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Quit weed 6 months ago, developed anxiety 4 months ago. will the feelings pass?

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    I know how you're feeling

    I smoked cannabis heavily for 23 yrs from the minute I woke til when I went to sleep..I can relate to your post about feeling anxious I haven't touched cannabis for 3 months. My doc said we'll done and ride out the storm it could take months or a few yrs but you will beat this. .feeling constantly high for half my life was stupid bit I guess I was too smashed to realise the effects of quitting. I've joined a boxing class I meet friends and socialise. Eat well drink lots of water and remember that you could have felt these feelings anyway but the dope suppressed them.well done on quitting don't go back to it

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    Same shoes different boat

    I am also in the same shoes, it hasnt been easy to say the least. A mix of self control and a hole lot of self convincing that everything will be alright and to just relax enjoy the ride as much as possible because in the end life is too short to stess about anything.

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  • Bobthebuilder
    I am currently at about 6 months. I can relate to you when I first started smoking I felt relaxed but towards the end of my 3 year high I felt anxious and agitated. I quit and I felt great for about 4 months but then I started to get a little anxiety and just a zoned out feeling. At 5 months I went through a real hard time. Panic attacks, anxiety, feelings of guilt, depression, body tremors, hot flashes. Now at 6 months I still have anxiety, a panic attack here and there, weird dreams sometimes waking up in a delusional panic. I can tell you that from 5 months I have gotten better but still not where I would like to be. Each day seems to be getting better but it is called the rollercoaster affect. You will have your good days and your bad days. For me the past month have been filled with more good days than bad days but my good days arent really as good as I would like them to be.

    What you are experiencing is most likely Post Acute detox Syndrome (PAWS). It can last anywhere from 3-24 months while the brain tries to heal itself. Like you I have been looking for some ressurance that it will get better. I have read just about everything I can on PAWS and 75% of the articles I have read they say it will pass and gets better with time. I have searched for personal stories of people that have gotten past PAWS but it seems after they post about their beginning experience when they start to feel better they just forget to come back and post how they are doing and if they are actually feeling normal. Right now I am currently thinking that I am going to be crazy for the rest of my life but the other day I was feeling pretty normal. Ups and downs I keep telling myself.

    All we can do is be patient and ride out the bad days.

    I have found exercising, eating healthy (stay away from high sugar and high fat foods) take a daily vitamin every morning along with a fish oil supplement.

    Posting this 8 months after your post I hope you are doing well and are able to come back and tell us how you are doing. Hope you are well and sober still.

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  • Quit weed 6 months ago, developed anxiety 4 months ago. will the feelings pass?

    I'm currently 18 years old, I started smoking weed when I was 16 years old and smoked heavily for about a year and a few months. I quit 6 months ago after I stopped enjoying being high (constantly feeling agitated and anxious whilst smoking). After that I felt normal, until I experienced an anxiety attack about 2 months after quitting. I have continually experienced anxiety (however no panic attacks in the past 2 months, only anxious thoughts but nonetheless scary). I have realised that drugs are completely not for me and that I do want to live a successful drug free fulfilled life, however due to my anxiety I am constantly worried that my past drug use is going to affect my brain capacity and ability to function in the future. I can tell that my anxiety is gradually lessening (as I am now in therapy), but my biggest worry everyday is that I've ruined my mental health. I feel different to everybody else and constantly on edge, because I still know all of the people I used to smoke with and they're fine. It's so weird that my perspective on drugs has completely changed over the past few months and I can't even stand to be around it now. I just really need some reassurance that I will get better, or maybe some other experiences as I believe it is simply my anxiety talking and that I'll be fine because right now, being older and living a normal life just doesn't seem real right now.
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