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If you wish to Use then Use, Your Body Your Choice, You're NOT a Criminal and I wish you well!

My Choice is to be Drug Rehabilitated for 15 years because I Chose to be free from its Control on me!
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Quit since August, 1, 2013. How I did it.

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  • Quit since August, 1, 2013. How I did it.

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Hello all.
    Well first of all, let me tell you about my history of usage:

    Started in about grade 10. Got into whole lot of trouble with parents/local community/friends because of weed. I was young and stupid and that's okay. Smoking every weekend is no brainer. Thing is though is that I was socially much better before I smoked, yet I want to smoke as much as I can and then I just zombie out. I got by smoking week and finishing top 10% of my highschool and in a hard advanced program. That's where my ego got the wrong misconception that the same would apply in university. Eventually, started dealing to smoke for free. Everyday for about 4-5 years I had to be high even with a tiny bowl. I stopped dealing and bought in big quantities fire quality of bud... in my head, I saw myself growing up and smoking till the day I die.

    But then... things changed. The high doesn't make me half social as I first started. I'm regretting it when I'm high more than I'm enjoying it. I feel completely shit on the burnout and I just had to fight my mind to get off it.

    I highly suggest you do this in order to quit...

    1) Have one MASSIVE last session... Smoke as much as you can. All what you have. In one shot.
    2) Throw away everything you got related to weed. Bongs, pipes, lighters, papers, baggies, everything....!
    3) Stop hanging out with your weed smoking friends. Even though you might tell yourself that you have strong will power and that you won't get affected by them smoking, it will not work and eventually you will just fall in your old habits... I think this is the hardest part about quitting and honestly the most painful. If you're anything like me, I've grown up making weed friends only... I quit weed, stopped hanging out with these people, now I barely have any friends... You will miss the laughing times, good trippy times with them, etc.... You will feel lonely. The best way to get involved in volunteering, or just go out in the mall and try making the best out of your day without weed.

    You've also got to have stronger reason on why you want to quit than why you shouldn't. For me, it was my university grades and pursuing a career that requires 100% mental focus which with weed interfering would prove to be very challenging, if possible to begin with.

    I know and still believe that weed has no harmful effects compared to most drugs (legal or illegal). I know it should be legalized everywhere. I know that it doesn't have permanent effects... but it sure does have temporary effects that are undeniable.

    For example, a study showed that even 30 days after your last hit, your ability to recall information is inhibited. After that, it seemed the same as the control non-smoking group.

    I was extremely sensitive to weed and was till the day I quit. My sleep cycles were messed up, my memory was sure hazy, I had a lot more fun than now but quitting gave me one thing that I could of never of had when I'm smoking.... CLARITY AND SUCCESS.

    My head haven't ever felt that clear, I feel I'm more in control of my emotions and sleep now... no more falling into a negative loop during a high... no more not being able to pass out in the bed or passing out when I didn't want to... no more forgetting simple things.

    Sure I miss the good times but my lifestyle and weed just didn't match. I don't think everyone should quit weed, because hey, honestly if I was making a living out of music, art, writing or any sort of these things, I sure as hell would be smoking... but for me, mental clarity and focus was needed more than creativity.

    Bottom line, you got to find out the reason why you decided that you want to quit... what is it exactly interfering with in your life? If you feel like you're loosing money, then that's a motive.

    Decide now why you want to quit.... if it's a reason that is as precious to you as breathing... that's when you can and will quit.

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    by the way, my grades all went up 10-15% on average and sometimes 20% in some courses since I quit. I don't have to be all sketchy from my parents and people outside anymore because of smoking habits. I wake up feeling much better too. One of my best friends that wants to quit but couldn't + other childish things he did just made me not talk to him anymore and haven't chilled with him since 5-6 months now.

    Do NOT make weed only friends, because once someone kicks the habit (you or them), they aren't your friends... you guys do not share any common interest. I hated the fact that I was known to be the "Weed man"... People want to hang out with me to smoke... no weed = no chilling with me. that was the only value I Was offering to people...

    Learn how to give value to others, with weed not being one of the things!


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      Great job, Jack. I've also been able to successfully stop; I quit back in 2012, but my cravings really didn't completely stop until late summer of 2013. One of the things that has helped most was going back to graduate school, for me. I'm likely quite a bit older than you and had a 10+ year habit, but it is totally possible to quit and probably a bit easier if you do so before you are over a decade in, like I was, haha.


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        I gotta agree. I stil get cravings to this day. Good job on your progress and graduate school! Honestly i just remind myself how crappy it feels to quit if i ever go back to it and that keeps my cravings at bay.


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          It is an illusion and a myth that smoking weed improves creativity. Many times a person will create something high and believe it was amazing. Then they will look at it sober and realize how stupid or simple it is. Any creative greatness that was achieved while high on weed could have been achieved just as well. I doubt very highly whether Mozart was doing drugs so that he could compose his masterpieces. Most great works were in fact, not produced while under the influence. As much as stoners would like to refute that. Sorry.

          I feel that you are giving a lot of misinformation on here, especially about how weed is harmless to health. I find these statements to be ignorant. Marajuana contains a high level of carcinogens. and not to mention mental health. I also don't agree that weed should be widely available and legal to purchase. I think you misunderstand a lot of fundamental truths about addiction and drug use in general. I'm glad you are quitting but honestly, I think you are extremely wrong on a lot of your points. Now this is nothing personal. I just think you are uninformed. And I think that giving your opinions on the positive aspects weed is not being very sensitive to the troubles of others here who are seriously trying to quit.


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            Sorry if I tried coming off emphasizing "good points" of marijuana but I'm just stating facts that are on paper and I'm not going to hide these facts when they are out there just because it will make people trying to quit feel better or worse.

            YES, I do agree that the "imagination boost" many claim while being high is over-exaggerated, but NO I do not agree with you that marijuana doesn't stimulate creativity 100%. This is such an understudied area and such statement is purely subjective. and NO, I do not agree that NO artist was never (talk about quadruple negative lol) under the influence while producing creative pieces. This is again very subjective.

            YES, I do agree weed is harmful to health and I did mention that. Carcinogens released from ANY type of smoke is very dangerous... Remember that sticky black tar/resin you see in your weed pipe after a month of usage? Yes, that is also now in your lungs. I do agree marijuana has negative effects on the health at least in the short term. Your memory is indeed hazed up for up to 30 days after your last hit. After 30 days of quitting, the memory of the subjects of smoking group was exactly the same as the control non-smoking group. My memory and mental health is up and running above your average human, hell even above 70% of the students in my class, after I quit. No mental damage there for me and for many others (again for those without any family history).

            However, NO, I do not agree that weed is as harmful to the health, as say tobacco or crack cocaine. Nobody that I know that quit ever experienced long term negativity from it, expect those with family mental health problems and were predisposed to the problem already, but marijuana did bring out much quicker.

            Don't take this personally as well, I just believe that if you try to help someone change something they are doing (i.e weed), you've got to bring to them the right information that they 100% believe consciously and subconsciously. When you agree with their subconscious, that's when they can start accepting change, otherwise you are telling them quit weed because you are basically smoking crack cocaine.

            All I'm trying to prove here in my sole point of view is that:

            - Weed is indeed safer than alcohol, tobacco and most other elicit drugs. Whether you like the fact or not, it's true, I'm sorry.
            - Weed is addictive or at least habit forming and can take control over your life (socially; friends and family, financially; money, health; memory or being in shape, etc...)
            - Quitting weed is very beneficial for your sleep, memory and overall mental and physical health. However, if you don't quit, you are not going to look like the "before-after meth smoking" pictures you see... but from the inside, that's how you are going to feel if you're trying to quit and cannot find a good reason... there's one solid reason right here!
            - Marijuana SHOULD be legal because here's a typical scenario for it to be legal vs non-legal... you get a kid, 14 years old, with 10 bucks. His friends made him try weed at school. Where did his friends get it from? From the dealer that doesn't give one crap if you're 1 year old. They will go buy from the same dealer, even worse, search for a new dealer, exposing themselves to the black market and there is the chance they will get robbed/attacked/kidnapped or God forbid, killed. And at the end of the day, your local weed dealer is getting rich by the second... This is your marijuana being illegal... compare this to now-legal alcohol... the 14 years old will NEVER be able to go to any store and purchase alcohol (unless they obtained a fake ID and they look old enough). At the end of the day, even if they manage to get their hands on some alcohol, they won't be funding the next door gang to move up to being pound dealers instead of ounces, or worse, moving to be coke dealers instead of pot.

            Ask any teenager in a highschool which is easier to get.. weed or alcohol. Unless their parents are alcoholics or have bottles laying around, I bet you 90% will tell you weed is easier to come by and purchase.

            Enough debate. Quit weed and supporting low-life dealers. and most importantly, save your health and breath from abusing, at the end of the day, a foreign substance in your body.
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              marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
              Perhaps somebody who wasn't born with creativity might get a little more creative when high on weed. But for those who were born gifted it is actually detrimental. For a naturally divergent thinker marajuana only serves to confuse and dilute. I wold argue that the artists who you admire that were on drugs could've created much better work while sober.
              But whatever , I'm not going to argue this point with you anymore. You can go ahead and keep smoking to stimulate your creativity 100%. Good luck with that.

              On the physical harm it does, no it's not on the level of meth or crack. I never said it was! lol. So don't tell me I've said things that I never said. That wouldn't be very smart now would it?

              Is it good for you? Hell no. The fact is there is very little unbiased research on marajuana. A study can be manipulated in order to show the results you want to show. If you smoke organic herb, and vaporize it, sure you can cut down on some of the physical harm. But not all of it. And most likely, all of the weed you are going to buy has been grown with insecticides and bad chemicals.
              And the genetics of modern strands are so far from what the plant once was, it has become the ultimate genetically modified plant. The thc in weed has gone from like 1 or 2 percent to 6 percent.

              Yeah , this heavy psychotropic drug is just fine for your brain. Completely healthy. Yeah! Maybe if you smoked it once a month it wouldn't completely alter your brain chemistry , but here is a news flash for you. Most of the people using this site are addicts. We can't control our use, so it is not healthy for us. So what is the point of coming on here pretending to be one of us and then spouting all this nonsense about how it only takes 30 days to be free of post withdrawl symptoms. Symptoms will linger depending on how long the use is, how many months, years, etc. It varies depending on the person. You make these heavy handed statements as if you know everything about the subject when in fact you know very little. You are either not an addict, or you are an addict, but are in denial, and don't plan on quitting for life but just temporarily until your situation is more convenient.

              You have only a very superficial knowledge of what marajuana is. And your knowledge of addiction is shallow.

              And you think alcohol isn't easier for kids to get than weed right now? You must b out of your mind. Teenagers and middle schoolers can get alcohol pretty easily. Are you kidding me? You are going to have a bunch of 21 year olds selling weed to the younger kids, and making a nice profit. the future generations will all be little smoked out zombie idiots. Though to be honest I don't like how organized crime is profiting from it either. It's a tough situation for sure.

              So to recap, stop telling me I am saying things I did not in fact say. And stop making blanket statements about a subject you know close to noting about. If you would like help quitting marajuana and need support from others in times of difficulty and trouble, that's what this place is for. Otherwise you can keep any pro- marajuana gibberish off this forum. Thanks. Because its not like we haven't heard all of the stupid, and often nonsensical points you just made about a billion times before.
              The name of this website isn't " let's debate the pros and cons of marajuana" dot com. It is called cannabis rehabber. As in, people seriously trying to rehabilitate from heavy weed addiction. Get a clue.


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