First of all I would like to thank everyone for their posts. I got a lot of information from them. I am a former addict. I smoked on average a quarter or half oz per day depending on how much I had at the time. I am currently helping a friend of mine give it up hence looking here for help. The way I did it was like this: once i actually made an honest decision to detox I started off by having 3 bongs about half an hour before sleep to brake the craving long enough to fall asleep. I did this for a week. I admit 3 bongs didn't do much but after a few days I noticed that I was getting quite smashed. I then cut it down to two bongs before bed for a week. Then 1 bong before bed for a week. As a bong smoker I could never really get high off joints so for me the biggest part of the habit was the action of pulling a bong. I thoroughlly enjoyed that. After the third week I was very proud of myself. I found that weening myself off it for about a month greatly helpd me work towards minimising the detox symptoms. At the beggining of week 4, I completely stopped smoking. I WILL NOT lie to you. It was still hard but not as hard as when I tried to detox without weening. My friend tells me that this method seems to be really helping him overcome the feeling of loss. Please don't forget that the drug has been your friend for a long time so you actually need to go through a grieving process. It's more than ok to feel sad, even cry over the loss of your "mate". I hope this can give you one more option to quit. We are all different but some of the symptoms like sleeplessness, anger, anxiaty, loss of appetite, sadness are pretty much a given for someone withdrawing. I wish you all the best in your endevour to quit. Just think of all the money you'll have in your pocket. Someone once told me that stoners never quite achieve their goals. I am inclined to agree with that comment now that I have led a normal life for some time. It is not meant as an insult to smokers as I have no right to pass my judgement on others but it could perhaps get you thinking the way it got me thinking about what life could be about. I'm sure you'll succeed.