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Advice on cravings in the morning (wake and bake)?

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  • Advice on cravings in the morning (wake and bake)?

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I find that the first smoke is a pivotal smoke in my routine. I seem to crave it the most when I wake up and have little resistance.

    It seems to set the 'standard' for my day and I'll need more and more to maintain the high. If I avoid the morning smoke then I'm a lot more normal/active and willing to fight cravings throughout the day (however fruitful that will/wont be).

    Any advice on waking up without cravings? I think I can fight this addiction if I can win the war in the morning first

    Oh yeah, new poster, been lurking for a while. Happy to find a rehab group thats not grouped in with 'harder' drugs, which present an entirely different set of circumstances.

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    waking & baking...

    hey big,

    fellow lurker here. former lurker I guess! 47 years old, smoking daily for 27 of them...congrats on making the decision! im 6 days clean & yeah, wakin' & bakin' always came before eggs & bacon...always!

    the first few days of my quit, i'd just stay in bed as late as possible then rush to get out the door away from the house, if that makes sense? I tried not to leave much time to think, "gee, I want my usual 'breakfast'...", then once out & about the cravings settled down or were at least easier to control. I read somewhere that a craving only lasts 10 to 15 seconds if you can manage to divert it....10 to 15 seconds that can feel like an eternity, right? but easier than 15 to 20!

    im using melatonin to get to sleep & stay asleep & it seems to be working. ive also heard "sleepytime tea" is good.

    a lot of people say throw all your gear out (papers, pipes, bongs, etc..) & ive done that. BUT, a few years ago I quit for over 5 months & the first week I would actually take "hits" from an empty bowl!! kind of like my own "vapor cigarette" I guess. the ritual of it made me feel better...some might disagree with this method, and im not doing that this time, but it did get me past the morning thing last time...

    good luck & best wishes on your journey...



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      thanks for the advice Paul


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        marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
        Keep moving

        Just jump right out that door mannnn, like don't even give yourself time to realize your awake, just zoom through your day like boom bam thank you ma'am , all the way to the bank, deposit your checks and your all set,no regrets, and guess what? You won't even realize you need drugs! It's that easy, seriously. Don't talk about it, be about it, that's my advice, instead of wake and bake grab a mcmuffin to go, something, like that, then grab a burger later for lunch, and maybe some Chinese food for dinner.


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