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I am a First Time Poster..... but Long Time Smoker.... Please Say Hi!

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  • I am a First Time Poster..... but Long Time Smoker.... Please Say Hi!

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello Forum

    I have been almost smoking daily for almost 17 years from 17-34)

    In my early years, I was smoking average amounts and average strength.

    In my mid years I was smoking around 1/4 a week of stronger weed

    NOW I have managed to cut right down and smoke between an 1/8- 1/4 a week of
    very very low grade thai weed.

    It's seriously week and more like 1/16 of it is actually bud... and the rest seeds and leaves which I dont smoke

    I dont smoke proper joints anymore,

    rather a small rollie like joint with a mere sprinkle in just to give it some spice / flavour.

    I smoke around 10-12 very small mild 'flavoured' rollies a day

    Therefore I am rarely stoned........ I just use the minimum to keep my nicotine craving and weed craving in check.

    I guess on one hand this is good as I now HATE smoking strong weed and am getting out of the habit of being high. And I can notice benefits such as falling asleep quicker if you DONT have a big J just before bedtime, waking up feeling more refreshed and wanting to do even more exercise then I did before....

    On the other, I think I am increasing my psychological dependence, not through the strength but due to the repetition factor.

    I am thinking is it best to just smoke bigger stronger j's less regularly or just cut down from 10 - 5 a day?

    I find when I smoke less smaller flavoured rollies in the past and have bigger stronger less frequent smokes instead I still smoke the same amount - if not more as I would when smoking 'flavoured rollies' aswell as being obviosuly stoned and no good for anything or anyone....

    I really want to cut this out now


    and have identified exactly why I do it too which is my next focus....

    I work from home, am in all day on my own and have found that if I smoke just a little I can focus better and I can resist going out for walks etc during the day. Yes it is important to do exercise but it is also important to do work too.... gotta pay those bills!

    So in a nutshell, I used to be a far bigger smoker than I am now and i am some degree happy with cutting right down.

    I love the fact that I am never 'properly high' anymore.... just a light buzz

    However this has made me realise that I only smoke purely to fulfil my mental addiction and also to fend away those sleepless nights, loss of appetite and early bouts of depression (I say early bouts as i believe focussing on long term depression will only make it worse....)

    Now here is the kicker....

    When I go away from my day to day like a holiday or go and stay at relatives etc I dont get depressed and i can stop smoking easily

    Especially easy when on a holiday .... I don't even get stressed, depressed then and find I actually sleep well too.

    I guess it's down to increased exercise making me create those feel good factors and being over occupied mentally from dawn till dusk.

    I guess this should give me (and others) strength and realisation that it must be more psychological then physical and that when quiting in the right way you can side step all adverse affects.

    I want to give up completely

    Tobacco too

    I have a holiday booked in 4 months and am looking to totally cut down until then and know that when I go away I have a great oppurtunity to clense my body from THC and get over the loss of appetite etc

    No idea why I am writing this....

    I guess I want to start sharing, opening up and connecting with others in the same boat.

    If this sounds like something you can relate too or are looking to quit soon and want someone to kick it with then send me a message, sah hi, reach out or just comment.

    Good luck and wow thanks for getting this far in my long winded, un structured random rant

    Any tips, any people who are feeling the same then please leave a comment...

    Speak soon


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    Hi SWSurfer, we have many similarities, I'm new to the rehab group also and I work from home so find it very hard to control myself to not smoke all day. One of the things you said about being able to not smoke when on holiday, I'm the same and even if I am in a place where you obviously cannot smoke I can be fine for hours, the minute I get home its the first thing I'm going to do. I don't understand how my mind lets me be ok and not think about it when I'm out but when I'm home I couldn't last that long without one. I think what you're saying about it being psychological makes a lot of sense.



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      Hi SWSurfer and Astral, pleasure to meet you both. This is actually my very first post here.

      Seems we all have a lot in common - and its nice to find people to relate to. I also am working from home, and smoke all day. With lots of tobacco, and have been weaning off bud for some time now too. I am planning to cut cold turkey in the next day or two (finances demand it) - and I am already feeling the effects of cutting back. For me that means lots of restlessness, and tides of emotions I have long smoked away.

      So, I thought one way of getting through this, and learning more, is by sharing. Am wishing you both lots of strength. I hope we can all find the peace we are searching for.


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        Hi HappierDaze, its great to hear from you and I hope we can be of support to each other. After reading many of the posts here I was amazed at how much I could relate to and that there are other people out there in the same situation. I hope we can be of some support to each other in the coming days. I took my first step today and didn't smoke until 1 pm. Unfortunately I caved after having some lunch, but my mind is set on giving up as I was so proud of myself for lasting that long while being "home alone" and it felt so good to know I had at least some willpower in there somewhere. Please keep in touch.


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          marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
          Hi Astral Hi HappierDaze

          Sorry for late reply but I thought I would get notified of replies ....

          So many people must be in our situation its untrue! And yes can totally relate to:

          "even if I am in a place where you obviously cannot smoke I can be fine for hours, the minute I get home its the first thing I'm going to do."

          I guess if we pickle this fact apart then it proves its more in the head then in the need

          One of my good friends managaed to cut right down to as little as 1 maybe 2 a day and he smoked WAY more than me...

          I asked him how and he he swore blindly that by quitting the nictoine made it 10000 times easier..

          Great.... Nicotine was next on my list and to be honest the main reason why I want to quit all together!


          For me anyway

          I recently got one of those Nicotine Quick Mist sprays and it's helping massively. Ignore bad reviews and give it ago!

          Yesterday I only smoked 3 weak little spiced rollies untill 3.00pm everytime I ' THOUGHT' i wanted a smoke I had a quick spray

          And et voila I was fine for another hours or so...

          As a result I smoked far less in the day which can only help for the long run

          Today I have only had 2 so far and its 12.40 - so the spray is certainly working and making me realise how much I actually am just craving nicotine not a smoke every time

          Before if if couldnt/didnt have and weed I used to literally chain smoke the rollies dragging hard trying to find that fix that was obviusly never there

          By using the Spray I just got a nicotine fix and no bad chemicals, no crap in my body. It made me realise how much the cravings are more nicotine related..

          I guess by doing this for a week or so I can really cut down and just get it all to a minimum - i may even go on like that somoking only a few a day till I go on holiday and then just smoke as and when

          I think If I do that then as I see absolutely ZERO benefit from smoking a normal cigarette I will find those one or tw smokes easier to eliminate all together.

          I must say though that when I am having a spiced piggy wow im loving and really re appreciating the high as opposed to just combing it with a weird thc + nico hit all at once
          sorry for the long post but try the spray - its helping me for sure...

          Im going to aim to only smoke 3 by 4 oclocknow which means

          GOOD LUCK GUYS AND REPORT BACK (gives me strength!)


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