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Cost of Cannabis and weight?

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  • Cost of Cannabis and weight?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I dont know much about cannabis only what I am researching on the internet. I am trying to work out how much it is but all I can go by is the quantites I have found (my husband hides it as I am totally against it), I am trying to work out how much he is spending on it. I found two bits of black/brown lumps about the size of an acorn each, how much would that have cost. Also I found a self seal clear bag (quite small about the size of a small self seal sandwich bag) with some dried flower heads and bits in it, there was about enough to fit in my small hands, any idea how much that would have been. I am in the UK so would be looking at UK prices. I know it might be impossible for you to tell me but any idea. Also Im reading that it is sold in grams/ounzes what is the smallest quantity you can buy and what would that quantity look like???

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    UK cannabis prices

    I haven’t bought any for a few years so maybe my figures are a couple of years out of date, although I don’t think the price has changed that much since then. Hash in the UK can be as cheap as £40 to £50 an ounce, although the good quality stuff may cost allot more. That’s the black/brown lumps that you refer to. The stuff with dried flower heads and bits in it is the drug and costs about £20 to £25 for an eighth of an ounce, which is 3.5 grams.

    I think the smallest amounts you can usually buy are about ten pounds worth at a time, which in the case of hash would be about 7 grams worth and for the drug about 1.75 grams.

    Prices may vary depending on the quality of the cannabis and who you buy it off.
    Cannabis Rehab Admin

    If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

    My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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      ITS 10 BUCKS FOR A GRAM 30 FOR A HALF Q (3.5grams) 55 FOR A Q (7grams) and from 85 to 110 for HALF OUNCE depending on the quality

      160$ for an OUNC OF CHINA BUD

      180-220 AN OUNC OF GOOOD WEEED



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        seattle prices

        the smallest amounts you can get around here are dime bags ($10, roughly .75g)
        depending on the quality the provider could either up the price or down the weight
        some buds look smaller than others but weigh more, because they are super dense


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          Good quality hash does cost more than £40 an ounce but here in the UK it can be hard to get.


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            Yea it’s hard to guess how much the hash cost him without knowing the quality.


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              weed price in the uk

              Hello every one !
              I have been reading some of the message so here is my question ,
              I have a scale and i was able to weight the last buy of my boy friend without him knowing it and it was 4 grams so is any body can tell me the price of it but also this time wasn't the one he buy normally that one was very mild at the smell .
              I am trying to find out how much he spend on it ,i want him to stop so i want to prove him that we could do so much with the money .
              THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP .
              It would mean a lot for me as i have no knowledge about it .
              keep smiling


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                It was probably about £20’s worth.


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                  10 quid is around 1.4 gramms theese days

                  10 from 1 gram to 1.75
                  20 from 2 to 3.5
                  40 is 7
                  and so on


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                    who the **** is managing to get an ounce for £60? in glasgow its £120-160 for an ounce of weed, 4 grams is worth £20-£25


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                      some people are charging £10 a gram for import from holland so i hear, apparently this is starting to happen all round the counry


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                        your awnser...

                        The Lowest amount you can buy is usally what we call a "tenners" witch is usally arround 1.4 to 1.8 grams...wich costs between £10 - 12.50. you will get arround 3-4 joints out of this.

                        the next highest priced is what we call a "8th" witch weighs between 3 - 3.5 grams and costs around £20 - £25. you will get between 7 - 9 joints from this.

                        what your husband has sounds like its about 1 - 2 joints depedning on how much he puts in each time....wich would have cost him arround £5


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                          I guess ill be the first to mention that both posters who said that they are weighing their boyfriends/husbands stash without them knowing to know how much they are spending, STOP THIS. for two reasons,

                          1. If you seriously only concerned with money, and how much they are spending, than you really cant care that much about their health or any other effects of the drug. is not to help people ensure that they are keeping their drug money within their budget.

                          2. A relationship depends on trust and honesty, which you are not showing. If you are concerned about your significant other's smoking habbits than you need to talk to them directly.

                          I am greatly disheartened at not only the original posts, but that people are actually responding so quickly with "oh its this much".

                          Am i alone in this???


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                            Ok let me just put my diplomacy hat on, ah yes found it. Ok, I understand where you are coming from but forgive me if I am wrong, but I wouldn’t imagine it’s the original posters or anybody else who is wondering what sort of money these kind of amounts of cannabis costs only concern. She did say she disapproved of him smoking cannabis, in fairness she did not say she disapproves only because of the money it may be costing, which if you don’t know anything about cannabis or how much it costs then and of course I would hope it wouldn’t be anybodies only concern, but along with others you could say is a fair enough concern, we all know that such small amounts don’t cost that much, but if you know absolutely nothing about cannabis for all you know they could be spending quite a lot, unfortunately some partners do spend significant amounts of money behind their other half’s back on things like drugs, gambling even shopping, in fact I watched one story on TV recently where some guy found out his wife was tens of thousands in debt because she could not control her shopping habit and ended up having to remortgage his house to bail her out, so no of course it shouldn’t be your only concern which I don’t think they said it was but personally I think it’s a fair enough question to ask. No is not about how to budget your drug spending, but I think it is about providing information and support for anybody or even the family of anybody who may have a problem with cannabis and personally I am happy to answer any questions they may have. I don’t think either myself or anybody else here has been wrong to answer this kind of question.

                            Yes of course it’s best in a situation like this to talk to your partner in an honest and open way and that’s exactly what both myself and others advised to this person which you can read in this thread that they posted explaining their situation , I even posted a link on how to talk to someone who has a drug problem, this particular thread was just a quick and specific question that they had in regards to this particular issue, actually just reading through their other post quickly again they did have money problems so I still think it was a fair enough question to ask, although it wasn’t the only thing that was upsetting her and causing concern, if you have a read of her story you will get the full picture, anyway what I think may have happened here is perhaps a misunderstanding, if you read just this post then I can sort of see where you are coming from, it may look a bit like the real issue is being missed and that they lady concerned has not been properly advised, but if you read the other post then I think it becomes apparent that this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s probably my fault for not linking the two posts together, it can be kind of hard to keep track and make sure that every post links to any others that they perhaps ought to my apologies, you can find other threads that the person has made when viewing there rehab group profile though if you want to know more about their situation.

                            Anyway I think this is just a situation where you perhaps need to read both posts, in future I will try to make sure that if there is another that really needs to be read that the post concerned contains a link to it.

                            I hope that has cleared things up, like I say I can understand your concern and I know it has come from a good place, inthegrinder you make a really good contribution to the rehab group and I would hate you or anybody else to feel disheartened by what is going on here.

                            Take care
                            Cannabis Rehab Admin

                            If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                            My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                              Thanks Blogger,

                              Everyones entitled to their opinion, myself and the original posters included. I just think that unless you have a significant other carrying large bags of pot or plants than i would imagine that the relationship aspect would be so much more important than the 60$ quarter they just bought. I'll disclaimer that im a broke university student so even for me a 60$ bill would be a huge pain, but if i had a girl (ya im single to), than it wouldn't be a bigger issue than the possibility of pot getting between the relationship.

                              Thanks for bringing out the hat. Hey if everyone on the rehab group agreed with each other it would make it really boring.