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My experience, 3mnths recovery

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  • My experience, 3mnths recovery

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    Name's tony, a 2nd year college undergraduate. I started using mj 2yrs ago when I got to college.

    1st part of story:
    My use honestly was very light, only on weekends for the most part, and not all weekends, all time with friends. I had a 4mnth break when I went for a long holiday....My experience was all fun and joy until last sept when I had my 1st panic attack when high. That was after joining for 2nd year after the holiday. After that horrible panic attack, I quit using it for a long while almost 2mnths. I then resumed using it, always with friends, just like before only that the high was never fun, just anxiety filled. Panic attacks were there but I managed them. I can't believe I was stupid to even continue abusing mj despite the fact that it had long stopped being fun. It's not that I was craving it but just having pothead friends influenced me to it. Anyway on April this yr just before closing for another long holiday is when I really got into an addiction kind of habit. I social smoked my head off continuously for 4 days from almost midday to midnight. It was both awful but okay. That was when I first had memory impairment incident. I had lost track of time and for the 1st time I actually forgot what I had done during the day by the time evening hit. I had never ever in my life with weed or alcohol experienced that....So anyway moving on, the long holiday began and I finally had to go home after that 4 day intense heavy weed use. Everything was fine, I was completely normal, no issues whatsoever.

    2nd part(withdrawal syndrome):
    So I got home, and as usual I never use any weed when at home. Three weeks at home and everything was great, my life was completely normal. Then i met a friend on 10th of may and I took a small puff. It was a normal high, actually fun. i got sobber like 2hrs later and went home. I was normal...
    19th may *start of withdrawal*....something strange happened. I was watching a movie at 12a.m (i usually watch till late night) and then I realised that my vision was suddenly blurry. I was scared, and thought that I had watched too much tv, so I went to bed. 1hr later I suddenly woke up anxious and my mind raced so fast with so much thoughts. It was my 1st Insomnia incident. Luckily I got some sleep at 5am. I woke up at 7am very anxious and with some huge brain fog like as if I was high on weed.
    So anyway I later googled up this strange thing and realised it was withdrawal syndrome. It was crazy but it made sense.
    Lemmi summaries my withdrawal experience :
    >the 1st month was extremely awful with:
    -temperature changes
    -depression(the suicidal kind)
    -vivid dreams
    -extreme memory impairment
    -visual fog
    -brain fog
    -confusion and feeling lost
    -many others, i can't mention all.

    So it ha been 3mths now, and I can say for sure that I have recovered a lot. Many symptoms have resolved. I can say that they are at minimal intensity.

    But one symptom has persisted with the same intensity. My ability to remember is very poor. I forget even what day it is and what I did in the morning. Anything beyond a day ago is almost completely blacked out. I am so frustrated by this especially coz i'm going back to college in 2weeks on 1st of Sep.

    This is the worst experience of my life. I dont feel normal, mostly worried about this or that.
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