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Why stop marijuana addiction

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  • Why stop marijuana addiction

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    The reasons I want to stop smoking marijuana are that, my thinking is cloudy and my memory is poor, my lungs don’t feel so good and life seems to be passing me by without me achieving much, I can’t be bothered to do much else other than work and get stoned in the evening. I was just wondering what makes any of you out there want to quit?

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    I quit because i realised i dragged something unneeded.

    I quit because i lost probably 100 000$ in 12 years just in weed.

    I quit because i lost a lot of motivation, lucidity, vitality.

    I quit because i care for my health and it's never too late to quit.

    I quit because my finances would be better without weed.

    I quit because i want to achieve more

    I quit because i want to live , in a real way, not in constant sedation.

    I quit because i want to quit.

    If you dont want to detox you never will.

    You can quit too , very easily, you have to be willing to, and you have to focus on that will, focus on the positive, be happy, stay happy, smile , you are alive.


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      I am sick of coughing up crap all the time.


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        just tryin to help

        the reasons why i quit smoking is because i can be creative and my memory will expand.. in a couple of months my lungs will feel better and in a few years ALL traces of tar will leave my lungs.. Friends ARE there to answer a call and care for me, i can excell at work, i am still alive(i thank the big man up top) even though i shitted on my life up to NOW..
        i stop smoking because i am ACCepted just the way i am (i matter to others)-
        'you matter to me'-someONE


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          I am quitting because I want my mind back.


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            I want to stop because it upsets my family that I use and if I got busted I would probably lose my job.


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              i am quitting

              I am quitting because I love my family and don't want to interact with them from a haze.

              I am quitting because I am having anxiety when I smoke.

              I am quitting because when I smoke I don't want to do everything I thought would be so much better to do stoned.

              I am quitting because I put on 20 pounds and I don't eat as much when I am sober.

              I am quitting because when I took a break for a week I felt really good after I got passed the cravings.

              I am quitting because I don't want something like weed to have power over me.

              I am quitting because I have too much on my plate to sit around getting high.

              I am quitting because my husband gets annoyed by how fast I go through weed.

              I am quitting because I believe life should be lived in moderation and doing something everyday, craving it, and making it a top priority is not moderation.

              I am quitting because I am an addict.


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