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Marijuana Withdrawal Dreams

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  • Marijuana Withdrawal Dreams

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    When did everyone start having dreams again after you quit smoking? I think mine started three or four days after I quit and they scared me to death almost. I've noticed that every one of my dreams has included my ex which is not someone I want to be thinking about right now.

    I try not to even figure them out as I know they are just dreams, but some of them are so damn real it's ridiculous!

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    Marijuana detox Dreams

    My dreams starting returning about 3-4 days after i quit too. They were pretty freaky at first, a lot of them took place at work but a lot of the layout was different and involved people ive known throughout the years, they always had a strange theme running through them. What Id experienced in that day tended to influence them too. Now 5 wks later they've calmed down a bit but can still be crazy


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      I think my sleep is a little more back to normal than when I first quit, but no where near where it should be. It will be 2 weeks on Sunday since I've smoked. I'm pretty proud of myself, but damn these dreams.

      Funny that what you do during the day influences yours, what I do has no affect what so ever on mine. Mine are super random, my friends are in them and like I mentioned my ex (which I wish to never think of again, but he seems to keep popping himself back into my life) and my fiance is usually always in them too.

      ****ing dreams....I hate them sometimes lol


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        I didnt really think about the fact that I didnt dream when I was smoking, but its kinda scary to think that cannabis does take them away. Im glad to have them back though, i guess they're crazy at first coz your brains making up for lost time and will get calmer with time


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          In all honesty I wish I could go back to not having least not this vivid and not what they have been about.


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            My dreams were pretty vivid a week or two after I first quit, but after a few weeks they calmed down and now I am back to normal.


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              I dream about weed, even though I have not smoked in ages. I must still have the drug on the brain.


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                I like the dreaming

                I think dreaming started 1 or 2 days after quitting. I quit on 12-22-08 and it's been hell since then. I love the dreams though because they are so crazy it's like being high or a form of escape but sometimes very scary. My favorite part is waking up and telling someone about how crazy and vivid the dream was. 2 nights ago I smoked pot in my dream and I got really down about it then I woke up and was very very happy that it wasn't real.

                As of yesterday the depression/intense Anxiety has started to lift and Now I can't sleep at all. No dreams last night. I'm hoping this only lasts a short while. This whole quitting thing has been tough as hell for me because I smoked 24/7 even with my career. I found it helped me to focus at work but focusing when your dumb doesn't do much good. All it did was get in the way of career and make me quiet at meetings. I'm so glad I don't have to hunt another bag down.

                Happy dreaming everyone!!!


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                  I had a dream too where I had a smoke again, it made me feel unbelievably sad and let down by myself. When I woke and realised it was just a dream the relief was immense. Im glad I had the dream because it made me realise how Id feel if I did give into the cravings, wihout having to physically do it, and made me even stronger during the quitting process


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                    Just embrace them, it’s all part of the process of getting clean.


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                      It seems that the processing that occurs in REM sleep by the subconcoius that we call dreams happens as part of the cannabis experience. Many users experience cannabis similairly to psychedelics in that they internally see visions and connect seemingly unconnected thoughts together. Alternatively the sleep experienced under cannabis is so deep that they don't move up into the lighter REM sleep therefore don't dream.

                      On ceasing cannabis it is more likely that we will dream. It is accepted psychiatry that dreams are the sub concouos way of processing the experiences that we have in life and understanding dreams may go some way to understanding ourselves.

                      j-me said "In all honesty I wish I could go back to not having least not this vivid and not what they have been about."

                      If you are having particuarly disturbing dream experiences long after you have ceased using cannabis then may I humbly suggest this is nothing to do with you stopping cannabis put maybe points to some issues in your life that you need to face. Remember often the abuse of a drug such of cannabis is a way to stop us facing ourselves an escape. We still eventually have to face the problem that cannabis hid. It is an essential normal process that we dream.


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                        Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
                        If you are having particuarly disturbing dream experiences long after you have ceased using cannabis then may I humbly suggest this is nothing to do with you stopping cannabis
                        You may humbly suggest this and maybe you are right, although based on allot of the other experiences I have read on in regards to stopping cannabis and dreams, a fair few others have similar experiences, maybe it’s just coincidence.

                        Or maybe it’s a combination of stopping cannabis and unresolved emotion issues .


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                          My dreams were vivid and scary when I first gave up. That was just my experience.


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                            I think withdrawing from cannabis can definitely make your dreams extra vivid and intense. Mine are.


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              when i first quit i use to have some normal dream with all my family and friends in it,but now two months on after quitting my dreams are getting a bit vivid and freaky,i wake up in the middle of the night felling nervous for a while i then manage to sleep again for a while thats when the dreams get weird and i wake up feeling weird


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