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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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My turn to quit marijuana!

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  • My turn to quit marijuana!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello! I am so glad is here! I've been reading posts here for a few weeks, while I was mentally preparing to detox smoking. These posts have helped me to understand what I'm feeling, and I do appreciate all of the info.

    I'm 44, and I've been a heavy daily smoker since I was 20. I smoke about 1/2 oz per week, give or take, but its usually just regular stuff, and only occasionally the more expensive stuff. To tell you the truth, I really enjoy my high. I have never tried to detox before, ever. The reason I decided to detox now is that I am engaged to be married and we will be going on a 10 day cruise on May 2 for our honeymoon. This cruise is something I have always wanted to do, but never could because I could never go for that long without weed. Most of my vacations are taken in the car so I can take my the drug with me.

    The few times in the last 24 years that I couldn't find the drug has been a nightmare. I am a complete fool without weed. When I have daily weed, I smoke in the morning, at lunch, and all night till bedtime. I am normally always happy, I have a good job at a college, I also just graduated from college last May (a little late! but I did it!). I feel like I am a productive person living a productive life. I homeschooled my kids (they are grown now), I volunteer at a museum, I have a succsessful eBay business, and I have a great life. I feel like pot gives me the energy to be productive, it makes me feel good, and it makes me feel normal.

    Now, I must say that when I don't have weed, I am a very ugly person. I generally make sure to get more before I run out, but occasionally I have to wait and I run out. During the times I am "out" I have headaches, sweating, uncontrolable shaking, mental fog, flu-like symptoms, depression, and I am short tempered and irritated with everyone and everything. I'm a BIG BABY with no pot, and that makes me sad! 2 weeks ago I was out for 6 days, and it was so bad for me. I was so miserable and so sick that when a friend called and had a bowl to share, I drove 15 minutes in an icy snowstorm, in my PJ's, at 11:00 at night, just to share 1 bowl. I felt perfectly fine within 5 minutes of getting to her house.

    From reading these posts, I now see why my behavior has been ugly. I'm addicted! I feel like I have an excuse for my behavior (well, kind of!) but that doesn't make it any easier. I can understand my behavior a little better now.

    I've been so worried about the detox (mental and physical) trauma I will have to go through, and I have been dreading quitting. My job is my biggest fear. How am I possibly going to go to work and act like there is nothing wrong when I am in mental and physical pain?? Call in sick?? What if my detox takes weeks? or months?? My boss is not understanding at all, and I have NEVER called in sick in 5 years. (during the 6 days I was out, I worked in a different office ALONE, so I was able to barely get through the days at work. This month, I am side-by-side with my boss!! The fear of screwing up at work has kept me wanting to smoke to keep things normal.

    Although it will be hard, I made the decision that I need to detox before the big honeymoon cruise. It is not an option to take pot with me, and I don't want to be an ugly person on my honeymoon. SO, I smoked my last bowl at 1:00 AM last night (just about 24 hours ago).

    Today hasn't been bad at all. I have been in a great mood all day. Laughing, joking, and keeping busy. Physically, I have had a minor low-grade headache since about 2:00 PM, and my hands were sweating like crazy earlier tonight for about 15 minutes, although not sweating now. My appitite was OK today, but not great. No other physical symptoms today. (YAY ME!!!!)

    For mental symptoms, I have thought about pot all day long, but I don't feel like I HAVE to have some. I felt like something was missing all day, or that I was forgetting something, but it wasn't too bad. At this point, I feel this is do-able.

    I am hoping tomorrow is as good as today was, but from my own experiences and from reading this forum, I know the worst is probably coming soon.

    Thanks for reading this! There is really nowhere else I can go to talk about all this. I'm glad to have this place where people understand what I am going through. My smoker friends seem to all be able to go without pot with no trouble, and they don't see what the big deal with quitting is.
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    I've found that the times I was out of pot, and wanted some, were worse than the times I wanted to detox and didn't smoke. I'm on day 25 without, and I haven't had a bad day yet.

    Are you planning on quitting permanently, or only for the cruise?


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      Hi Mountainbreeze and welcome to the forum,

      Firstly let me say that we make our decisions in our lives by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the things we chose to do. This cost/benefit process is always there, sometimes conciously and mostly subconciously. However when it comes to the addiction, our decisions are not based on this subconcious cost/benefit analysis; our neurology pushs us to do one and only thing: "use the substance". You say that you're very happy, everything seems great in your life though your the drug abuse, but if you were'nt addicted, the capacity of your brain would be better I believe. I read many scientific articles about the effects of substances and I didn't see any single information on the positive effect of substances on our cognitive abilities or on our hormonal systems. Hence, one thing is very clear in my opinion, even if one can get along well with his life while he's addicted, it doesn't change the reality that his true capacity would be higher and could be enjoying life more and doing diverse things if he wasn't addicted.

      It's always the decision of one to detox or not but the decision itself is corrupted by the addiction. Hence, when someone says that 'he doesn't want to detox because his life is better with weed': this statement is not the person talking for himself, it's the disease of addiction talking instead. But as we become aware of some facts (like your realization of your addiction while reading this forum), then we can start to interfere with the frequency of the addiction radio and speak for our realselves.

      About the withdrawel symptoms.. I think making a preassumption about the intensity of the symptoms is no use to someone. You can never know what you will experience because each individual's experience is unique since each person is unique. The knowledge that comes with other people's experiences has the 3 main points in my opinion: i) to reassure one that whatever he is experiencing is temporary; it's his body/mind reacting to withdrawel of THC from its system, ii) As time goes by, his body/brain will adjust itself to function without THC and the symptoms will ease. iii) And one is recovered from the addiction, it will worth everything he went through.

      I also think that, withdrawals caused by the drug is nothing compared to withdrawels from strong substances like heroin, people can learn to go on with their lives during withdrawel, and for your biggest fear, your job will not necessarily affected badly during withdrawel, instead it can positively affect your symptoms because distracting ourselves is the best thing we can do during withdrawels.

      Hence, I advise you to stay positive and not to expect worst to come, but expect to get better when the worst comes. And I don't believe it's the withdrawals that make it hard to detox weed, it's the hardwired neurological codings in our brain whic lead us to relapse. Because many people stay sober for the first weeks where the withdrawels are hardest but then after sometime they relapse because they are not aware of the fact that it's not the withdrawals that make the recovery a long term battle; it's the renewal of their whole neurological structure in their brains. That's why one should read a lot on addiction to help building of this new structure.

      I wish you all the best during your cruise, please feel free to discuss more and post about how it goes,

      Take care,


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        I am SOOOO hoping that is what is going on with me. I hope, hope, hope, that my previous symptoms will not show thier ugly head because I DECIDED to detox this time. Maybe it was my panic to find the drug that caused me to be so sick previously (self-induced sickness)

        As for quitting permanently or not, I haven't really decided. Right now I think I will get through this detox, get through the cruise and then make the decision whether to smoke again or not. I would love to detox permanently and live without pot BUT if I told myself this is a permanent quit, I would be in mental agony. I suppose I am trying to fool myself into quitting temporarily, but I hope that when I come back home in mid-may I will be happy and healthy enough that I won't feel the need to pick it back up.


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          Thank you for your thoughtful and informative reply! I have often wondered if I would have been a MORE productive person than I am now without the drug in my life. It's difficult to say because I see daily I am WAY more productive than many straight people I know. Pot doesn't affect me like it does to others I know. I don't get stoned and watch TV or lay around. I smoke and I write a theses. Or I smoke and I build a website, or re-decorate my bathroom, or scrub my oven. Also, I don't get glassy red eyes and no one can tell if I'm stoned or not.

          Then again, after reading some posts from people who have quit smoking months ago, and still feel like they are in hell with brain fog, depression, etc...... and I was wondering if maybe I have been self-medicating all this time and the pot has helped me to cope when I wouldn't have been able to cope being straight.

          I do think I am healthier mentally, happier, and I am way more secure and sure of myself at age 44 than I was at 20. I feel like I am at a place in my life where I am mature enough to quit, if that makes sense.

          Today's report (almost 48 hours with no smoking): Mentally I still feel OK today. Good mood, laughing and joking as usual. I still thought about pot all day, and talked about it a lot. But no huge desire to run out and get some. I'm a little bored (and "bored" is not a word in my usual vocabulary, with pot in my life I was NEVER bored) and my motivation is low. My house is a mess and I could care less if I clean it, also not usual for me. maybe a bit of depression creeping up?

          Physically: I've been OK today. No low-grade headache (I'm amazed I had no headache, that is my usual first symptom w no pot), very minor sweaty hands, no shakes or shivering.

          Again, Thanks for your reply!
          Now I am going to force myself to get up and clean my house a little.


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            I also believed for quite some time that the drug was making me more productive. But after seen what my productivity became at the end, I'm a little over-cauties I guess when it comes to drugs and addiction. We can never be sure where it leads to us at the end and mostly not to a good place. But you're 44, has been a smoker since 24 years and you know best how it affects you. By the way, does your partner smokes and how's her perception about this?

            I wish you all the best and please keep posted on how it goes,


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              Hi mountainbreeze and welcome.

              It’s not until you want to go on holiday, a holiday that will be difficult to smoke the drug that is that you realize just how hooked you are, I often think that many of the people who are so utterly convinced they aren’t addicted are people who don’t go without it for any significant period of time, but that’s another point I won’t digress into that. Anyway, if you truly weren’t addicted to the drug then you probably wouldn’t feel what you do when you don’t smoke it, but I guess you know that already.

              It’s a tough one with the work situation, if it effects you that bad then maybe you may need some time off, although it may not be that bad, it isn’t for everybody, just like some of your pot smoking friends not everybody finds it that hard, although the fact that you have experienced what you have in the past from not smoking does perhaps suggest that you have more of a potential for addiction than perhaps some of your buddies do and that it may get a little bumpy a little further down the line, sometimes it can take a little while to kick in so just be prepared, but let’s hope that it won’t be too bad, judging from how it’s going so far it may not be.

              Anyway take care and please keep us posted.

              All the best and good luck!
              Cannabis Rehab Admin

              If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

              My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                DAY 3 FOR ME!!!

                Abiogenesis- Thank you again for your reply! I'm a gal, and my fiance is a guy. He has been straight now for almost 8 years. He doesn't smoke ciggs, drink, or do anything anymore. He never was a pot smoker though, it wasn't his drug of choice. Of course he has said in the past 2.5 years since we have been together that he would love it if I quit smoking, he doesn't really mind it too much. other than the smokey house and the smell, he can't tell if I am stoned or not anyway. He has paid for my pot when I was out of cash in the past (he makes 3X more money than I make), and has even called his druggie friends to help me find it when I was out. He is more than supportive of my detox and tonight he told me he wishes he could do my detox for me. What a sweetie!

                Cannabis Rehab Admin - Thanks for your reply! I have known for a long time I was addicted to pot, but never had any reason to detox smoking. When we planned this cruise 5 months ago, I knew I was going to have to be able to go 2 weeks without, and I decided I was OK with quitting, at least for the cruise.
                I have one more precious day off and I go back to work wednesday. Working and detoxing at the same time has been the only anxiety I have. So far I'm doing OK with my detox, and if I continue like this I feel I will do OK at work wednesday. If my detox gets bad, I will probably call in sick and continue to lick my wounds in private for as long as I can get away with it.
                I'm kind of waiting for my detox to get worse than it is now, waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I'm so glad for and I feel it has helped me SO MUCH to read others progress with detox. I think having this knowledge is helping me to know what to expect, and to know others are feeling this way too. I don't feel so alone.

                On to my daily progress report!
                DAY 3: I feel OK today, but not good or great. I was in a cold sweat through the night last night, but I seem to be sleeping OK considering that. I layed in bed all day and read a book. I haven't layed in bed all day for many years but that was all I felt like doing today. I didn't even want my TV on or to check email, etc....I feel BLAH. No desire to do anything at all. NONE. I forced myself to get minimal house chores done before my fiance came home from work. When it was time for me to cook dinner, I felt cranky and I didn't feel like cooking. My fiance and my 21 yr old son jumped up and cooked the dinner I had planned to cook (I love those guys! They really came through for me!) I felt better after I ate, and I did clean the whole kitchen after (and they made a HUGE MESS! LOL)

                Slight low-grade headache this afternoon, but I took 1000mg of Ibu and it went away within 20-30 min.

                Sweaty hands and feet several times today. But that seems to come and go. right now my feet are sweaty, but my hands aren't. Strange.

                A few times today I felt exausted when I got up to do something (like take a shower, or clean up the house).

                I am wondering if I will feel worse soon, or if this is as bad as it's gonna get. I read in another post that the 4th or 10th day can be bad. I feel like I am a big science experiment right now. Waiting to see what happens.
                I was thinking, when I ran out of smoke a few weeks ago and I couldnt find anything for 6 days, I was a mess. Shaking and flu-like symptoms within the first few days, and very cranky. But maybe I did most of my detox during those 6 days?? Since that time I smoked 1 ounce of pot and then I quit 3 days ago. So maybe I'm just detoxing my final ounce right now and thats why it's not as bad as it was? I sure hope thats the case!
                The way I feel now is not horrible, and I feel this is still do-able. It's just annoying to feel blah and yuck. I can't wait to have a happy day again! Hopefully soon.
                Thanks again everyone, for listening! I'll be back with another progress report tomorrow night.


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                  DAY 4 PROGRESS REPORT

                  Hello all! Although I expected a detox crash today, I had a pretty good day. I still had most of the same symptoms I had yesterday (night sweating, sweating hands, low grade headache) I didn't feel BLAH. I slept pretty good last night, and when I woke up I felt OK. I actually got out and ran a few errands, and cleaned the house today.

                  My detox is mild so far, but I know the crash could still come.

                  One thing I have noticed, I cant seem to regulate my body temp. Hot, cold, hot, cold.
                  I also feel like the brain-fog came today. I feel a little strange, and I have to really concentrate when someone talks to me to be able to compute what they are saying.

                  So far so good, I'll be back with a reprot for day 5 tomorrow.


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                    Hi mouaintainbreeze,

                    I kind of wish you had decided to detox a month or two ago, as the only thing that brought me to this cannabis rehab site was me trying to find some blog or journal of someone withdrawing from marijuana, so I could have a good look at the symptoms, etc. I decided to detox (the end of day two - actually the beginning of day three, as it is early in the morning here, and I can't sleep (as usual, when I try to quit)), but I wanted to get a real good idea of what I was in for. Your post is great.

                    Personally, I have had real trouble with sleeping, and night sweats, in the past. I have also had the "foggy head", but not realised it was part of withdrawing. Of course, magically it goes away when I relapsed. I am actually a doctor, and still didn't really have any idea of what to expect. Reading on this cannabis rehab site has made me aware that many other symptoms (that, as a doctor, I catastrophised, and thought were the sign of some really serious illness) that I experienced were just part of the ride. But now, finding it so hard to think straight, I realise that it will pass, there is nothing to worry about, and that even if it gets worse from here on in, I know that there will, eventually, be a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm just guessing here, but think back to when you were in labour with your son - I'm sure it hurt like hell, it seemed like it would never be over, and that you just wished you had never got pregnant. But I'm sure, also, that it wasn't too long after meeting your little baby for the first time that you realised that you would have gone through ten times the ammount of pain rather than never have had him.

                    As for your comments about functioning well when stoned, etc - that really rings a bell with me. Initially, I used to get out and do all sorts of constructive, creative, wonderful things. But slowly that just seemed to evaporate, and all I used to do was get stoned and read books (on the plus side, I have gained such a phenomonal knowledge of all sorts of things as a result). As I said, I am really finding it hard to think straight, but what I'm trying to say is that, at least in my experience, the good bits mainly left me, and only the nasty bits remained. I still think that, even when smoking, I functioned WAY better than most people I know, but I also know that when I have quit for long enough to get myself back to near normal, I funtion WAY better than I did when stoned (and therefore, by definition, WAY, WAY better than most people)

                    I, too, am ambivalent about quittting "forever" - I'm quitting because I can see what it has done to me, not because I am forced into it (like, the cruise), but I still believe that nothing is all black or all white. I like smoking, I like the way it makes me think, I just don't like what it does to me. I'm honestly considering what I want to do about it long term - but for the short term, I know I want to get totally clean. Anyhow, keep posting, as I really like your "journal", and just remember - you're doing this so you can go on a cruise for your honeymoon - i.e. a great holiday, and a lifelong (hopefully) committed relationship - isn't it worth quitting for that alone?


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                      Hello NotMyRealName! Thanks for your reply! I too came to to read other people's experiences with quitting pot, and it has helped me so much. I am also sorry I am not farther along in my detox, but maybe since we seem to be in the same place, we can help each other get through this rough time. I am curious to know how long you have been smoking pot, and how much per day? (I've been smoking daily for 24 yrs, and about 1/2 oz to an oz per week from my pipe. Joints and bongs cause me to go through more pot and since I smoke all day long it is more cost effective to use my pipe)

                      I still carry the belief that I was a functioning pot smoker, I never thought my addiction was hindering any part of my life. Well, of course I've never been able to go on a cruise while addicted, but I don't consider that to be hindering my life. I do realize I may be fooling myself with that thought, but I have no evidence as yet that pot was causing me problems. I'll revisit that thought after I am completely clean and see what I think then!

                      I like your analogy about having a baby and knowing the pain, and then seeing the reward and knowing it was totally worth the pain! Good one! As a matter of fact, I had 4 kids, and I know the pain and reward very well!

                      So, on to my DAY 5 REVIEW!

                      Well, today was quite interesting. It wasn't a bad day, but not good either. I had awful night sweats last night. I woke up soaked a few times. YUCK! The positive side of the sweating is that I'm getting rid of toxins! My (adult) son said if I rolled my sheets up and smoked them, I could probably get high! LOL!

                      I seem to sleep OK, even though I'm sweating profusely, I don't feel I have insomnia. I wake up covered in sweat, change PJ's, and go back to sleep.

                      I had to work today, but lucky for me I ended up working alone today in an off-campus office. (I work for a college). Tomorrow I have to work with my boss, so we'll see how that goes.

                      I had a low-grade headache pretty much all day. I kept taking Ibuprofin but I still have the headache. Can anyone advise me about taking so much Ibuprofin every day? I'm taking about 1000 to 2000 mg per day for the last 5 days straight and I am beginning to worry about damage to my liver/kidneys. This can't be good for me!

                      I still have sweaty hands off and on throughout the day.

                      Mentally I have serious brain fog today. Everything I try to do comes out jumbled and mixed-up. My concentration is awful, and I keep forgetting things that are important. If this post is confusing, it's my brain fog! It has taken me over an hour to get this far.

                      I have been drinking a lot of water, I'm very thirsty all the time for the past 5 days. Also, my appitite seems to be OK, and I have been eating 2 small meals a day. I seem to get hungry, but can't eat as much as I used to. I haven't raided my kitchen for munchies at night either for the past 5 days.

                      For most of the day I was in a good mood. I caught myself singing while I was doing laundry, and again driving to work. At times I felt almost manic. Really full of energy and I felt like I was high on something. Very hyper.

                      Later today I took an hour long nap and again I woke up covered in sweat.

                      I have been dreaming for the past few nights, but no bad dreams.

                      All of the physical and mental detox symptoms are do-able for me, but just annoying to deal with. I have work and other obligations that are beginning to need attention, and my brain fog is making things difficult. Example: I have 300 items that need to be uploaded to ebay so I can sell them, this should have been done days ago and I haven't even started. Also, I needed to wash the sweaty sheets and blankets and I put them in the washer this morning. When my fiance was ready for bed tonight, I remembered the sheets were STILL in the washer. I had completely forgotten about them. UH OH BRAIN FOG!!!

                      I have managed to keep my moods under control for the most part. I feel irritable sometimes and I have to tell myself to calm down. I was printing cruise documents tonight and my printer was messing up. I was so frustrated I almost started crying. Definately not my normal self at all! I'm very fragile right now.

                      I still think about pot all day long. My pipe is in a drawer and although I have no pot, I have often thought about scraping some resin out of the pipe and smoking that. (yuck!) but I guarantee it will make me feel better immediately. The main reason I haven't done that is that I really want to know how long this detox will last, without disturbing the process by adding more THC.

                      I have also said several times tonight that this detox is ridiculus. So stupid to put myself through this detox when I was doing just fine on pot. I had no problems when I was smoking, and now all of my problems are due to detox, and some of this could cause major damage to my job and my life because I am unable to be the person I was last week.
                      I'm so scared to face my boss tomorrow. If she notices me being manic, hyper, moody or having concentration problems, she may likely think I am "on" something. I am in line for a HUGE promotion at work and I may just screw up my chances because of this detox. Isn't that crazy? I was fine on drugs, now I'm straight and could potentially screw up all of the hard work I have done while stoned! I feel I'm going backwards and that is causing me stress and anxiety.

                      I am staying strong, and staying straight through all of that! Why? because the reward of my cruise is worth it I suppose. Also, I am just a little curious to see when these detox symptoms will even out. I also keep telling myself I will smoke again in a few months. When I feel weak, I come and read these boards, which makes me strong again.

                      As annoyed as I am with this whole detox process, it is still do-able, and really not horrible.

                      I'll be back tomorrow with my day 6 report, I wish you all well in your detox!


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                        DAY 6 REVIEW

                        I have good news! I had a really good day today! WOOHOO!

                        Last night I was trying to sleep and I was hot-cold-hot-cold and couldn't seem to regulate my body temperature. After I finally fell asleep I was fine, and I didn't have night sweats as bad as the night before (day 5 night sweat was the worst ever! I was drenched!). Last night was minor sweating, which I feel is progress!

                        I felt OK when I woke up, and I went to work. I did fine with my boss and co-workers, this was the first time I had to face them since I started my detox and I was worried about my behavior. I did fine.

                        No headache today, my appetite was fine, my mood was good, I am still very thirsty all the time and I've been drinking a lot of water the past 5-6 days.

                        No manic or hyper mood like I had yesterday. Just a general good mood all day, and again I caught myself singing along with the car radio and while doing household chores.

                        The only detox symptoms I felt today was that my hands were sweaty at times throughout the day. The sweaty hands seems to come and go and will last up to an hour or so, then it goes away.
                        I also felt brain-fog again today, but really only once when my best friend was giving me directions over the phone to meet her for lunch. I couldn't compute what she was saying but she repeated the directions several times and I finally got it! ( it was actually a little funny, and we laughed about it!)

                        Tonight my mood is good, no irritability today at all.

                        So honestly, I can't believe I had such a good day with very few detox symptoms. I have to think maybe this is going to be over soon, although I can't believe it was much easier than I thought it would be after 24 years of heavy daily smoking.

                        I'll see what happens tomorrow, and I hope for a good day again!

                        I will be back with a review of day 7 tomorrow!


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                          Hi mountainbreeze,

                          I wanted to reply to your post earlier, but have been so flat out that I haven't had a chance. Firstly, I would say that 1000 -2000 mg of ibuproen is WAY too much (athough I am no expert on this, and always read product information, etc, etc), and that it could cause stomach ulcers, kidney problems, all sorts of stuff I am too foggy to remember. I would reccoment paracetamol (?is that Tylenol over there - I don't know), and NEVER take more than the reccomended dose, as whilst it is pretty harmless if taken according to instructions, an overdose can, at worst case scenario, kill you unless you get a liver transplant. This advice is informal, and please don't consider it real medical advice, as I don't know enough about you, etc.

                          How am I going, and how much did I smoke? Hmmm, second question first. I smoked very occasionally for about six years, travelled to India and backpackked by myself for a few months (in the middle of summer - what was I thinking?!) and there got stoned pretty well every day. Since then (about fifteen years ago) my use slowly crept up. I do remember, at one stage soonish after I returned, making a quarter last a month or so - I have recently managed to go through a quarter in a day (a full on day, though). But my use has never been totally steady - depending on all sorts of circumstances I wouldn't smoke for, initially a few months, to, this past year at least, I think three to maybe four weeks tops. But, when I use, I USE. I have found that I just cannot have it in the house and leave it unsmoked, as much as I wish I could. To counter this, I score very smallish ammounts (3 -4 -5g), and, as I know how long such an ammount will last me (a day, or two at the most), I kind of tailor my buying to my lifestyle - i.e. if I am to have my children over the weekend, then I try to ensure that my stash runs out Friday night. I really don't want to be stoned when my children are around, but if there happens to be some unsmoked stuff left, then I can hear it calling my name all day. I try to make do with just one joint before bed in these circumstances, but it ashames me to say that there have been occasions whan I have "suggested" that they might like to watch a DVD during the day (something I normally disapprove of), so I can take a quick hit whilst they are in front of the screen. On the rare occasion I have been busted by one or the other of them (wanting something), I tell them that I am smoking a "cigarette" (I only smoke tobaacco when I'm getting stoned, but they don't know this), and tell them to keep out of the room I'm in as it is bad for their breathing. Sometimes, such as over holidays when they are away with their mother, then it can be an all day, every day sort of thing (except the odd day I have to work, in which case I am hanging out terribly for the day to end) (which itself is odd, as the two/three days in a row I might not smoke when I have the children, I feel no urges whatsoever). I smoke joints - I like the ritual of rolling them (see what I posted on my thread to abiogenesis about this), and the paraphenalia I have to go with it. I have a lovely silver cigarette case that was my grandfather's (he died when my father was a little boy) that he got for Christmas 1915, whilst at war, and is signed (with engraving inside) by every member of his cavalry regiment (he was on the other side, I'm afraid, as my father was Hungarian). My father, although he never gave this to me - I found it in a suitcase of old photos, etc, a few years before he died - obviously had it on him when he escaped communist Hungary after WWII as he scratched the name of a very serious girlfriend he met in Rome on his travels under the engraved name of his father (surnames only, so it could be him, also). I, having used one side of the open case to mull up on (papers, scissors, cigarettes etc, etc, fit perfectly into the other) so many times, have given it a bit of a wear that the other side doesn't. Three generations of one family leaving their mark, in very different ways, on the one object. I like it (in a good/bad way). I intend to give it to my son for Christmas in 2015 (when he will be twelve, a good age for such a thing), and I hope to not need it at all, and also to be able to tell him how I left my mark, as a cautionary tale so that he doesn't fall into this trap.

                          I am going OK, except I am SOOOOO tired. I slept about four hours night one, zero minutes night two, then (!) drove a few hours in the most atrocious conditions I have ever experienced (driving sub-tropical rain, spray so thick you can't see the car in front, heaps of traffic all speeding on the freeway - aghhhh!) because I had promised my children I would take them on a holiday to Brisbane, and wasn't going to let them down. Had heaps of fun navigating an unfamiliar city, in pouring rain, on no sleep, with my head full of cotton-wool. I slept about five hours night three (and sweated like a pig), and feel a bit better, but my mind is soooo foggy. I am finding it so hard to think, to find words, to remember what I was going to say. I haven't felt any urge to smoke at all (although, on previous attempts, it has been awful), and my mood has been OK, although I am being sorely tried by my four and a half year old daughter, who is already in training for the 2024 Olympics (just in case "pushing the boundaries" becomes an Olympic sport, in which case she is a shoe-in for the gold. The worst I have got is to speak very sternly and say "I'm going to get really grumpy in a minute if you keep this up!" (internally: "I just want to scream, and scream, and scream, and then go to sleep").

                          I have horrible headaches, fuzziness, etc, but I feel I have turned a corner a bit today. Amongst the many things we did was visit the Museum of Contempory Art, which had some really inspiring stuff (although, in the middle of our summer holidays, you can imagine how crowded it was with families - actually the other Museum, which was doing a special on dinosaurs, was absolute, absolute, hell), and when I said, out loud "Oh, that is fantastic!", my boy asked "Why, daddy?" I had made it a policy that I was never, ever, going to fob off my children's questions with stuff like "You wouldn't understand", so I tried - remember, my head is full of cotton wool, to explain an installation revolving around a Yasser Arafat quote, the colour Yves Klein blue, the art movement he epitomised, carbon copy sheets (what the hell are they, thinks a kid born with a mouse in it's mouth), and the commentary it is making on society. Managed to get the main points across (thanks to having answered lots of other questions previously, so he was aware of the Palasteain/Israel situation, and even knew of Yves Klein blue (What's your favourite colour, daddy?) Surely, that has got to count as a corner.

                          Must go now, keep you posted.


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                            Hello NotMyRealName,
                            You sure have a lot going on while you detox! I can't imagine taking care of young kids during my first detox week. Wonderful for you to take on a small vacation too, and hopefully it provided some distraction from the detox symptoms you have had. I do hope you get some better sleep soon!

                            Thank you for your advice about my Ibuprofin intake, I will discontinue using it for now.

                            My DAY 7 REVIEW!

                            Today was another good day for me. My detox symptoms seem to be subsiding each day and I feel better and better.

                            Last night I still had night sweats, although not too bad, hopefully most of the THC is out of my body and the night sweats will stop soon. My sleeping is ok. No insomnia but I feel I would sleep better if I could stop the sweating.

                            I'm still dreaming but no nightmares yet, and I can't remember my dreams when I wake.

                            I woke up feeling good, and I worked today. It went well and again, I did fine.

                            No headache today, and not too much brain fog- although I still feel it is there just a little bit.

                            My sweaty hands did much better today! I don't recall that my hands were sweaty at all today. Or at least I didn't notice if they were.

                            I have had a good appitite. I ate an apple this morning, my sweetie took me out to lunch, and I'll cook dinner soon. I have dropped a few pounds this week,and I'm happy that I don't have the late night munchies anymore!

                            I still think about pot all the time, but it isnt really hard to keep away from it. My pipe and tray still sit in the drawer untouched in a whole week! And for now, they will stay where they are because I'm doing fine.

                            So far so good, and I'm doing it! I feel so proud of myself for going for a week with no pot. This is something I never would have thought I could do. I also smoke cigarettes and I have tried to detox smoking cigs about 4-5 times in the past. All unsuccessful attempts and within a few days I am back to smoking. Personally I feel that quitting pot was much easier than quitting cigarettes. I am now toying with the idea of attempting to detox the cigarettes again, but I'll wait another week or two to make sure my pot detox is still going OK before I try that.

                            So, after 1 week with no pot entering my system I feel good! I never thought I would say that!
                            Again, I'll see what tomorrow brings, and I'll post another report tomorrow night. Tonights post is a few hours earlier than usual, but I have a lot to do tonight so I thought I would get this posted while I'm thnking about it.

                            I wish everyone here well, and keep going! If I can do this, anyone can do it!


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              After a long time, it's very good to see that some people are taking the initiave to detox and I'm very glad to see your support to each other.

                              Keep up the good work and please continue for the updates

                              Take care,


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