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Marijuana withdrawal Upset Stomach Aches

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    I feels

    I've been in the cannabis game heavy for the past 5 years and am finally trying to break the habbit, I personally don't wanna quit I love it but I had a big eye opener and realized marijuana has started controlling my life completely, marijuana is a great thing but for those like myself and many on here, it takes over your life and the best way to describe it to me is it holds me back from moving forward, how can I chase my dreams when all I care about where's the next blunt, and once I do get high all I do is eat and sleep, I'm literally preventing myself from living truley and that is why its time for me to quit I'm almost a week in cold turkey and all I can say is I've been feeling all the symptoms people on here have been going through I hope for the best for us all and I feel the pain, I hope to better myself and get through this hell for one day I hope to be able to live a stable heathly life were the weed doesn't control me, I still support the plant and always will be a fan but if your going to smoke it you best be able to control yourself otherwise well y'all know what route will follow.


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      Me too! Stomach Pain after eating and weeping, 10 days after tappering off

      Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
      I have been a pot smoker for 20 years, stopped 10 days ago-my anxiety and weeping are subsiding. Has anyone had problems with their stomach after stopping? After i eat i get a stomachache, every time i eat. Has anyone had this problem? Do you think I may have increased stomach acid because of all the tension and anxiety-thought I was going to rip someones head off in the beginning. Please give me your opinions. Keep it up all of you who are trying to quit-and God Bless.
      Hello! This may be a little late to be replying to you but I'm going to answer anyway: OH YEAH! I am constantly getting stomachaches, mid-upper abdominal pain like maybe an hour or so after eating, since I totally quit about a week to 10 days ago...I started my "quit" by tapering down from using the strongest bud out there for maybe 5-6 years several times a day, to lower strength bud, to low grade shake, to taking a couple hits of what was left in my old corncob pipe, to nothing (as I actually lost interest in Mj) I'm to the point that I think I could be getting an ulcer....I get diarrhea/liquid stools too, trouble sleeping, break into sweats easily, irritable and had to apologize to my dad for exploding at him a day or so I totally feel like crap at times. I think your right on with it's probably related to "anxiety" and not having the Mj to relax I was recently told I am "Bipolar 2" which is upsetting as well . I'm using Buspar and Valium and a "proton pump inhibitor"...all rx'd meds from my doctor who knows I'm quitting and having problems. But I'm not feeling at peace at all...maybe just a little bit at times. I've read and been told to eat lighter, less fatty foods & I eat things like Cup O Noodles and a morning sickness diet (no, I'm not pregnant). I have tons of stress going on and that's what kept me smoking for so long till I decided I had to stop for the sake of my respiratory tract as well as clearing my mind from the constant fog smoking left me in & getting my life I would weep terribly too and still do...but not as deeply or as long...most of the time. It's tough...but I don't want to back tract now...come so far to give it up.


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        Small meals and Elctrolytes

        Originally posted by P-dog View Post
        I am on day three of quitting and my stomach has been in a knot every since i woke up on day one! I am little shaky and what not too, is there anything like tums or something that helps?
        For me personally, I have been smoking for 4 years, introduced tobaccoo in my third year of smoking. I have taken periodic breaks where i feel I am startin to be unhealthy. What i have found for an upset stomach, is Gatorade, Powerade, anything with tons of electrolytes, and then small meals. And i mean like half a sandwich (should fill you up). Your body is getting used to not having a craving for hunger (when high) so it has to get used to reading its own feelings rather then urges. OR that is my unprofessional theory.


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          yes to all of the above

          Day 2 for me, and I'm glad to know I'm not dying.


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            quitting weed upset stomach

            Yea I am on day three of stopping. I had been smoking daily for around 9 years so needless to say it has been a hard change. I am also in recovery for opioids, as I heavily addicted to oxy's but am now 5 years clean from them and all other opiods. anyway, my stomach has been somewhat upset almost every time eat or drink something. I am also prescribed to ADHD medication which also has effects on my metabolism, and sometimes my stomach, which could also contribute to my stomach ache I know that marijuana can be used to help with nausea so it makes sense that someone who smokes daily would have an upset stomach. I just wanted to know how long it might last?


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              after 1 month it's amazing how much better you'll feel. eating and sleeping better. i was a heavy user for 6 years and quit cold turkey. reading through this thread was therapeutic when I was at my worst, so thanks to everyone. you can do it.


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                quit about 14 days ago

                Hi i would like to say i have smoked pot for 10+ years everyday a couple times a day, now iv attempted quitting pot many times over the years with no success however i do recall all the symptoms of withdraws. now with that said i do not recall having a upset stomach like i do now witch by the way I'm on day 14 from cold turkey, most of the symptoms are slowly going away minus the upset stomach, its actually not killing me but rather annoying, was wondering if there was anything i could do to get rid of it.. the nightmares and night sweats are a joke compared to this.. i refuse to take any meds as i depend on my will to get me past this once and for all. I'v gone as far as ice cream frequent walks exercising naps fruits ect ect ect.

                not desperate as iv come to terms with my stupid decisions. but would like clarity about this.

                thanks for the reply's and truly hope everyone with success in quitting the habit.


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                  Hi there, I've had problems with the same things you say you are experiencing. Just gone over the 5 week mark and must say I still have days where my stomach is 'upset'. It does take a long time for the body to re program itself to working without effects of smoking cannabis, obviously eating is affected by this a huge amount! You seem to be doing the right things, I'd suggest as many fruits and veg as you can eat to keep your vitamin and mineral supplies high, also exercise is a must in my opinion and can really help you on the bad days. Gastrointestinal problems as far as I know are quite a common symptom of withdrawing from cannabis, and like I said will take time to regulate themselves. I've had really bad days where I feel so sick and can barely eat, never actually vomited from it though which is a good sign. Just takes more time for the body to digest food etc. just generally think a little more about the foods you are eating and what you are supplying your body with. Remember it needs certain things to function smoothly. Also I suggest taking a look at your caffiene intake, as I've had bad problems the last couple of weeks with that too as I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of that. Which in turn has made me decide to quit my intake of that too. That can also cause stomach upsets and problems for a short while but after 10 days to 2 weeks of caffeine detox they should all calm down. Hope this helps


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                    I believe reading this and knowing I am not the only one helped alot, my ache ceased on about page 3. This makes me think that anxiety and stress are the cause factor for me. Only advice I can give is to respectfully tell any roomates or loved ones to not bother with petty things until you feel 100%. They may hate you for it but stand up for yourself and let them know you need a week to fix your life.


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                      Yep - Belly Aches are not uncommon when you stop using cannabis, I think its a symptom of anxiety, and you are best to treat it like you would deal with any other stomach ache.

                      TLDR; take some pepto, drink some tea, deal with it like any other upset stomach. It will go away.

                      this is what I would do, im NOT a doctor!


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                        help with nausea

                        I smoked pot for over thirty years, and quit for seven. That time I was nauseous for about two weeks. The pain was mostly an acidic pain, rather than one where I felt like I needed to vomit all the time.

                        Last year, I started pot again for about six months with a legal medical marijuana card...due to nausea caused by two stent placements, and by the way it worked fairly well. I quit two days ago again cold turkey, and this time my nausea is more of a throw up type situation. But even with food in my stomach all I can do is dry heave (not even bile comes up) which makes me feel like vomiting more. Oh and my stomach seems to be in a constant state of rumble.

                        I read on a different thread that a warm bath can help, and after reading an article by a doctor that states the same thing...I tried a shower, lol. A bit effective but then I turned it into a bath it was slightly better than the shower. I also read fresh ginger in a warm cup of water helps. I used three to four 1/8" slices and microwaved it for a minute and a half if you want to try that method. I'm not sure if it's the ginger or warm water that soothes. If you have trouble eating, you can try making white rice and putting it in a bowl or cup of warm green tea. I find that it is more helpful than oatmeal as it's really easy on the stomach and with oatmeal, I need milk and raw sugar. Which both are counterproductive in regard to stomach troubles. As a kid, my mother used to give me 7up or coke just slightly cooler than room temperature.

                        For all you pseudo doctors that emphatically say cannabis doesn't cause withdrawals...

                        In fact, cannabis withdrawal is not included as a disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) — the bible of mental health disorders — although it is being considered for inclusion in the updated version that will be released next year. (I know it says "considered").

                        Sorry due to spam regulation, this site won't let me post the web address.

                        And just sayin'...none of the above suggestions fully got rid of the stomach pain. Just took "the edge" off.

                        "It'll only get better".

                        Good luck and God Bless.


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                          I was just posting about this in regards to it acting as an oral type fiddle toy substitute, but I believe licorice root is meant to be good for calming the stomach, also sodium alginate is quite good for forming a acid barrier.

                          All the best,
                          Cannabis Rehab Admin

                          If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                          My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                            Upset Stomach

                            I have sensation of liquid dripping in my abdominal and stomach after I decided to quit smoking weed can anyone tell me any experience of this


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                              I must admit I have never heard of that particular withdrawal symptom personally but that's not to say just because I or nobody else you may ask has heard of it that it can not be related, the range of symptoms each individual can experience can be incredibly diverse and when you quit a drug like cannabis which can affect you in so many complex ways in can be almost impossible to rule something out completely.

                              However I think the best indication as to whether a symptom is marijuana withdrawal related or not is usually the timing in regards to quitting the substance, if it has suddenly just shown up at the time of quitting then the chances are it is related to quitting whatever the particular drug is concerned.

                              All the best,
                              Cannabis Rehab Admin

                              If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

                              My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!


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                                marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
                                try soft food

                                try soft foods, i.e. mango, nectarines, peaches, papaya, banana, watermelon, cantelope, honeydew, yogurt, halibut, trout, tuna,(sashimi if you like sushi dishes), rice, chicken noodle soup(JP ;}), quinua, cous cous, steamed veggies.
                                running was the best exercise for me out of all the others that I tried, hurts at first, push through the pain till you sweat. don't forget to keep hydrated,certain fruit juices, homemade gator-aid( lemons, unfiltered honey or maple syrup or both, h2o, sea-salt to taste). good luck, and, remember, COURAGE.


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