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My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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whats better to cut down gradually or stop straight off and go cold turkey

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  • whats better to cut down gradually or stop straight off and go cold turkey

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I have been smoking everyday for 14 yrs and my life is going down the toilet. Don't even know where to start with giving up. Never tried cos never thought it was a problem but realise now it is messing up my life. After a weekend of feeling shite and doing nothing and my poor little boy trying to get my attention and play and i couldnt be bothered. ... but then not bothered about a lot these days. My husband is so pissed off with me.... Just don't know what to do.

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    Hi kathyo and welcome to the forum.

    That’s a good question, to be honest I think there are pros and cons to either scenario, and it may well depend on your situation, cold turkey gets you clean quicker, gradually cutting down lets you hit the ground with less of a thud if you can do that and that is what may well be the issue, if you are hooked really bad you may not be able to do that as when it comes to addiction most find it is usually all or nothing, so I suppose it probably depends on how hooked you are I guess. Anyway you will soon find out which suits you best depending on how you react, so you can always start with the one and see how you go.

    Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it goes.

    Good luck, I am sure you can do it!
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      I'd try cold turkey. There were a lot of times I tried cutting down, only to go back up again. It could waste a lot of time. I had very few problems with withdrawals, aside from increased anxiety for a few days.


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        Hi kathyo,

        I would definitely reccomend going cold turkey.

        It probably will be pretty horrible at first (see the thread about withdrawal symptoms), but at least you can tell yourself that it will eventually end. And once you are through that, then you will feel so much better, and will be able to look your child in the eye and know that you are not stoned, and that you are 100% there for him. That alone, compared to how you seem to be feeling at the moment, will make it all seem wothwhile.

        Whilst cutting down gradually may make the withdrawal not quite so tough, it can be really hard to cut down when you are used to using a certain ammount, and if you somehow don't stick to your target you may feel like a total failure, and then give up completely. If you go cold turkey, each day can be one more day drug free, and as that number increases you will feel much better about yourself.

        I know it can be so hard, but you can do it.


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          Yeah thinking about it I would have to agree, I used to think it might be better to gradually cut down but having learnt more about addiction if you are truly hooked cold turkey is probably best, after all if we weren’t in a all or nothing type situation we probably wouldn’t be here. Anyway I would probably try that first and take it from there.

          Take care and please keep us posted.
          Cannabis Rehab Admin

          If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

          My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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            thanks for all your replies. As i have never tried to do anything with my pot smoking i am gonna try cutting down and see how it goes. If that don't work then cold turkey. the idea i have become addicted to this is so new to me that i don't really know where to start. better to start somewhere than no where i suppose. I have stopped smoking in the day which is a major beginning. Gone a week doing this and just having one joint at night. will carry this on for another week and then start cutting out the night one as well. The thing that is helping me is i have started facing all the shit i avoided by smoking and i can live with that. funny as i start facing it it makes it easier to not smoke as less shite to avoid. Anyway thanks for all your comments.


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              when i first quit i chose cold turkey route, i hung on to it for like 20 days or so, then i smoked, so i thought of why i did it again and found that the long term issues are harder than the immediate withdrawals, so i decided to have my joint when i really had to, what's happened is that the first quit for 20 days had helped me tremendously in keeping my intake at an all time low like once every week, but this has been the same for 9 months now, but then again, i am still not decided that i want to forever quit, and nowadays, i feel way way stronger, more in control mainly because all my days i am sober and when i smoke this weekly joint, i do it at night when i have no deeds, and i feel like i can so easily skip it so i don't feel so weak and hooked anymore. it's every person's decision, but i really think that cutting the habit for a significant amount of time as a start will help you a lot in making the process faster for yourself. if you only are lowering the intake, you will very likely slip and increase the amounts in the days of crisis or boredom. anyway good luck and keep us posted!


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                I suggest cold turkey

                I've been trying to cut down on my marijuana use, thinking that it would be a happy medium. But no matter what, I wound up smoking the 1/8 a week that I've gotten accustomed to. I really suggest going cold turkey and keeping yourself fairly busy with pleasurable social or other non-drug activities. I used the cold turkey method to detox smoking cigarettes (at one point I smoked 1/2 pack a day), and the cravings I felt were much more intense. But after several months of zero cigarettes, I am now able to smoke just now and then with no cravings at all. I smoke less than a pack a month and if I had to give up smoking altogether I wouldn't care much. I've been this way for over a year. I hope I can get to that point with pot, because I'd like to still be able to enjoy it occasionally with friends. Quitting is really simple: just don't buy anymore.


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                  Never thought of that til you said it: facing your shite and not smoking because you've faced it and don't need to suppress it.


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                    Honestly, I think "cutting back gradually" is a load of horse shit.

                    It's a trick your brain plays on you to keep you smoking.

                    Because after a week of "cutting back", you'll convince yourself that you have your weed smoking under control to where you can keep smoking.

                    IMO... quitting cold turkey is the only way to go.

                    They say that if you have self-control, you can be successful with cutting back...

                    But honestly... if you are on this forum, chances are, you aren't the type that has self-control.

                    Good luck.


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                      I tried cutting back gradually for about 4 years and i failed at every attempt. After a while a was so fed up being disappointed in myself i went for the cold turkey method. I gotta tell you, this won't be easy. But it sure is worth it!


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                        Cold turkey. Either you want to stop or you don't. If you only "kinda sorta" want to stop then you don't have a great chance of quitting successfully.

                        I tried cutting back lots of times, because I knew there were negatives to it, but I also just wanted to smoke because it felt good. It never worked because I didn't want it 100%. For me when I did quit, it was because I was having panic attacks, and that made it a very easy decision. On the one hand I could get high and have panic attacks, or I could try and get better and not have them. It was an easy choice, but I had to consciously sit there and decide.

                        Remember it's just a matter of will. Your thoughts become reality because you choose to make them so. Either you want to quit and you will it, or you don't really want to and you will continue. Don't kid yourself, just be honest in your own mind and make the decision and go with it, knowing you made the right decision for yourself.


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                          cold turky vs gradually tried both and here what i got

                          Read till the end I think it will help you! First I decided to cut down on weed slowly many times and as you guys know most of the time it doesn't work. I just find myself back to smoking everyday. Until last time i quit cold turkey the first week after quitting was normal not that much annoying withdrawal symptoms the next week my body just got bad and i started feeling bad. The third week was the worst the anxiety started affecting me physically. My will power was strong enough not to smoke again since i know what my reasons not to smoke weed again are. I didn't know it was anxiety since I never had it before. So I went to see a Doctor (because of stomach ache, Numbness...) and I was diagnosed with anxiety (strong one) after that I told him that I quit weed 3 weeks ago and he knew that was the reason. But i know the whole story. he wanted me to take anti-anxiety pills but I refused and decided to treat myself on my own. I went home that day and smoked a really tiny joint at night (3 puffs max). I felt really good the next morning and i didn't smoke for about a week after that. No anxiety no withdrawal symptoms nothing. I believe if anyone wants to quit should start with cold turkey (its a must) if you really wanna quit . If you have a good life i mean you're actually doing something for yourself in your life(for example you have a job that you like) then cold turkey might work for you. But if you are like me who is still not settled down and who has some life problems (I am a university student(International) Im almost going to get kicked out of school for not paying my tuition fees because of financial difficulties) then quitting weed will effect you in a bad way after few weeks of clod turkey since you start waking up and seeing how far you are behind in life and how many things you had to do but you didn't all accumulated and you realized them all at once. So yeah that will affect you mentally.

                          Summary: quit cold turkey and wait for at least two weeks. after that watch yourself and here be honest, if you feel you're fine do yourself a favor and continue on that(cold turkey). but if you started feeling really bad(stress, anxiety etc) then wait until night and just smoke a really really really small amount and do it gradually and only one session and have fun. you will feel good the next day and maybe you wont feel like smoking after that for at least a week that what happened for me. one rule here never smoke just for the fun of it only smoke when you really need to. at the same time put the same effort in doing new habits like going to the gym, running. Me I m working out at least 3 times a week and i swim as well. I stopped hanging out that often with my friends who still smoke it and i spend much more time with my friends who doesn't smoke. Now I smoke like once a week or once every two weeks and its been like this for two month. I feel I'm sober and that im planning my life once again. Im still waiting Until I overcome my struggle in life(financial sittuation) to quit for good and its gonna be soon. Then I will just see myself not interested in smoking anymore and ready mentally and physically.

                          Gather your reasons to quit.Some common ones actually my own reasons:
                          -being a lazy bum having no life I used to miss most of my classes not doing assignments etc.
                          -i don't think a weed smoker will ever rank up at work if you smoke weed or find a better job since stoners can't change and like things the way they are
                          -You will never become rich if thats one of your goals
                          -long term effect: nothing will make you happy
                          -unhealthy body
                          -loosing friends and family( don't think your friend who smoke weed everyday will support you I found for most of them weed is more important than their friends)
                          -for regular smokers buying weed is kinda priority for them. More important than getting groceries or doing something they have to do.
                          -you wont gain life experience in other words 5 years will pass and its like your mind only grew up 1 year.
                          email me if you have any question >>[email protected]<<
                          wish you all the best you are doing the right thing


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                            Quitting being a weed smoker

                            I recommend cold turkey I have smoked since 15 yrs old weed and fags I am 29 I am in need to stop sat here broke wondering shalla get a bud on tick it's time I stop I think gradually isn't the best option as your still doing it u need to smoke ya last joint enjoy and cold turkey I have been sweating and ajatated but within 3/4 days I'm good and not feeling like I want a joint smoking and cutting down isn't healthy it's like a heroin addict coming off heroin and going on methadone if your gonna quit do it cold turkey I've been dying to smoke restless sleep wen u wna spliff have a fag or food or if ya finding it difficult exercise works very good jus sharing my opinion on the matter cold turkey gets u off it quicker than oh al cut down ur never gonna stop that way ever so cold turkey for 3/4 days and you'll be fine if you keep busy and keep ur mind off it as I'm a mum of 3 I do like a spliff break now I've decided instead of a spliff and a coffee al go park or for a walk keep busy try not to give up quitting your family will benefit more from you not smoking money into the air I'm alone with 3 kids it's time I stop and maybe smoke on off on occasion cheaper lower tolerance and the buzz will be better cannabis is a depressant to most and makes people lose motivation in a lot of things not good hope this helped you guys I've managed to stop smoking I do fancy a spliff at times but I have a fag instead I haven't quit fags as I needed something but cutting down isn't a way to stop seriously guys


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              As far as I know the research agrees with you. Evidence based science shows that people who quit cold turkey have a greater chance of success.

                              My experience was different. I quit cigarettes with Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT and quit cannabis by reducing my dose in steps. It doesn't work for everyone though, because as another poster mentioned above, it can be easy to just get back to the original amount.

                              I was able to embrace my new dose and maintain it. I started by smoking after 5 pm. Eventually, I started skipping days and then quit. It worked for me.

                              Good luck in your quit. You are so right - you just have to get through the initial withdrawal symptoms. It doesn't last forever. I think that you will see significant improvements in your life after you have been quit for some time.

                              Good luck!


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