I have probably decided that the answer isn’t more drugs. But maybe it’s right for some but not for others. Although I personally don’t think that you necessarily have to use drugs to achieve this enlightenment.

            In terms of dependence I was thinking more of cannabis than anything else, which is a mild psychedelic type drug and one that many of us here have got hooked on, but if you are talking about lsd, iboga, peyote, ect, then no people don’t tend to get dependent on those sort of psychedelic drugs or at least I have never really heard of it happening. There may be benefit from using all these sort of drugs but like most things in life there are also pitfalls, maybe it depends on how and why you are using them and how much that you do, like a lot of things in life it’s all about balance, or at least finding the right balance for oneself. Whether we feel that sort of thing is right for us is a personal decision we all have to make for ourselves. We all have to choose the path we feel is right for us.

            You will have to excuse me I am probably starting to rabbit, I do find this sort of thing very interesting, I am afraid you have triggered my chat button and not been what I would consider entirely nero typical have probably experienced a slightly different consciousness/perspective to most, which is probably why it interests me so much, I know one person wrote on one of the bipolar forums I was reading once said normal people will never know how truly beautiful the world really is, maybe that’s what people are wanting to experience and why they take drugs in the first place. One of the reasons I really admire the Buddhist type philosophy is because it’s kind of about creating this type of perspective and consciousness without using drugs, although Buddhism is not necessarily the only way to do it, a Christian, Jew, Muslim, atheist, ect, can do it too, regardless of the dogma it’s the philosophy that’s important, but that to me is real development and spiritual growth, turning this reality into nirvana not a artificially chemically induced one. For more on this sort of thing check out this thread:


            Anyway I will wrap it up there I think, sorry if I have overloaded you with my perspective of it all, it is just that, my perspective, I am sure you will find the path that’s right for you. Well done on your effort so far, I know you can do it!

            Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted.

            All the best and speak soon
            Cannabis Rehab Admin

            If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

            My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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              hi admins,i saw the same documentary (tribe) and i'm currently watching the whole series,bruce is the man he becomes one of the tribe it's brilliant,but there's a better one called ibogaine rite of passage,this one will give you a better picture about the bwiti healing ceremony's and drug addicts partaking ibogaine treatment watch it.from what you have described above i think you would benefit alot,and if fear is the problem let me tell you iboga is a different kind of hallucinogen it will show you all the wrongs you have done in your life with the most peaceful and acceptance feeling that you'll never forget,if you decide to take it prepare yourself for alot of crying it will open all your chakras it's that powerful,my god i'm so thankful for iboga i was so lost before,i now know how to live and the future looks very promising.btw it completely annihilated all cravings for food drugs etc,its like i never smoked pot,but sill suffer withdrawals unfortunately.
              i admire buddhism aswell it creates the same perspective and consciousness as psychedelics do without using drugs like you said,my main thing is shamanism but i'm actually going to read more about it,you've put me in the mood for it.
              it's gettingg a bit late so just wanna say that i'm getting better everyday,but still keeping it very quiet,i don't wanna talk much to people i told mostly everyone i know friends and people at work that i stopped smoking pot so that they'll leave me alone and for now its better this way i cant be bothered with monotonous conversations it annoys me lol,some people don't understand my change they think pot withdrawal is nothing,some of the stoners that i know are in for a rude awakening but its the people that i didn't told that affect me the most because they all liked me i was always happy and now i just want to be left alone so they don't understand,but that's the way it is and i will never change for anybody I'm actually quite happy saying this,its the iboga effect lol.
              all the best


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                marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                Yes Bruce that’s the guy he does do some very interesting documentaries I do enjoy watching his stuff, I have seen a couple of others on people taking ibogaine for addiction but I don’t think I have seen the rite of passage one I may have to check that out, you are right it is fear that probably stops me from trying it, lol that and I probably can’t afford to buy the amount of tissues I would need to get through it, I know it’s meant to be one of the most emotional experiences you will ever have. As I have confessed I am attracted to the idea of something that may help me in that area but have had such a bad experience with taking psychoactive drugs that I don’t really want to risk the progress I have made, I was in a pretty bad way, I still think that I probably don’t react to them very well, they are powerful drugs at the end of the day and people with my kind of mental health vulnerabilities do have to be careful with these type of chemicals, I just don’t think my brain can take anymore psychoactive drugs.

                I think if you are talking about people with addictions as powerful as things like heroin and considering there’s a good chance that kind of addiction can kill you anyway then the ends may well justify the means, but I am still not sure cannabis addiction is powerful enough to justify the risk for someone like me and besides I have been off the stuff for five years now so I am probably not that much in need of healing in that way, I am pretty well recovered in that respect.

                In terms of progressing spiritually/emotionally and considering the risks that I feel apply to me I think pursuing the Buddhist type philosophy natural non psychedelic drug type way is best for me, I guess I still think if you can continue to progress using as few drugs/chemicals and as naturally as possible then it’s probably best to do so, but I guess we just have a difference of opinion there but that’s cool we don’t necessarily all have to agree, we all have to choose the culture and philosophy we feel is right for us. I know you want to pursue a generally drug free life and that the iboga isn’t something you intend to put in its place, I appreciate that’s not the approach.

                So that’s basically my view on it all, it’s still not probably something I would recommend but I have respect for your right to your opinion and approach. I guess we are all just doing what we think is best.

                Good luck with your reading, Buddhism shares a lot of similarities with shamanism, perhaps there’s a bit more meditation than hallucinogens but I guess we all have our different ways of trying to achieve enlightenment. Anyway it’s been a fascinating conversation. I know what you mean about pot withdrawal been totally underestimated, or at least that’s what many of us find anyway, some of us really do find it to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                Anyway good luck and stay strong I am sure you can do it. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

                All the best
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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