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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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hello everyone

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  • hello everyone

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Sorry about my writting i know its bad.

    i am 32 years old guy been smoking way to much pot for 20 years now,i started smoking very young when i was about 12 years old and now i am trying to get off but i am feeling really sick in the head.

    i am doing it cold turky and i am on day 6 now,i cant eat and cannot seem to fall alseep anymore,my brain hurts really bad like there is something really badly wrong with me or something,i have a very over powering anxiety feeling that is stopping me from doing anything.i feel to anxious to leave this house.for no reson can i leave the home,i would like to go see a doctor but i cant because its so bad,i hate it.

    i even thinking about just doing something really bad to myself because i am starting to think i would just rather be gone,i hate this,i hate i hate i hate.i am a 32 years old man crying like a babby how bad is this ?

    my inside are turning,tummy is really really bad,my hands are shaking and i am chain smoking fags one after the other,if i dont stop this soon i am going to die from this because my lungs are hurting and feel sore in my chest from it all.

    i have got to give up the drug because it has taken over mylife and it is changing me to much,i am getting nothing done in mylife,i dont go out to see anyone any more because i am always feeling to anxious and paranoid,all my mates have told me i need to give it up,my mum and dad said they would like to see me give it up before then die,my mum is really sick at the moment and this is not helping me,i am worried to death that she is going to die soon.i am a right old mess,i wish i did not ever start smoking it.i was up to smoking £20 worth every single day so i never have any money to do anything ealse,all i do evreryday for the last 8 years is sit at my pc from when i wake to i go to bed,i know that this is really bad for my body too.

    what do you think i should do ? i am turning every agast me.i dont mean too but its happening and i have no control over it.a big part of me just wonts to go buy a big bag of the shit right now and smoke it all at once.

    what am i going to do ?

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    What if you got a dog? Then you'd have someone to keep you company, and distract you, and you'd have to take it out for walks. Not a magic bullet but it is an idea.


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      Just keep going, it gets easier the longer you go. My anxiety was always worse the first week or two, then it leveled out. If you smoke now, you'll just have to start all over again. I'm 83 days sober, and feeling better than I have in years.


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        Hi and welcome to the forum.

        I am so sorry to hear about the situation you are in, it sounds awful, it got me in a pretty bad way too, well very bad in fact and the only way I was ever going to improve was to quit, if I hadn’t god knows what state I would be in now, my mental health was also suffering very badly, unfortunately it sounds like your body has become pretty dependent on it, anxiety, depression, upset stomach, shakes, ect, all these things can be your bodies physical response to going cold turkey from it, unfortunately it sounds like you are experiencing the neurological elements of addiction and unfortunately it’s just something you have to go through really, but it will get better, so my advice to you is to try and last it out if you can, you are going to have to do it sooner or later so you may as well get it out the way now, when it comes to drugs the longer you use them the harder they are to detox and if it’s causing anxiety and paranoia in you then that is something that is only going to get worse. So I think the best thing is to try and say to yourself ok I am going to have a pretty bumpy time for a while, try to accept it as much as possible if you can, view it a bit like been ill, well actually that’s exactly what you are, withdrawing from drugs is just as much a psychical illness as any other, but it does pass. Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, but they will get better if you stick with it, this is something that can be fixed, so hang in there mate we are all with you and anytime you need to get something off your chest we will be here to listen.

        In terms of the dog thing now is probably not the best time to get a dog, I would try not to take on any more responsibility until you are feeling a bit better, but that’s just my take on it.

        Take care, thanks for posting and please keep us posted on how it goes.

        All the best
        Cannabis Rehab Admin

        If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

        My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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          Ok thanks for taking the time to write back to me,i am very greatful.i already have a dog,an english bull terrior called blaze.i also have a partner and 4 kids to look after too.i do my best to look after them all but its so hard when you are so sick yourself.this is the main reson i would like to give it up and get well,so i can look after them even better then i am doing the moment i have told them all i have a bad cold and its taking a long time to go away,i hope they belive this but who knows what they are really thinking ?

          i am just hoping to god that if i stay off it for good now that i will get better in time & that i have not done some perment damage to my brain so i will always be like this.the only thing that has got better so far is my getting up super early,its so strange to me,i usely wake up and it would take me 3 hours or so to wake up in my head and i would be feeling cloudy for untill i been up for 6 hours,but now as soon as i wake up i am fully awake within seconds,its so strange to me,its as fast as flicking a light switch on,BING HELLO WORLD.

          i tryed to go in asda yesterday but the min i stepped in the door i got a very strong feeling like i needed to run out ? so i did so straite back to the car as fast as i could.i hope i am not going to be like this forever because i cant cope with it.i just wish that i could look into the furture and see what i am like in a few years time of staying off it.

          thanks once again,i really am going to try my best to stick to what i am doing.1 hole week off it to day,i am doing it,cry cry cry.


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            Hello again ,things are getting easier for me & i must say i am feeling on top of the world,its great.i am still feeling bad anxiety but everything ealse is anxiety has dropped about 20% ,i can think clearer already,i can remember things nows.everyone is proud of me.

            so as you can tell i am over the moon,i feel that i can cope with the world better already.i did not relize just how much cannabis was clouding over me mind.

            all i got to do now is stay strong and keep it going,dont get me wrong i am stilll in a bad way and feel like smoking it deeply,BUT MY MIND CAN BEG AS MUCH AS IT WONTS I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE IN,I AM TOO STRONG & I AM GOING TO WIN THE BATTLE FOR MY WIFE & KIDS.


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              Hi THC

              It’s great to hear how well you are doing and how strong you are been. Like you say it isn’t always easy but the main thing is that you have stayed strong, keep up the good work buddy.

              Take care and please keep us posted
              Cannabis Rehab Admin

              If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

              My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                thanks i will do,i got up early again today & i have taken charge of all the kids on my own and let the wife have a lay in,lol now she is the lazy one.

                today i am going to be taken all the kids out with me to have fun somewhere,dont no where yet but i will think of something for us to do.


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                  last night i was so bad i was hunting up for butts,lucky i did not find any because i would have smoked it,today i am feeling better again so i am happy at the moment.


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                    Hi THC and welcome to the forum,

                    As you have already realized, recovery is a period during which we can have diverse feelings and symptoms. It is more like a roller coaster ride in the beginning, one day you are up and the other down, but when the THC is out of your system (can take up to 6 weeks for heavy smokers), the symptoms tend to ease and eventually you will be recovered. However, you should remember one very important thing: during this period you can't ever never smoke again, no matter what. When a recovering addict smokes the 1st joint, the sick circuit in his brain gets activated and it leads to a full blown relapse eventually. And then the tape records to the beginning. You are in very early days of recovery and with each day you don't smoke, you will grow stronger, and you will develop your coping tools.

                    Please keep us posted on how it goes,

                    All the best,
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                      Hi THC, keep up the good work dude. It's a rocky road but it's a road worth travelling.

                      You owe it to yourself to stay clean, posting here really helps if you get down about things, writing it out helps you starighten things out in your head and people suppport you too.

                      Keep it real.




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                        thc, it's a great recovery story, don't worry about your brain, it will go back to normal soon! keep it up now and you will only get better. night time is usually the worst, and best cure for it is to keep waking up early and working all day so that you feel tired and sleepy at night like a normal person should be try some sports and hobbies, things that induce pleasure feelings, playing with your kids and stuff like that. life is a game, play along and you will be happy. i think that kids are the most normal humans, before they are schooled and trained, they play, just like what we're supposed to do, but this life is being formed for us, we are being trained to do stuff that we don't like or want to, so it adds stress to us. you see when a dog is trained, it's tricked to think of his work as a game to play. this is the same for us all, we will always be instinctive babies, no matter how hard we try to conform to the "normal" life, desk jobs, and boring tasks, we want to play. i for one am changing my life into a game, my work is a game that i want to play, my girl whom i want to marry is an adventure i want to go through so are any kids i might have! it's an adventure i want to go through just because i want to see what life is hiding for me, and because it's much better than being anxious, worried and bored all the time. i might sound off topic but in fact it's THE topic. we take drygs to feel at ease, to have pleasure that we need and we need to change our lives into a pleasurable life it's a great adventure and we are lucky to be living it, enjoy!!!


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                          Sorry guys but i messed up big time,well after being off it for 12 days i was feeling so good that i thought i would pop around and get a little bit of green just to smoke just the littlest bit just at bed time to get myself ready to bed,well this plan did not work out,once i had it indoors i smoked and smoked it untill it was all gone,i smoked the last of it all last night

                          but i am not going to let this slip get me its all been smoked and all gone i am going to try again straite away,this time when i get back to feeling good again i am going to make sure i dont go out and buy some just for bed time.

                          sorry to let everyone down,i did not wont this to happen but it did.

                          today after smoking all that i had left last night i am feeling really messed up and in a daze,i have a very cloudy head & mind .

                          so its back to the begining for me,its bullshit i know.


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                            thanks for taking the time to write to me everyone.i feel a bit silly really taking all your time up just to crack within under 2 weeks

                            cheers SilverMaze,i agree with all that you are saying & yes you are right,every word of it was 100% true.

                            my problem is i find it very hard,its unbeliveable hard for me to give it up,i am not saying other have it easyer then me when they give up because i dont know how they are feeling when they come off it.for me its even harder then trying to give up smoking fags,i would rather do that any day of the week.weed has a very good grip on me,in a way it feels like if i give up forever then my life is never going to be the same again,this scares me a bit,its hard to explain.

                            but i really do feel that i wont & need to give it up,it controls me.i think my biggest problem is that i have just smoked too much the drug in mylife just to say good by to it forever ? you see my feelings are mixed up,the thought of never ever being stoned again worrys can i live for the rest of my life & never feel stoned again.that sounds strange to me.

                            a big part of me feels that i will be smoking it untill the day i die,but at the same time i feel that i might be able to change forever,it feels like i need help,but know one can help me.i know i just got to help myself,no one can give up for me can they,i wish they could

                            i am going to give it a try again and see if i can atleast go without it longer this time around,maybe this time will be the time i kick it for good ?

                            please can you help me god ?


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Hi THC,

                              Actually the feelings you have are very very familiar to most of us. We all experience these mixed up thoughts because it's the nature of addiction. It makes some profound changes in one's neurology and this affects all our thought processes. Feeling of high is something that we all miss, it's really like being in love with the drug for most of us, it's the only important thing in the world, i.e. but to what consequences? It leaves us with no motivation to real life and messes up all the normal functioning of our brains (that's why we experience withdrawals). For most of the people this might not be the case, they might never become addicted to weed, they can continue with their lives while enjoying the high of the drug occosionally, but some of us can't do this, it becomes a neurological disorder which programmes our brains to one and only mission: seek and use the drug! Yes, it's a paralyzing thought not to being able to smoke again for the rest of your life, and you might have tons of other thoughts during recovery which would rationalize your smoking, but the thing is these thoughts/feelings are very well charactarized by your addiction. If you weren't an addict, you wouldn't have these thoughts. Getting addicted to some substance is as powerfull as very basic human instincts, like eating and sex (and for some people, for me for example, it can be even much more powerfull than these instincts). So, like it would be very strange for a normal person when he imagines that he will never be able to eat again for the rest of his life, it feels very strange to an addict to imagine he will never be able to smoke again. This is not a metaphorical similitude, this is a very real and literal similitude. I believe if you read more on addiction, you will understand the reasons of your thoughts much better. So, what I advise you, is to gather more information about your problem since it's only then we could find the solution for it. You could find tens of articles on sticky thread 'useful websites for recovery skills'.

                              All the best,
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