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need some advice/help

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  • need some advice/help

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    hello fellow board members, i am having some problems and was hoping for
    some advice. finally getting some sleep but im choking and waking up pretty
    often and feeling like crap in the morning. sleep apnea im assuming seeing as my
    throat is sore and my head feels like mush when i get up,probably lack of oxygen.
    has anyone else run into this?

    the other thing is my brother says i should see a psycologist because maybe i am
    skitzo. i do get pretty wild sometimes,but doesnt everybody?i feel myself getting angry inside
    and often let it go and not say anything. im honestly not wanting
    to take any drugs,im not depressed or suicidal or anything and drugs have made me feel
    that way in the past.i think i have my own thing to deal with, without another complication.
    any thoughts?

    the other thing is my dreams,they are so real and detailed i cant believe it. last night
    i had 3 dreams,all very long and detailed,and strange. this doesnt bother me,but dealing
    with these new things,not sleeping, then my bro saying i should get checked out because
    i might be bi-polar or skitz,then saying that i only have myself to not much in
    the way of encouragement, so far i have had zero, which for the first time since i quit i wanted
    to smoke today. just thought f#@% it. im suppose to be applying for a job as a prison officer,something
    i would have never done before, but things are feeling all a bit much. he has never smoked
    so doesnt understand choofing through ciggs like something mad, two 30g pouches
    since i gave up mj and i seem to be drinking is the first day of feeling like dross.emotionally.
    would be quite easy to feel depressed. just thought i might be able to get some advice from
    people who know what im going through.also my memory is stuffed. its frustrating and embarrassing
    even a bit upsetting,there is a huge blank in my head where everything gets lost. i dunno.
    i feel lost myself. thanks for taking the time to read,hopefully things get better and maybe normal.saturday will be two weeks.
    time put on the brave face again.


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    Hi there Geendude

    I’m no expert but I am 5 weeks clean after a 27 year addiction.

    The dreams are quite normal and nothing to worry about; they will seem both scary and elating but having said that they will settle down after a few weeks. It will take some time for your sleep patterns to return to what you might say is normal. I would suspect that you may be dehydrating during your sleep, I would try drinking a pint of juice before you go to sleep, this will mean getting up to us the toilet but your going to be waking in the night for a few weeks to come any way. This could be the cause of your chocking, simply a dry throat. If you think you have a much deeper routed problem it would be advisable to see your doctor, remember, your medical records are confidential. Try writing down you symptoms and there suspected causes before your visit, and hand these notes to the doctor, doctors love it when you do this as shows a willingness to seek help.

    Above all I would say stick with it dude and try to stay focused on the end game, quitting.

    Kindest regards



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      Hi greendude and welcome to forum,

      People may experience different kind of withdrawel symptoms and there are people who experience physical withdrawel symptoms from cannabis. I didn't experience any physical withdrawels myself but the psychological symptoms you talk about are quite common in the first weeks of soberity. It may take different amount of times for different people for these to be ease but at the end they will pass eventually. It's a healing process of your mind and body from an external substance (cannabis) which spoiled the regular functionality of them. 2 weeks is still very early times and the kind of things that you're experiencing are very normal. For years, your brain got used to function with THC and now you're experiencing all these kind of symtomps because your brain and body are trying to make you get the substance. But as the time passes, your brain will adjust itself to function normally without the drug and all these withdrawels will cease. Hence, it's the time that you're fighting against for and the more time you don't smoke the better your brain will adjust itself to function without the drug and will reach its true capacity eventually. There is not a common rule for everyone for the extent of the withdrawels but they are mainly dependent on how hard your brain functioning is spoiled with the weed. But ones THC is out of your body (which can take up to 6 weeks), things generally get easier and brain starts to recover faster.

      It's always good to see a pschologist during the recovery period because it's your your mind and psychology that's getting healed. What i mean is you don't need to be shitzo or bipolar to see a pscyhologist; and actually i don't advice you diagnosing yourself with such powerful diseases like shitzo. It's not rational and it's also not useful. It takes sometimes years for a pscyiatrist to diagnose people for mental diseases and your symptoms seem to be very normal for a person who is in early soberity. And since the withdrawels itself will/can cause strong mood swings (like the ones of bipolar), i also believe that you have your own thing to deal with and no more complications are needed. Please be patient, stay strong and at the end you will gain your emotions and cognitive abilities back again.

      Please keep us posted on how it goes and take care,


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        Hi Greendude and welcome.

        I am not sure about the sleep apnea, I am aware of the condition but don’t know that much about it, if you are feeling symptoms that are giving you cause for concern though it’s always best to consult your doctor.

        Again when it comes to the mental health side of things if you are experiencing stuff that gives you cause for concern it is always best to consult a doctor, when it comes to mental health problems if that is what you are experiencing the list of potential causes can be pretty long and it’s made even more complicated when you consider that many of the symptoms overlap.

        The things that many of us here experience as a result of quitting marijuana can be vast and as others have said different for everyone, but a change in regards to dreaming seems to be is often one of them, many others report vivid and detailed dreams, you don’t seem to be alone there, so I probably wouldn’t worry too much about that, it is something that can be all part of the process of coming off it. It can affect your head in all kinds of different ways, many of us do report all kinds of weird psychological symptoms but it usually calms down after a little while although again the amount of time it takes can vary, but there is every chance given time you will improve. It’s probably a difficult time to assess yourself psychologically as when you quit pot so much of what you are experiencing can be a result of doing so, which is something else often worth bearing in mind, you may find you are someone who genuinely needs help with mental health, lord knows I have been in my time, although it may calm down once you have been clean for a while.

        Anyway hang in there pal, it can be a bit bumpy for a while, but most people do find after a while things start to even out and usually get better, but don’t be afraid to seek medical help if you feel you need to.

        Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it goes.

        All the best and good luck!
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          Thanks for the reply's, today is officially week 2 (saturday dec 11). im not
          worried about my mental health,my brother has bi polar and seems to think i might do
          too (personally i think is rubbish) for what reason i dont know.probably looking for some
          reason he has it. im quite good to be around actually,to my surprise im friendly and
          getting my sense of humour back. one thing he did get was some advice from a
          psyc for me, he said write everything down, (like you said sterling) dreams,thoughts/feelings.
          just writing down the dreams alone has been,um
          3 days of dreams,two pages on a notepad,and pretty wild shit too. i was told
          to look for a pattern,obviously way too early to tell.

          as far as an update on things,i feel pretty good,i thought to ask someone who was over
          if they had anything,then something inside said "are you out of your fu%#ing mind"
          the thought was soon gone.ironically the person offered me anyway,needless to say
          i said no.its like im someone else now,i just couldnt picture me saying that.
          after she left i had a little chuckle to myself.

          before anyone thinks i am a strong willed person,i have alot of things here to my advantage.
          the first week it was a simple fact there wasnt any weed. i am living in a place that is close
          to paradise,just looking around takes your mind off things. i am not working yet, so i can go fishing
          whenever i like and do my weights (i think working while your quitting could be hard,work can be depressing
          sometimes by itself) and last but not least,i live with my bro and his missus who dont even smoke fags.
          if it wasnt for all these things i might not be how i am at the moment.

          i am noticing things now too that were blocked out by my haze. i havnt had a girl for a while (quite a while)
          because i was just too stoned and not confident enough to get one. i still need to work on my confidence
          but i notice girls checking me out which is a cool feeling. just got to get the balls to talk to them.
          im thinking of buying myself a xmas present too, as a celebration for quitting. my
          sleep is getting better slowly,i also thought about giving up ciggs but to try now would be stupid,
          baby steps. i think thats a whole other bag of worms there anyway and another level in difficulty.

          so far feeling pretty good,need some more veggies in my diet and need to drink more water and less
          alcohol but im getting there. got the forms sent off for this prison officer job, i figure its good to throw
          yourself in the deep end sometimes in order to grow.two years of doing very little and not really having
          a legit job i owe it to me and society. im a bit excited.

          i will keep everyone updated, i know im spilling life story shit but i think its valid and
          this is the only place i can talk the truth. once again thanks for the reply's, this place
          is awesome.

          peace brothers.

          p.s in some time, my name might have to change to cleandude. ha ha ha.

          thanks guys.


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            Very well done greendude. I'm happy that you're feeling better by the time. Stay strong and please keep us posted. I also advice you to get vitamin B, omega 3 regularly and it's very good to try to do some sports. Because THC is still in your body and these will help your body to heal faster. And once THC is out of your system, your brain will adjust it's hormone levels to normal faster. And also remember that this is a long term battle, don't get frustrated if you have mood swings, cravings, i.e.. these are all part of your recovery and i also advice you to do some readings on recovery/relapse prevention skills (i had a post about a useful website for this), then you know what to expect and are more ready to cope with them.

            All the best and take care,
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              Hi Greendude,

              How are you feeling these days? I hope you're doing fine.

              Please keep us posted on how it goes. Because it's very easy to getting lost in the first weeks and it's always good to be in contact with people who can support you in this battle.

              Take care,

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                Yes the first few weeks can be the hardest and probably when the risk of relapse is greatest. Please feel free to ask for support if you feel you need it and remember even if you do slip you can always try again, never give up on giving up, no matter how many times it takes you will get there in the end.

                All the best and please keep us posted.
                Cannabis Rehab Admin

                If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                  first off lett me just take the time to say thanks. you guys are awesome,
                  i was going to reply earlier (16th dec) it was a bad day indeed. some petty
                  shit happened during the day which for some reason unleashed a shitstorm
                  of emotions and basically a complete emotional break down. part of it is battling
                  a hard thing, and the sad but real fact that the world doesnt give a shit and just keeps going.
                  some people saying small things or doing small things can have big impacts.
                  pressure from people and there attitudes make you think why bother, everything is too hard
                  and going unoticed. i had someone staring at me on a scooter a couple of times that day,
                  he would go past and snap his neck looking backwards,looked like he was on meth.
                  by the afternoon i was wanting him to go past so i could stop him and punch the
                  piss out of him. i was wild.

                  on a different note,contrary to my own beliefs,talking about things did actually help.
                  i ended up crying with my brother next to me and having a good d+m for about an hour.
                  i think he was surprised at some of the things i have done and how im feeling. that night
                  i came to talk on here and the pc stuffed me around bigtime. i just thought, whatever and left it.
                  i have had bad luck with heaps of things (mostly small) but they added up too. anyway i had
                  my cry and got on with it, as i said even i was surprised but the cry was needed.

                  im happy to say xmas day was a month (4weeks) feeling pretty swell . my brother said i am an
                  alcoholic even though i only drink about 6 midstregths a night (nothing on what i used to) and never
                  get drunk anymore so i thought it was b/s. so i tried to stop anyway.went a day and
                  wasnt too happy with the whole thing. looked up alcoholic on google
                  and im not one anymore like i thought. i dont condone drinking, but i like a drink and i can
                  control it and do it in moderation (really i like the taste and theres nothing else i can sip on that
                  doesnt have presevatives and sugar in it) so im still on the drink but theres no problems there.
                  (not sure where that was going,probally subject for another forum)

                  anyway,sleep is still a problem and my dreams are pretty crazy to say the least. i have kept
                  a log since the 9th of pretty much everything,should be some good reading later on lol.
                  i actually had a dream i smoked two joints and was quite dissapointed in myself till i woke
                  i have been doing my weights,eating descently and going fishing,all of which i think has helped
                  in leaps and bounds for my recovery. the last week or two i have been trying to set up work
                  and running around. im liking my new found motovation to do stuff and improved social skills,
                  im also re learning how to talk read and write better too. unforunatly some of the people i deal with
                  dont know shit and have quite a plethora of opinions.

                  i was trying to get on unemployment benefit until i get a job, they said are there any certified illnesses
                  or sicknesses that will stop you from working,well no not really there isnt. my brain and body are going
                  through hell at the moment but its not really a sickness or illness is it? i spoke to them for a while and
                  they made me see a doctor so i dont have to look for work for a while. the doctor reckoned "i will
                  only give you two weeks because you will get on the drugs if your bored" -idiot. he doesnt know better
                  i guess,these are the things we have to deal with, oh i have to see a drug and alcohol counsillor,
                  i will go just for a laugh if nothing else.

                  sorry for the short novel,and not replying earlier,some of the reason i didnt is maybe there are people
                  who need the rehab group more than me. anyways your an awesome bunch of people,thanks for taking the time
                  to read my banter and help me and everybody else,you are doing miracle work and i mean that. thankyou.
                  i will definatly keep you updated, for now im going to go enjoy a cold guiness. cheers.


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                    Hi Greendude,

                    It's really very nice to see your emotional growing over the addiction. When I read your post, I see that you're much aware on what's going on, able to analyze your feelings and the things in daily life with a clear perspective. I believe that these are very important achievements, because when we're stoned, it's just the feeling of being high all we aware of and we don't care/think about the rest and hence, we don't have a real perspective on what's going on in real life. I congratulate you again, please keep up the good work and try to enjoy your journey of recovery..

                    "It's not a real sickness or ilness, is it?" I would answer that question with a big "YES". Because your addiction is not something that you can control. Smoking the drug might have been your voluntary choice in the first place, but by the time it grew out of your control because it caused a neurological disorder in your brain. Ok, you're recovering from it right now but you're experiencing some mental symptoms that normal people do not experince, that's because you're recovering from an ilness and during this period, you should be treated as a sick person in my opinion. People consider "depression" as a real disease, right? Or anxiety disorder, bipolar mood disorder? So should be the addiction. Every doctor might not be aware of it but addiction is characterized by a neurological disorder called "compulsive drug seek and use" and it's a real disease like any other mental disease. You may go through the sticky rehab group "useful websites" to read for yourself and have a better understanding. But as I said, even the doctors might not be aware of this fact and they underestimate it's importance. When it comes to perception of addiction, it's really a complicated issue because people mostly don't know what it is and they have a tendency to blame us very easily and associate the addicts with all kind of negative words.

                    I live in the Netherlands and here, I couldn't achieve to detox it because it was so easy to reach and my job was putting so much pressure on me that I continuesly relapsed. Then my doctore gave me a medical report for 6 months during which I returned to my home country, had a totally relaxed time during which I could work on my problem and had psychoteraphy. What I'm trying to say is, my doctor here was well aware of the disease of addiction, and he didn't hesitate for one moment to give me a medical report for 6 months during which I was paid. So, you might make your doctor aware of the fact that you're having a mental problem that's as hard as any other one and during this time, it's best for you to be not under much pressure. You should be legally and financially protected by the government in this period. I don't know how things work in USA but I'm trying to tell how it should be in the ideal case. Of course in some countries, like my home town, you wouldn't get paid even for the diseases which are well understood by people.

                    Effects of alcohol during recovery from the drug is something also quite subjective to different people's experiences. In my case, alcohol always led me to relapse on weed. Because, it always made me feel very bad for the next few days and also made me remember the feeling of "high" which the drug causes. For these reasons, I also don't use alcohol. But the thing is, I never drinked much alcohol, I was always vulnerable to drink and mostly I used it to replace weed. So, if I drink alcohol, it scratches the underlying the drug problem in my case. So, this is something you should analyze regarding your own case. But one thing to say is it's always said that if you're addicted to one substance, you should be careful about all substances. Though, I'm not sure about the difference between 'drug' and 'alcohol' issue. Because they're always treated like different categories. That's may be something you should discuss with your counseler..

                    Anyway.. It makes me happy to see that you're taking back the control of your life. You might be well aware of the fact and it may be silly to say this, but somehow I feel responsible to put this clearly, please never forget that you should'nt smoke no matter what. It mostly takes more than one attempt to quit, and when we fall of the wagon, we should try to be back on the track as soon as possible, and at the end we can achieve our goal, but this doesn't change the fact that every time we slip, it takes us back to square one and we again have to go through all the things we went through once.

                    I wish you all the best and please keep us posted,

                    Merry christmas,
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                      thanks abiogenesis, im pretty chuffed with the way things are going.
                      as far as the sickness and ilness thing i completely agree,thats my point,
                      you should have seen the forms.the questions were set out in a fashion that
                      unless you have cancer or some real bad illness it doesnt count,when i said i was
                      coming off pot after a 6 year stint (as well as other drugs) i got a look like "you smoked
                      some weed,so what) frustrating indeed. thats why i had a good chat with them and tried
                      to make them understand. for the record im in Australia.

                      on the drinking subject and alcohol,my experiences with it make me a bit of a lecturer sometimes
                      on that point. (before this this is thought to be bragging its certainly not im quite ashamed of this)
                      i was drinking a bottle of bacardi a day straight and took a keen liking to stout (extra stout) which
                      is 6-8% per stubby. needless to say i did some stupid shit. drove a car (putting peoples lives at risk)
                      stole things, wrecked things including relationships,ended up in court,had my things stolen because i was
                      too pissed,got assaulted and had my car stolen when i was drunk, heaps of shit. i was done for drink
                      driving four times (luckily escaped jail) and decided to call it quits. adding to the list getting drunk on week
                      nights and fighting with my parents, also not remembering squat the next day. having to always ask people
                      what i had done the night before. disgusting.

                      then i started drinking light beer (a godsend for me) and everything changed. no more drunk,no more forgetting,
                      no more trouble,and definatly no more drink driving. i realised everytime i was in court or getting in the shit for
                      doing something stupid i was drinking,and i would never do it i said i dont get drunk anymore,the beers i drink are 2.5-3.5% (soy sauce has more alcohol) they are pretty much like soft drinks for me. just clarifying.
                      i agree though if you give up the drug then start drinking you havnt really achieved much. the strongest thing
                      i have now is guiness 4% and thats only a treat evry now and then, or some red wine (very rarely). this weekend was week 4 so i indulged in some cans. as i said i dont condone drinking,if anything i say keep away from it,
                      people think its safe but as far as i am concerned it can ruin lifes as quick as me ive been there,
                      and have mates who's lives it has actually ruined with kids and a missus, nasty stuff.

                      just thought i would explain that, i dont want people thinking im quittting the drug and going to get drunk,
                      or thats a way to do things, its not. i come from a long line of pissheads its in my blood, i honestly have
                      control over it and as far as iam concerned im no longer a "pisshead"

                      on an funnier note (i dont know whether i should be sharing this or not lol) lastnight i had a dream
                      i was a pornstar, ha ha ha, making videos with hot girls. and yes the dream was quite detailed indeed,
                      i wasnt too happy when i had to wake so..... the detailed dreams do have there benefits.
                      apperantly ( i was looking it up) there are ways to control your dreams, i used to be able to as a kid,
                      i think that would be cool. i dont know why i tell you guys some of the stuff i do,just feel at home here i guess.

                      *hopefully there isnt too much innapropriate stuff in there.
                      cheers, merry xmas.


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                        Eheh, I also used to like these detailed and vivid dreams when I was coming off cannabis, sometimes they were like nightmares but, after not being dreamed for 4 years, I appreciate any kind of dream even they are not always pretty.

                        I guess the important issue about your alcohol consumption is that you honestly think that you have control over it. Because the line of alcoholism and addiction starts with uncontrolled behavior over these things. Though, things which are out of control now, were in control ones. So, I suggest you to keep an eye on your alcohol consumption. I mean, always honestly be sure that you have control over it

                        All the best and merry christmas,


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                          Hi Greendude,

                          How is it going? I hope you had a nice christmas and my all best wishes for the new year. Are you still into these funny dreams?

                          All the best and please keep us posted,


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                            marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                            another update

                            Well been a while between posts but everything is going well. i have just been
                            busy and occupied with other stuff. well november 26/27 was the last day i smoked
                            until far i have been feeling terrific,confidence coming back massively,
                            little to no paranoia and just a general up beat feeling. I was at some freinds place
                            (dont know them all that well) and they just bought a foil. i was offered and could have easily said
                            no but thought "[email protected]$k it i know i have the will power now to only do it once, ile have a cone
                            for the sake of it." i packed a large cone and ripped it down.

                            The whole procedure brought back memories (as it would) and surprisingly i didnt cough.
                            thats where the good part of the story ends. it was half descent pot and i got very stoned
                            from it,wasnt cool at all.i felt as if i had lost control,couldnt think straight and had trouble
                            talking to people,ontop of that throw in some paranoia and heart pulvitations and yer.awesome.

                            Well i felt like shit obviously but decided to go out on the town aswel.also very stupid indeed,if it could
                            get more stupid.i was paranoid the whole time just about,couldnt handle drinks very well and thought
                            "if trouble starts im in the shit" pretty scary really.

                            now i really do appreciate being sober and alert,and just really am glad i stopped smoking.
                            i wouldnt reccomend even trying it again for kicks,it is truly not worth it. well i have a good
                            job now and just purchased a harley davidson with my savings,ontop of feeling wonderful.
                            still smoking (ciggy's) and drinking but nothing out of hand,thats for another day.
                            on a side this image verification is bullshit i can never work it do they
                            make it so hard?anyway

                            got a tattoo on the stomach "one day at a time" thats how i did it and thats how it has to be.
                            good luck to my fellow ex smokers,it truly is so much better without it. i though it was hype but
                            its true,i have been changed as a human being.also my memorie is slowly getting better.

                            (i know this all sounds very tony robbins, self help guy,get your life on track & all that b.s)
                            but im being dead honest.thanks for everyones help so far,happy easter and good luck to
                            i will try and help where i can.


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