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  • Awakening

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello my friends, as I sit here and write this post it amazes me the person I've become.

    I feel like I have found the missing piece of the puzzle and all I ask is enough open mindedness to hear me out.

    A few months ago after another powerless stint at burning through money like there was no tomorrow, all in the pursuit of being and staying high, I knew I needed serious help. I was and have been trapped in a never ending cycle of marijuana consuming my life, periodically regaining some distance and then going back to it again and again (I had the classic mental symptom of planning my day around smoking and not the other way around). And although you may not have been this badly addicted you have seen enough negative effects from weed to come to these forums and read this.

    I have never found anything which works when it comes to curing weed addiction because marijuana is a mental affliction first and foremost and techniques like abstinence or replacing the habit has ever permanently changed my mental disposition when it comes to weed.

    I am not a religious person at all, I call myself a Hindu because I was born one and have never really taken an interest in it. Hinduism is a very non-restrictive religion and doesn't enforce anything upon you as a Hindu person. It does however have a vast knowledge base on human potential.
    I've always known of yoga and to some degree the art of breath control or pranayama. This was mainly through various indian channels on TV that my parents frequent.

    Only a few months ago I had reached such a point in myself where I was a complete bum (no job), no ambition, had a real hard time dealing with normal life without weed, which I actually knew was making things worse but was helpless to control it because I had cornered myself. Also I was once an extrovert happy, ambitious person but over time turned into a introvert, self conscious mess.

    I began doing pranayama after a short while it began to galvanise a change in me that I am still in awe about. I now own a house which I paid for, I have a fantastic marriage and family life now. I am on track to hitting several of my life goals and I am now exceeding expectations in my life which I thought i'd never reach if I was someone that didn't smoke, and all in the matter of a few months. Too good to be true isn't it?

    So my friends don't take my word for it please! I insist. Make your own conclusions.

    5 minutes every morning is all it takes and you may realise results quickly or you may start experiencing results after a longer applied effort. You will begin to emerge a born again person in all areas of your life.

    Below is an instructional video which takes you through the various pranayama's:


    I would be very interested to hear back of your progress or thoughts on the matter.

    Good Luck my friends and Stay Safe


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    can you tell me more about this technique?

    link was removed.


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      Go on youtube and paste this after the / - /watch?v=A_Jnra2O9Fc

      Or simply google pranayama english and there will be an hour video on youtube which goes through the various pranayama and their benefits. It may also be helpful to google it and have a read up about it.


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        Hello GrewUpAScrewUp, this sounds like an interesting technique and I would love to know more. My story is somewhat similar to yours, besides that I grew up a Christian. I am not religious at all and don't plan on being religious, it is not for me. It seems you really want to help everyone going through this process and I give you large amounts of respect for this, thank you. A lot of people are looking for a "cure" to this addiction, and if this works for you then it may work for others as well. Thanks again for the post and don't hesitate to post more about this subject matter.


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          That's great that you turned your life around, but how on earth did you manage to buy a house or pay off a house in just a few months? Especially when you say you had no job before. That seems like you'd have to win the lottery to do that in such a short time.


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            Hi frustratedmom, I haven't paid my house off completely, i've just scratched the surface. I just meant that I got enough money together from finally starting my own business to put a deposit down and starting to build my own empire, which was something I couldn't have ever envisaged happening by me.

            Hi DougJA, I've just pasted a bit of information on the actual inner workings of this ancient practice:
            Pranayama develops the lungs and those who practise it will have a powerful, sweet, melodious voice. The body becomes lean, strong and healthy. Excretions become scanty and the appetite becomes keen. The digestive fire is augmented. There is lustre on the face and the eyes sparkle like diamonds. The practitioner becomes very handsome. The student becomes so perfect in brahmacharya, sensual restraint, that his mind will not be shaken even if a celestial maiden tries to embrace him. The student is free from all sorts of diseases. The nadis, flows of energy, are purified.

            Steady practice arouses inner spiritual light, happiness and peace of mind. It is impossible to extol the wonderful effects of pranayama adequately. It is the magic wand for attaining perfection in all spheres of life. Even a few days of practice will convince you of its remarkable glory. Start from today, this very moment.


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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              Thanks for the info. I'll take a look at the video and do some research. I actually had read some stuff on this before awhile back but I guess I never put it to good use, kind of just hit the shelves.

              Would you be able to share with us one of your favorite techniques? As far as I know, there are different breathing exercises for different reasons.


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