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I quit weed 2 weeks ago, depressed, nobody knows, please help

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  • I quit weed 2 weeks ago, depressed, nobody knows, please help

    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    My best attempt at the shortest version of my story: I've been a heavy daily pot smoker since I was 16, I turned 30 this past weekend. I've had a few periods during those 14 years in which I've quit, but nothing more than 6 months and only a couple times. I've done okay for myself in my career, I now own a few businesses, one in particular is fairly successful and growing in which I started it from the ground up. I'm proud of that. I made the decision to attempt a long-term quit yet again because I still feel pot holds me back from reaching my full potential. I feel my businesses would be substantially further along if not for a habitual daily usage. I don't have a girlfriend and haven't in several years, and hopefully this doesn't come across cocky, but I am not terrible on the eyes. I used to date way more. I believe my issues with the ladies stem from a lack of confidence resulting from my "marriage" to the greens and my lack of ability to control it. I have 4 other siblings, each one is married with several children, and even my niece is married with a child. I definitely feel like I am behind in the stage of life and starting a family. Not a soul in the world knows the extent of my now former marijuana habit. I smoke by myself in virtually every circumstance. Once in a great while I will smoke with someone else I can trust, but those people also are unaware of the extent to which I formally smoked. I generally hide my habit from everyone because of my position as a business man in the community. My family knew of problems years back, but because I've been fairly successful as a business person, they assume I've had it under control. I haven't. I could be so much better and I am capable of much more. I was blessed with a ton of talent as an entrepreneur that I believe weed has held me back from a great portion of.

    I'm attempting this long-term quit because I want to further my businesses and gain full control over my life. Furthermore, I want to meet a girl and I want to start a family. I'm writing this because I would love some support. I am 2 weeks weed-free and feel very depressed and incredibly lethargic. I've managed to stay afloat on my business affairs because I would never stiff clients/customers or let what I've worked for crumble, but I'm hoping someone can offer support that things will get better. This clear mind and clear focus I was seeking doesn't seem to have surfaced yet. Offer assurance that this decision can change my life in the way that I feel it can. And that I'm not fooling myself into thinking a weed-free life can be bring me the career advancement and the woman/family that I want more than anything.

    Thank you so so much.... -Jay

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    marijuana withdrawal symptoms relief
    I declare the chains BROKEN in the name of JESUS!

    Gonna let me do this alone?


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